Knight of Wands


This card means a new territory, a new change or transformation.

Tarot Reading

The Knight of Wands is a card that is extremely vital. The knight wears a helmet and is fully armed in his armor, representing his readiness to fight. The yellow coat on the outside of the armor symbolizes his position and the possibility of victory. The corners of the coat are turned into the shape of a fire hazard, and the red tassel on the helmet is like a fire, and the back is more like a burning flame, symbolizing great courage and enthusiasm. The knight’s horse is red, and the posture of leaping forward with four hooves symbolizes courage. As the whole picture implies, in fact, walking forward with the smell of fire is both confident and brave, but it will inevitably bring about negative effects. For example, the negative effects may include: going too far is as bad as not going far enough, using brawn rather than brain, too risky, too reckless and too arrogant.


When seeing Knight of Wands, we have to take a weighing attitude: Is it pride and arrogance? Is it impatient and irritable or always patient? Is it a thunderstorm when someone hurts you? Do you act rashly without any preparation?

Knight of Wands Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Vitality, stamina, energy, drive, passion, intense love, motivation, encouragement, adventure, fortuitous meeting, impulsiveness

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Very attractive to others, full of positive influence, very charming, impatient in the pursuit process

Now there are some challenges in your relationship. It is possible that you and your lover are separated, or are in a state of frequent separation. You need to be more proactive if you want to keep the relationship going.

You have a lot of things to do now, without any time to fall in love. Even if there is a suitable object of love, it is difficult for you to notice, so it is better not to think too much.

This relationship is a big challenge. There are many challenges to be overcome in this relationship, but it also makes the affection between you two stronger.

Actually, it’s absolutely impossible for you two to get back together. Even if you are barely together, it’s just two people quarrelling every day, not to mention that you have no feelings for each other for a long time.

Career & Education

Keywords: Getting down to work by using hands rather than brain at first, unlimited potential, all things can be achieved

There are many challenges in the job, but it is also an opportunity for you to hone and improve. Be brave and try hard to overcome these difficulties, and you will get more rewards.

There will be many new challenges in this job, but it is also a beneficial experience for you. You can stay longer and increase your experience, instead of thinking of moving every day.

Your academic progress is very significant now, and it all requires a lot of effort on your part to study. This is a very critical period for you, and you can only rely on your own dedication and hard work.

At this time, you should take the initiative to study, ask questions about things you don’t know, or look for other extra-curricular materials for reference. Waiting can’t really make you learn.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Wishing to venture into the unknown fields, not caring about the dangers ahead, being obsessed with the ideal goal, feeling that you can conquer the world

You have good relationships with all your friends and often meet new ones. You maintain good relationships with everyone and like to hang out with your friends.

This is the time when you should take the initiative to discuss this matter with your friends. Frank discussion with your friend will solve the problem, and you won’t have any such issues in the future.

Your financial situation is unstable, and the proportion of large or unexpected expenditures is too high. You should save more money for just in case of emergencies.

Knight of Wands Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Dating plan, plan for sexual hookup, hurry, rush, haste, distraction, delay, postpone, put off, being late, chagrin, frustration, hindered, frustrated, blocked

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Unsustainable, over-impulsive

There are often quarrels in relationships, but you two still love each other so much that you can’t make up your mind to break up, so you can only stick to it in this unsatisfactory state.

There is no new relationships on the horizon now. In view of your chaotic life, it’s best to wait until you are stable in all aspects before considering a romantic relationship.

Arguments every day are actually very tiring, but you find it difficult to control your temper, and now you are not in a hurry to solve it, because you have other important things to deal with.

It is unlikely that you two will get back together again, and there is nothing conducive for you to becoming reconciled. Stop torturing each other like this, and try to stay away from each other.

Career & Education

Keywords: Suddenly aborted, destined to do great things, currently restricted, always want to finish everything immediately, one task after another

The work situation is no longer within your control. Too many external factors are disrupting your original plans. Even if you can barely support them, it is still a very arduous task.

It is expected that there will be many changes in this work, and conflicts will only increase rather than decrease. If you are not so confident in your abilities, it’s better to leave early.

Your studies is now interfered by many external factors, which will distract you. If you can’t pull yourself together and work hard at this time, it will be hard to recover the situation.

It’s time to choose several subjects and concentrate as much as possible, instead of working aimlessly and blindly. Only when you concentrate will you see results.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Primal accumulation, saying something you’ll regret, wanting everything to be resolved immediately

You can conflict with your friends because of philosophical differences, so it’s important to find like-minded friends, and ignore other unsuitable people.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do when you meet someone who is unreasonable. If you really can’t communicate, then you have to give up. The bottom line is to stick to your position.

Now your financial situation is very critical. If you don’t handle it properly, you could face a major crisis. You should calculate your assets thoroughly and clearly.

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