Ten of Wands


This card implies a responsibility.

Tarot Reading

The man in red is struggling to move forward with ten wands. There are green trees and houses ahead, representing the destination and the victory. However, this person is already very tired. He bends over and walks hard, symbolizing the great pressure he bears. This kind of pressure is beyond his capacity. Why? Is it because of a strong sense of responsibility, or because of lack of thoughtfulness and rashness? Maybe he could have spared all the hard work. Anyway, he has been carrying this for a long time. In spite of all the difficulties, he never gives up. The red clothes on his body symbolize his inner enthusiasm and hard work. The goal is about to be achieved, and the hope is just ahead.

Ten of Wands Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Burden, difficult task, heavy load, extra responsibility, work hard, struggle, end, finish

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Highly responsible, taking responsibility for the future of the family

You have a lot on your plate, while your relationship is bringing a lot of pressure on you. With internal and external pressures, you are unable to spend much time on your love life.

A new relationship is completely impossible now, because other things you are going through have kept you up to one’s ears, and entering a relationship at this time will only lead to trouble.

The pressure brought by this relationship is greater than happiness. Even though it looks good on the surface, it’s actually full of internal problems. And now you don’t have the energy to deal with them.

In this relationship, there is absolutely no possibility of getting back together. Stop thinking about this person, and when you do let go of this relationship, you will feel more liberated than ever.

Career & Education

Keywords: To wear the crown, you must bear the weight, to complete a cycle of tasks, there is a greater responsibility for you to bear

You are very busy and under a lot of pressure at work, you may have a tendency to overwork, and too much work has made it impossible for you to see things clearly.

This work has reached its limits, and its future development is very limited. There is a risk of overwork if you stay on and you should assess your health carefully.

Now you have a lot to learn, and the pressure of learning makes you have no time to rest. You should give yourself some time to relax.

If you try to master everything all at once, you will learn nothing. This is why you should accumulate knowledge in a classified and step-by-step manner to achieve the best learning effect.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Take the blame, over-exhausted and overworked, don’t know how to say no and give a lot, will be exhausted when the task is done, learn to manage the distribution of tasks

Because you are busy with your own business, you often ignore your friends. If not attaching importance to your interpersonal relationships, you will have fewer and fewer friends.

There is a big problem between you and your friend, and it is not so easy to solve. At this point you should first work through other people to clear things up with your friend, and then eventually you should find an opportunity to talk to him personally.

You are under a lot of financial pressure right now and may already be overwhelmed by various bills. You should re-examine your financial situation and try to reduce expenses.

Ten of Wands Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Go all out, shoulder responsibilities alone, do everything, take responsibility, entrust, delegate, release, discharge, let go, release hold of, relinquish hold of, give vent to, unbosom oneself

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Trying to chase a lover but having a heavy burden, needing to relax, now taking care of yourself has to be a priority

You are having a lot of difficulties in your relationship and everything is taking a lot of time to work out. Even so, you are persistent and don’t want to break up.

There is a possibility that a new relationship will emerge. But if you start a new relationship now, it will bring more problems, so you’d better wait for a while.

This relationship requires a lot of management. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into it, but it still doesn’t feel very solid and you’ll continue to work on it.

This relationship is not really over, but a separation would be a better ending. If you’re really unlucky to get back together, you two will argue more fiercely than before.

Career & Education

Keywords: You’ve done enough, it’s time to let someone else share the load, there’s so much to do, it’s obviously not necessary

Now you have to take charge of a lot of tasks. Since there is no one to help you, you have to do it all yourself, but your performance may cause jealousy in others.

There will be great changes in your work, which may bring you more pressure. You must not be fooled by the appearances, and be too optimistic about this job.

You have encountered great difficulties in your studies, which has created great psychological pressure on yourself. This is the time when you should measure your strengths in order to set reasonable goals.

It’s time to focus on the basics, so that if you have a good foundation, it will be easier to develop in the future. Therefore, it’s very important to thoroughly understand anything you didn’t know before.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Don’t want to tell others that you are tired, can’t handle the stress and are close to collapse, have suffered a loss and can’t make light of it, you are pushing away the people who are helping you

You are so controlling of others that you will instead make people very afraid of being used by you. If failing to change your ways, you will find that all the friends intend to leave you.

You may be hurt by the rumor, and you should come forward and clarify it as soon as possible. If you keep hiding, the other person will think you are running away from reality.

You have a lot of financial difficulties, which need to be solved one by one. If you try to solve everything at once, you won’t be able to solve anything at last.

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