Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles implies a structured relationship in which one person dominates the other.

Tarot Reading

Two beggars are on their knees in front of a man who looks like a merchant, and the two of them are begging. The man’s right hand is giving alms and his left hand is carrying a scale symbolizing balance. We can see a trace of humor in the bitterness shown in this picture, that is, people should be fair in giving. When facing beggars, whether we give too much or too little, it is not the right aid. In addition to charity, the Six of Pentacles also represents a kind of financial management ability.


The Six of Pentacles usually indicates that you are about to receive something you need, such as a long-standing debt from a friend, a meaningful gift, or even an inheritance. Of course, sometimes it also means that you are about to make a donation or gift to someone else.

Six of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Give, pay, donate, get, receive, achieve, experience, be subjected to, share wealth, free-handed, generous, magnanimous, charity, relief, almsgiving, benevolence, forgiveness, generosity

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Support your partner financially, be a strong financial backer for your partner, gifts

Now the relationship is very sweet and you are all satisfied with it. But there may be inequality in it, or you may want to control each other with money.

A new romance is possible now, but you need to take the initiative and put in the effort to pursue it. If you just wait where you are, then you may miss a lot of opportunities.

This is a successful relationship in which you also feel the joy of giving. Although you two may sometimes calculate on trivial matters, it is still very good on the whole.

This relationship is unlikely to get back together, because the two of you broke up after very careful consideration. Even if you try to make up for it now, it is unlikely to be accepted.

Career & Education

Keywords: Receiving help from others and giving back to others, doing well in studies, giving back to parents

Your work situation is very good and you have a perfect income. But you have to share in order to create greater benefits, so don’t neglect to help others while you are successful.

The development prospect of this job is not bad, and there is also a great opportunity for salary increase. You should stick to it in this place and stop being half-hearted.

You are doing very well academically, which enables you to stand out among your classmates. You can use your professional knowledge to help others. As a result, you will learn more.

Now you should communicate more with your classmates and take the opportunity to help each other, which will not only give you a lot more opportunities to review, but also allow for more in-depth reflection and thinking.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Give alms magnanimously, well-connected, aim at helping others out of good will, love to do charitable work, take pleasure in helping people, broad-minded

You have good interpersonal relationships, because you often help others and accept their advice to you. In addition, you can work hard to keep interpersonal relationships harmonious.

The misunderstanding between you and your friends is a trivial matter. As long as you can take the initiative to make it clear to each other, the misunderstanding should be solved soon.

You are in an unbalanced financial situation, you may need to take care of other people, or you may depend on them financially, and there may be a control relationship.

Six of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Self-care, take care of oneself, outstanding debts, money owed, outstanding bills, wasted effort, no gain, hypocrisy, only give out but get nothing.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Overpaying, inability to meet the financial requirements of the other party

Both of you are asking for a lot in the relationship, but perhaps not giving as much as you should, which may result in dissatisfaction or other arguments on both sides.

A new romance is possible now, but it doesn’t always work if you take the initiative. You can try to accept someone else’s pursuit of you, and maybe that’s a better chance.

You have a lot of expectations for this relationship, but often feel that the other party is unable to meet your needs. More or less, you will be disappointed or will turn to envy others’ relationships.

If the two of you can’t really get along and put in the effort, then even getting back together won’t make any sense, so it’s better to recognize the reality that you two are not suitable at all.

Career & Education

Keywords: Going beyond your ability, compromising for the benefit of others

You have a good income from your work, but always feel controlled by others. You have great desires and ambitions, but it may be too far away and impractical.

The job now seems to have good prospects, but at the same time you have to assess whether your strength and ambition can match, so that it will not end up being a waste.

Your academic performance is moderate, but you always want to do better. You should learn more from students with good grades, instead of being jealous of others’ performance.

This is the time when you should accept other people’s advice and not just stick to your own ideas, otherwise you may make very slow progress.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Remind you to take care of yourself, the lent-out money cannot be recovered, ungrateful

You are not bad at interpersonal relationships, but since you always accept help from others, you have to reciprocate occasionally, otherwise you may be rejected by others.

You should first figure out exactly how things happen, don’t just rely on receiving information from others. And when necessary, you should talk with the other people face to face.

You are in a financially vulnerable position and often need to rely on the other people to take care of you. During this period, you could accept help from others, but in the meantime, you should also find a way to pull yourself together.

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