Five of Wands


There is conflict and a lack of harmony within the team.

Tarot Reading

The Five of Wands is a simulated war. The wands represent the fire element, and the whole scene is like a melee. Everyone fights with each other with a wand as a weapon. Their expressions reveal confusion. They are dressed similarly and shaped similarly, which marks that this is a fair fight. Although they are fighting, there is no sight of blood or cruelty present. Therefore, the Five of Wands is more of a hint of a competitive state, which is not only external, but also represents the internal conflict and contradiction.

Five of Wands Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Conflict, quarrel, argument, clash, fight, resistance, contradiction, disagreement, divergence, competition, tournament, contest, race, rivalry, tension, dissimilarity, difference, diversity

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Having different opinions, sharing the same bed but dreaming different dreams

There are constant arguments between the two of you, and you may even stage an all-out fight to the point of bloodshed. The conflict between both of you is already a matter of world knowledge.

It is unlikely that there will be a new relationship partner now. You already have enough problems in your life, there is no need to add any more, you have to solve your own problems first.

You all attach great importance to this relationship and have made great effort for it. But there are some things that just can’t be overcome and it can be hard to defuse the arguments between you.

There is absolutely no chance of getting back together, and the relationship has completely turned against each other. If you accidentally see each other again, you will still want to have a big fight with him/her.

Career & Education

Keywords: Disagreements arose in the meeting, it is difficult to cater to all tastes, diversity, pluralism, debates

The job is full of conflicts and struggles, and you have to work very hard every day without necessarily getting results, so it is not only very tiring to work but also very difficult to be in a good mood.

This job will only become more and more difficult in the future, but if you can persist, you will also grow more. So you have to assess whether you are suitable for such an environment.

You are working very hard in your studies, but you are not seeing visible results yet. So you should check your study methods to see if there is anything you should solve.

This is the time when you should look at your classmates who are successful academically and observe what they are doing for success. On this basis, you may be able to imitate their ways.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Full of fighting spirit, the other side is a strong opponent, fierce competition with others, each with their own agendas

Among your friends, you often quarrel with others, and they also like to fight with you. In this way, you all get to know each other better, but you have no sincere friends.

First of all, you have to review whether you have done anything terrible to everyone. If you really did something wrong, as long as you apologize first, the other party will forgive you naturally.

You have worked very hard to earn money and have accumulated some funds economically, but how to allocate these resources is a challenge.

Five of Wands Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Internal conflict, conflicting thoughts, avoidance of conflict, evading disagreement, relief of tension

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Relief, release, no feelings for your ex

You two often disagree and have a lot of conflicting ideas about each other. These differences are unlikely to be settled soon, and you two need to work together for this purpose.

It’s hard to find a new lover now, because your requirements for relationships are contradictory, and none of them will meet your strange standards.

There are many problems in the relationship and difficulties have arisen that were not anticipated at first. Maybe you two were a little impulsive when you first decided to be together.

This relationship has absolutely no possibility of getting back together, because the knot between each other has been very deep, there is also a lot of anger in the heart that has not yet been resolved, and both sides do not want to see each other again.

Career & Education

Keywords: Disagreement over future development, the problem is that avoidance is not a good solution

This job is full of internal contradictions, and there are many different views on the same thing, which often makes you confused.

In fact, this job has no good prospects for the future, but there will be more conflicts and struggles. So if you can leave, please don’t stay.

In fact, you are very resistant to the present learning environment, perhaps because you hate your teachers, your classmates or a certain subject, so it is difficult to learn what you need to learn.

It’s time to rearrange your study plan and organize it systematically, instead of reading in a haphazard manner, because piecemeal efforts will not be effective.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Unclear where you stand, confusion about the situation, lawsuits, people around you have opinions about you

You often quarrel with your friends, mostly because of different opinions about things. On the contrary, you should relax. There is nothing worth arguing about.

The reason why the two sides can’t reconcile is because both sides are angry and no one wants to bow their heads first. If you can release your goodwill first, maybe there is still room to reverse the problem.

You made an overly bold a plan financially, and now there areserious problems. If you can’t withdraw and improve in time, you may even end up in a lawsuit for it.

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