Two of Swords


This card represents avoiding certain special topics and occasions.

Tarot Reading

In the picture, a woman in a gray robe faces the rough sea behind her, representing her emotions. She is sitting on a stone bench with white cloth in her eyes, symbolizing her escape from reality. She holds a sword in both hands, crossed in front of her chest, making a state of self-defense. The woman turns her back on the ocean that represents feelings, and her eyes are blindfolded, showing a state of self-deception like plugging the ears while stealing a bell. Her two swords placed in front of her face, that is, crossed in front of her heart, indicating that she has a closed mind. The woman sits still, and the two swords cross diagonally, like two deadlocked efforts, representing an embarrassing interpersonal situation. In addition, it also shows that the person can not make a decision, or even refuses to make a decision.


The Two of Swords suggests that the Conjecture has a closed mind, treats everything negatively and pessimistically, and is taking a resistant and evasive attitude. This card reminds everyone to be honest with their feelings. No matter how things are, we have to accept, do not run away, and do not resist. Take off the blindfold, put down the two swords, things are not really that serious.

Two of Swords Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Tough decisions, weighing the pros and cons, careful consideration, desperate situations, deadlocks, endless loop, trying to escape

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Do not want to choose, the person you like has a new love, falls into the cold war, refuses to compromise, won’t get back together, no one will propose to get back together under the competitive mentality

The relationship is now in the middle of a cold war. Both of you stick to your own positions, refuse to compromise, and close the door of coordination at the same time, without seeing the truth.

It’s hard to have a new relationship now, because your defensive ability is too strong to accept a new object into your life, so naturally it’s hard to develop a new relationship.

The relationship has ceased to exist except in name. The two of you do not feel a pleasant atmosphere together, but are full of defensiveness and mistrust, feeling powerless to solve problems.

This relationship is totally impossible to get back together. Because there are still many misunderstandings between the two sides that have not been resolved, and you two cann’t let go of the winning mentality, so no one will be the first to put forward the idea of getting back together.

Career & Education

Keywords: What you don’t admit defeat comes to fruition, a challenge comes up, you have to act, work comes to a standstill, a confrontation occurs

Now you’re stuck in a deadlock at work or in a state of confrontation with others. On the surface, it may not be a problem. In fact, it is very difficult to solve the problem.

There is no future for this job. The current situation is just to keep calm for a short time, and there will be great changes and risks in the future.

Your academic performance is average, but you are actually not satisfied with yourself. You always want to improve your study, but you just don’t have much mobility.

This is the time to look at your own shortcomings, and then try to improve. If the energy is distracted, you may not achieve anything.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Things can’t be delayed any longer, hurting each other with colleagues or competitors

You value the relationship with your friends very much, but you are stuck between two groups of friends and don’t know how to choose, so you must take evasive strategy to avoid offending either side.

At present, both sides are still angry, and there is no way to solve the problem quickly. Maybe you can try to find a trusted friend to mediate, which may be very effective.

You don’t fully understand your financial situation. There are potential problems being covered up. You should take advantage of this respite to solve the problems.

Two of Swords Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Indecisiveness, indecision, uncertainty, obfuscation, confusion, awkwardness, restlessness, flood of information, information overload, data overload, stalemate, reaching a deadlock

Love & Marriage

Keywords: be in an awkward predicament, you may be someone’s secret lover

You may encounter two different choices in your relationship. No matter who you choose, you are not completely satisfied, but you don’t want to keep a foot in both camps.

A wonderful new relationship will not happen now. Even if there is a suitable object, it is hard for you to find his/her advantages, but you will be attracted to the inappropriate object.

You feel hurt in your feelings, even feel betrayed by your partner. You don’t want to see him/her at all, and you don’t want to accept any explanation from him/her.

Now you two are completely impossible to make up, because both sides actually do not want to get back together. If you still expect your partner to come back, you might get hurt.

Career & Education

Keywords: Making a quick retreat before crisis, filtering useful information, there will be no development without compromise

Now your work situation is in a dilemma, and you are also very afraid of being betrayed by others, so you can not trust anyone, but you are not capable of solving the problem alone.

Your situation in this job will be more and more difficult in the future, and now it is only a superficial calm. You should find other opportunities to leave as soon as possible.

You are not performing well academically and feel that you have little ability to improve. But in fact you have the opportunity to solve the problems if you have a clear picture of yourself in mind.

You should not deceive yourself. From now on, you should carefully review your own shortcomings.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Multiple personalities, do not harm the interests of friends, stop before going too far, peacemaker, bad financial situation, need to consult professionals, being cheated

You currently attend few gatherings of friends and rarely take the initiative to make new friends. You may instinctively take a defensive attitude, because you have been hurt by your friend before.

If necessary, you should expose your friend’s lies, and let the truth of the matter come to light. This may lead to a temporary deadlock, but it does help solve the problem.

You’re not in a good financial position right now, so stop fooling yourself. The only way for you to have a chance to improve your financial structure is to find out exactly what’s wrong.

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