Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles stands for a decision related to money.

Tarot Reading

A man who looks like a circus clown is juggling two Pentacles with a figure-of-eight band wrapped around the outside. The sea behind him is undulating and the ship is moving on the tip of the waves. If we just look at the man’s juggling coins and the undulating sea, the Pentacles represent a turbulent state of life. In this case, it is the ups and downs of the whole life. People have to deal with a lot of situations in their life. We can see in the picture that this man is weighing two gold coins and seems to be looking for a way to deal with them. Keeping resilience is the inspiration of the Pentacles, and we should face the storms of life calmly like the man in the picture.


This card means that the Conjecturer should be versatile, resourceful and full of stratagems in dealing with all kinds of things, instead of sticking to a certain mindset. In the case of financial conjecture, the Two of Pentacles foretells a balance of income and expenditure. If you have been feeling depressed recently, it means that you should be open-minded and need to go out for fun.

Two of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Priority option, multiple options, time management, adaptation, availability, flexibility

Love & Marriage

Keywords: No relaxation, balancing family and career time

Now the two of you are getting very emotional together. This is because both of you have thought a lot, but neither has conducted communication to solve the problems, so the dissatisfaction will explode.

Now there is a good chance to start a new relationship, but there may be more than two objects that make you don’t know how to choose. In fact, this is a very risky thing.

This relationship has been unstable, and you two have a lot of emotional reactions to each other. There are a lot of changes and challenges throughout the whole process, which make you both exhausted.

There is a possibility that the two of you will get back together, but it may turn out to be a roller coaster relationship. And even if the two of you get reunited, the relationship will still be unstable.

Career & Education

Keywords: Full schedule, heavy workload, efficient and dedicated work.

At present, there are big ups and downs and major changes in your work. In this process, you may gain and lose, which depends on whether you could make full use of your opportunities.

This job has been unable to stabilize, so there are still many changes in the future. The work can be good at one time and bad at the other.

Your academic performance fluctuates greatly, and your grades are inconsistent. The performance often changes according to your own mood, so it is not because your attitude is not serious enough.

You should stabilize yourself first and put more energy into your studies. If you make up your mind to concentrate on your studies, your academic performance will improve gradually.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Trouble comes one after another, time is very tight, going back and forth

The relationship between you and your friends is sometimes good and sometimes bad. Even if you want to maintain stable friendships, it is difficult to find soul mates. Sometimes it is because you have not made enough efforts.

This is the time to determine what is right and what is wrong, so that the problem can be solved, and perhaps talking to the other person in person will help you to find the correct answer faster.

There are many ups and downs in your current financial situation. You should have a plan to partially retain your capital to maintain a stable life.

Two of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Over-commitment, over-assurance, structural damage, organizational disintegration, management disruption, repair, repositioning

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Over-committed, unable to balance family and career, coming home late

There have been twists and turns in this relationship, and there may even be a secret lover, which will lead to great changes in your relationship and a lot of emotions.

It’s unlikely that a new relationship will happen now, because you don’t want a new relationship. Even if there is a suitor, you won’t be tempted, and the other party will eventually have to give up.

This relationship has been very difficult and challenging, and you two have been unstable. Sometimes you will feel happy and sweet, but you will often feel tired.

You two still have feelings for each other, but even if you get back together, you will not be happy. Instead, you will fall into the strange circle of breaking up, causing more pain.

Career & Education

Keywords: Overload work and study, playfulness without study

There are many changes in the working environment, and you must respond to the situations passively, but there are many regulations that hinder you.

This job has little future prospects and your position is not very secure, so if you want to have a good development, you’d better change to another place quickly.

You have been unable to take your studies seriously because your environmental circumstances have changed so much, and your performance has been erratic and often out of your control.

You should spend a little more time with your books, and don’t waver with changing environmental conditions. You might be more focused if you study with other students.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Financial investment takes up too much of life, over-consumption

Your interpersonal relationship has changed greatly. When you change your environment, you will make new friends and seldom contact old ones, so there is no strong connection between you and your friends.

Both of you are too emotional at the moment. Perhaps both parties should calm down first and then talk things over. Therefore, it is better for you not to contact each other too often at this time.

Although your financial situation is fine, you will have to take proactive measures because of a big change in circumstances, which will also be a considerable expense.

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