Seven of Swords


If you want to succeed, you need to find a new way.

Tarot Reading

This is a picture of a man sneaking into a military camp to steal swords. He only steals five, and the other two stay in the original place. One man’s strength is always limited, so he has no way to engage the enemy openly, but can only adopt this cunning means to weaken the enemy’s combat power. The two swords left represent the danger of this behavior, and a little carelessness would lead to tragedy. However, in such a difficult situation, instead of flinching, he shows full confidence, which is very commendable. The expression on his face seems to imply that he has succeeded, but it is not. As long as he leaves a sword to the enemies, damage will be inevitable. The Seven of Swords tells people that when doing something difficult, if they want to succeed, they must make a lot of effort. It also implies that this kind of stealing may work once or twice, but not always.


The Seven of Swords represents deception, cunning actions, betrayal, and trickery. The party involved may be the one who lies or the one who is deceived.

Seven of Swords Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Responsibility, betrayal, treachery, the most poisonous woman, deceit, deception, swindle, trickery, art of trickery, scam, avoiding something, strategic action, acting strategically

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Trusting your intuition, missing private affairs because of business, avoiding responsibility

There is deception or concealment between the two of you. Sometimes there is just something your lover is not telling you, but there can be serious situations such as an affair.

You won’t find a very good date now, but there is a possibility of a sudden romance. Since neither of you are in a very sincere relationship, the love affair will be short-lived.

The relationship seems to be good, but there are actually many insurmountable difficulties. It may be a temporary success, but it is hard to last.

Actually, there is no feeling between the two of you, so there is absolutely no need to get back together. Maybe trying to find another date will make you feel happier.

Career & Education

Keywords: Avoiding punishment, having a strategic vision, not being able to do everything at the same time, delay in dealing with the problem leads to a worse situation, always being negligent and careless, the plan has failed or is about to fail

At present, you are undertaking an impossible task. Things are more difficult than you can handle, but you still have confidence in this job.

This job is only good for you in the short term, but in the long term it is a thankless place where you have to work hard, so you should take advantage of the good performance to change jobs rapidly.

You may have used cheating or other improper means in your study to get good grades, but this is not a long-term solution, and it is best to accumulate your advantages in a practical way.

Do not try to do everything. You’d better try your best to master the subjects that you are good at and work harder. If you are too confident, it will make you fail.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Others have arranged plans that conflict with yours, need to ‘go through the back door’ to succeed, there are hidden enemies, will be or have been stolen, secrets are leaked, private matters are discovered 

On the surface, your interpersonal relationship looks good, but in fact, you often have arguments with friends. You are too subjective in expressing your own opinions and thus cause others to be upset.

At this point you have to sort out whose problem it is, but do not be too subjective to judge, which will not allow you to see the truth. After the situation becomes clear, you will have a chance to solve the problem.

Your previous financial situation was not stable. Perhaps overconfidence caused you to make irreparable mistakes, so you should plan carefully before you act.

Seven of Swords Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Liars, self-deception, keeping secrets, taking another’s place by assuming his/her name, stealthily substituting one thing for another, the cuckoo occupies the magpie’s nest (one person seizes another’s place)

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Maybe have an affair, hiding a secret, don’t want to play dumb anymore, the partner feels uncomfortable

You seem to have a difficult situation in your relationship that you can’t confess to your lover. You should end this bad situation as soon as possible, so that the relationship can last.

It’s hard to have a love interest right now, but there’s a chance you could accidentally get involved in someone else’s relationship. You need to investigate the other person first and don’t be deceived.

A lot of problems have erupted in this relationship, but you’ve also resolved many things that you couldn’t in the past. There are still many challenges ahead for you.

Getting back together is unpleasant for both of you, and there is not much affection for each other. So it’s better for you two to stay away from each other and not talk about feelings in the near future.

Career & Education

Keywords: To refer to other people’s advice, have unexpected good luck, doubt your ability

Now that you are in an extraordinary period, you may need to bring your creativity into play and use a more special method to get out of trouble. Sticking to the rules will only keep you from getting out of trouble. Following the stereotyped routine will only make you get into trouble。

This is a very challenging job, which requires you to concentrate all times and go all out. If you can’t do your job well, you will have to bear a lot of pressure, so it’s not an easy task.

You’re doing pretty well academically, but have more ideas that others can not understand. You have a unique way of learning that no one else can learn from either.

At this time, you should not be too be novel and different for effect. It is better for you to follow other people’s methods and standards. Do not demand too much of yourself, so as not to cause too much pressure.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Have good advice or guidance around you, don’t lie to yourself

Among your friends, you are a relatively intelligent person. But sometimes the cleverness is misplaced, and you may often quarrel with your friends. Sometimes it may be better for you to play dumb.

At this time you should not talk around, everything is best to be handled in a low profile. But you still need to prevent others from sabotaging, so as not to cause further conflict.

You should be more careful with your financial situation, and don’t get carried away by the temporary success. Get your financial situation straight so you can make the right decisions.

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