Three of Swords


This card represents acceptance of or facing the pain and sorrow.

Tarot Reading

A heart is pierced by three swords together, with a dimly lit rainy day in the background. It is a striking image that visually speaks to the meaning of the card – heartbreak. However, the image keeps a certain harmony in the chaos, because the three swords seem to have formed a symmetrical shape inadvertently. It tells people repeatedly that sadness is something that everyone must experience, and it will make people grow up. As long as you accept your grief calmly, it will be transformed into your growing strength. The picture only describes the appearance of a broken heart, but does not describe the cause of heartbreak and the healing process. You shouldn’t lose sight of what happened just because of your emotional injury, which leads to delayed healing of wounds.


The Sword tell the Conjecturer to recognize the sadness properly and let it become something good for your life.

Three of Swords Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Heartbroken, feeling sad, inconsolable, devastated, emotional pain, distress, grief, sorrow, sadness, misfortune, worry, apprehension, aggravation, injury

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Feelings hurt, very disappointed, lost the love that has been enjoyed in life, sometime it is good to have a cry

You are sad about your situation in your relationship, either because your lover has done something that makes you sad or because your sincere efforts have not been accepted.

It is completely impossible to have a new relationship now because your heart is full of sadness and distrust. Even if the right date appears, you might not seize the chance.

This is a pathetic relationship. Although the two of you are still together, you want to leave as soon as possible. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get back to the happy days of the past.

There’s no way for you two to get back together. Because you were hurt too deeply in this relationship, if unfortunately you break up again, then such a reunion will make you more painful.

Career & Education

Keywords: The mind is frustrated, it’s just a small trial

The job itself makes you sad and full of factors that are not good for you. It not only makes it difficult for you to fulfill your ambition, but also hurts your personality and self-confidence.

The future of this job is bleak. Not only is there no hope of a promotion or pay raise, you may even be forced to leave. If you have the opportunity to leave, do not stay.

You may feel sad and uneasy about your academic performance because you failed an exam or other reasons. You should learn from your mistakes and reflect before starting again.

This is the time to strengthen your weaknesses, not to spend your energy on what you are good at, and don’t let emotions affect your learning efficiency.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: There are many persons around who always make wild accusations against others, serious confrontations occur in life

Now that you have no friends, you may be betrayed or cheated by your friends. So it’s hard to trust others, and you are still in a sad atmosphere that you can’t get rid of.

Now your emotions are too strong, it is better to wait for a while before dealing with this problem. Because if you can’t face the problem rationally, you will make it worse.

Your financial situation is very bad at present, and it could collapse at any moment. You should carefully handle the current situation, find out the problems and solve them.

Three of Swords Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Negative self-talk, pain relief, optimism, forgiveness, forgiving, magnanimity

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Over-sensitive, a casual remark may sound significant to a suspicious listener, the feeling of uneasiness is getting heavier, don’t be afraid to say sorry

Now the relationship has become confused and out of control, and misunderstanding often occur, which makes each other sad. In this case, you really want to leave, but you are afraid that the other party will be sad.

It’s impossible to have new feelings now, because you are still unstable, maybe still in a confused mood, and often say something that hurts others.

The status of this relationship has been unclear, and even though it is very bad now, it still lingering. If you propose to break up now, it will definitely hurt the other party.

This relationship has caused great harm to each other, so it is completely impossible to get back together. You two had better not meet again, so as not to bring up sad memories again.

Career & Education

Keywords: Self-critical from time to time, you have recently gone through a difficult period, you find it difficult to get out of your recent loss or heartbreak, are reluctant to accept help from others

Now your work is very chaotic, and all kinds of mistakes often happen, which makes you feel that you are on the verge of insanity, and even causing irreparable losses.

This job will have little development in the future, but you will feel more and more chaotic. So if you want to have a better development, it is best to leave quickly.

You are currently in an academic situation that you can’t sort out, and you are feeling restless about your studies, so this is the time to settle down and figure things out.

Now you can rearrange your learning methods and rhythm to avoid using your efforts in meaningless places, which will improve your learning effect.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: You have been mentally closed, unwilling to accept anything, self-talk, care about what others say, beware, you have a fatal loss, the wound should be healed, but the person is still intoxicated in grief, has been making people around sad

Your interpersonal relationship is very bad. You often unknowingly speak to offend people, but afterwards do not know how to remedy the situation, so friends will be less and less.

You should first figure out what the problem is. If you are wrong, you must solemnly apologize. If you have been fooling around in this situation, you will not be able to solve the problem.

Now, your financial situation is so chaotic that you can’t even count how much money you have, and you are in debt before you know it.

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