Page of Wands


This card means that a new programme or a new challenge is about to begin.

Tarot Reading

The little boy is shown holding the wand with both hands. The white hat symbolizes his purity, and the red feathers stuck on it are reminiscent of the feathers on a fool’s head, and you can imagine the naivety, instability and immaturity of the Page of Wands. There is certainly a foolish part of him, yet his demeanour is serious. He is dressed in gold, symbolizing his unusual position and his natural strength. The inside of this dress is red, symbolizing his inner enthusiasm and courage. He is a bit odd, but he is very lively.

Page of Wands Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Inspiration, enlightenment, view, conception, idea, impression, concept, opinion, perception, belief, discovery, detecting, potential, freedom

Love & Marriage

Keywords: adapt oneself to different circumstances

The relationship is not stable yet, but for a period of time, both sides are trying to explore and understand each other. This experience is fresh and interesting to you, and the relationship will mature.

There may be a flirtation with someone now, but it won’t necessarily develop into a love relationship because you have other things in your mind at this time and your mood is still uncertain.

This relationship is a brand-new experience. You have a lot to learn and grow. You also feel that you still have much more to make up to and need to work harder.

The relationship still has the possibility of starting again, but it is bound to be a different and completely new relationship. Don’t rush to get back together now, you should wait until you are both a little more mature.

Career & Education

Keywords: Trying new things, starting new projects, new journeys, being creative, not having a set plan

This job is still in its infancy, and there are many things to explore and learn. Generally speaking, it has been a pleasant experience, and you should seize this opportunity to see more.

There is a bright future ahead of this job, and there is a lot of learning space. Thus you should stay and hone your skills, so that you can improve your competitiveness.

Now is the time to get started and build a foundation, and you will do well in the process. You should keep a positive attitude in your studies, and make progress through continuous effort.

This is the time to experiment in many ways and not be afraid to make mistakes. In this way, you can constantly correct yourself in the process, and eventually you will learn the most things.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Have a curious mind, need a mentor to take you on the road less traveled

You have just entered a new environment, and will meet many new people. It’s a good time to be open-minded and accept a variety of different people in order to expand your network.

Misunderstanding with friends is just a minor one, and it doesn’t need to be handled too seriously and formally. Maybe he doesn’t care much. You two just need to talk about it in a normal way.

You don’t have much property yet, but basically the financial planning is moving in the right direction. As long as you keep working hard on this basis, you will make good progress.

Page of Wands Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: New schools of thought, newstyle, rebuilding the landscape, directing resources, self-agreement, spiritual upliftment

Love & Marriage

Keywords: No proper method, complimenting others only to be met with a cold shoulder

The two of you often argue about very minor things and also use arguing as one of your main forms of communication. You feel that the relationship will end at any moment.

It’s impossible to have a new relationship now. Because your own situation is still unstable, you are also unable to attract a sincere partner to appear, and the ones that do appear are not satisfactory to you.

This relationship is not an enjoyable experience. You spend every day in fear, but you can’t let go willingly, so you put yourself in great emotional ups and downs.

There is no possibility of getting back together in this relationship. You two are completely over. Stop trying to be friends with each other. You should completely stop contact.

Career & Education

Keywords: Work enthusiasm is dampened, lack of action, indecisiveness

There is some bad news at work, but it could just be rumours. You should be calm at this time and it is best not to act rashly until the official results are released.

The job situation will become more and more unstable in the future. You need to be prepared to deal with change so that when it comes, you will be fully equipped to face the future.

You are not happy in the learning process because there are many parts that you can not figure out, but there is no one to ask, so there are questions and frustrations in your mind.

This is a good time to try to ask others and then refer to what others are studying. You need to work harder on what you are learning, so as to get out of your present predicament.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Trying ventures that don’t turn out well, failure doesn’t mean mistakes, the only source of inspiration is yourself

You should avoid giving people a bad first impression, otherwise it will take you a lot of time to change people’s opinion of you. You should remember that he who talks too much is prone to error, especially in front of the friends.

At this point, you should let go of your worries and fears. Even if you are really wrong, it is not that serious. Try to explain it to the other party sometime.

Even if you are keen on saving, you will still have no money for no reason. Now it’s a good time for you to start bookkeeping and try to understand your expenses.

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