Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles means a solid material foundation.

Tarot Reading

The picture shows a warm family. The old man is sitting comfortably in the house, surrounded by two dogs symbolizing family harmony, his son and daughter-in-law standing outside the door, and his grandson fondling a dog’s tail naughtily. Several coins are staggered to form the symbol of the tree of life. The Ten of Pentacles describes a family with a solid financial foundation, a traditional family where the sons inherit the father’s business. The Ten of Pentacles also represents companies (families) and other organizations, even institutions and some successful business partners aiming at money and success.


In terms of love, the Ten of Pentacles may show that both parties are partners in their careers, and at the same time, it implies a lack of emotion and communication, or that both parties do not attach importance to this aspect of communication. In addition, it can also represent marriage mixed with other material factors.

Ten of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Money, assets, financial security, life assurance, family, loved ones, relatives, long-term success, future success, donations, contributions

Love & Marriage

Keywords:  have a big and extended family, wife is virtuous and son is filial, children following their father’s footsteps, family first, relatives in their twilight years

This relationship is very stable, but it will be a bit boring because it is too stable. Both of you want to build a good material foundation before further development.

It’s unlikely that a new relationship will happen now, because you put most of your emotions and energy into material things, so instead, you are not sensitive enough to feelings and may miss a good partner.

This relationship has a strong material basis, but real feelings can’t be bought by money. Maybe there is still a little distance between your two hearts, so you can’t be completely sure about this relationship.

There is still a possibility for this relationship to get back together, but it may become dominated by money or family factors, while the feelings between you two are not so important.

Career & Education

Keywords: The culmination of a stage, achievement reached, a career that brings you success, lay a foundation for future success, with long-term benefits in mind

You may work at home, or in a large enterprise. Now your work is in a stable state, and many things just need to be done according to the regulations.

The long-term development prospect of this job is fine, and you will make a lot of money from it. If you want a steady job, you should stay here.

Your study is average, and your academic performance is not really outstanding, but if you work hard persistently, you can still catch up from behind and get the greatest achievements in the future.

At this time, you should study extensively instead of delving into the details. Only after trying in many ways can you find the method that suits you best.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: The economy is very safe, the team’s business is developing well, the God of Wealth blesses you, share successful experiences

You have a variety of friends, but most of them are fair-weather ones. They don’t really associate with you, so you may be short of someone to have a heart-to-heart communication.

At this moment, you should have confidence in the friendship between each other. If the other party can’t understand your intentions, then there is nothing you can do.

You are in good financial condition at present, and you will get a lot of wealth. You should grasp the good foundation now and make a pragmatic long-term plan for your future.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Financial failure, suffering losses, unclear sources of property, dirty money, immoral money, dishonest trader

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Not wanting to push love forward, not wanting to get married, family discord, loss of inheritance, insecurity

You two get along because you like each other’s money, but you also quarrel about money. In fact, you have no solid emotional foundation with each other.

A new relationship is unlikely to happen now because you don’t believe in pure affection and think money will help you buy love, which is actually a completely wrong direction.

Now you two are still together for the sake of money. In fact, you have no affection for each other, but you also spend a lot of money in the process of dating.

This relationship is unlikely to get back together, unless the two of you are united again for the common interests, but there is no real affection in this interest-oriented relationship.

Career & Education

Keywords: Never satisfied, problems always arise with money, things around you are very expensive

You may handle large sums of money at work, but once a loss caused by your negligence, you might not be able to make amends for the whole life. While if you can seize the opportunity, you will also achive a very good development.

The future status of this job remains stable and there will be no new developments, but it is well worth staying here if you’re in it for the high pension.

You are a little slower to respond to studies, so you need to work harder to keep up with the other students. You should persist in studying diligently and never give up.

Diligence is the best description of you. As long as you spend more time in preparation and study hard after class, you can get good grades even in the most difficult subjects.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Wealth trap, investment on hold, financial management must be cautious, squandering

There are many bad friends around you now, and they are likely to pull you down or make you spend a lot of unnecessary money. In fact, you should get out of the influence of these people quickly.

The misunderstanding between you and your friends is actually not serious, but the conflict of interest is more difficult to solve. At this time, there may not be a way to balance money and friendship.

At present, your financial problems are beginning to appear. If not dealt with as soon as possible, the problems may become more and more serious. At least you should keep the expenses for maintaining basic living first.

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