The Neo Rider Tarot-The Ruby Deck (Wrath – Be Patient)


The Ruby Deck (Wrath – Be Patient)


78 cards per deck

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With the overwhelming success of the original Neo Rider Tarot Collection, we have decided to expand the collection with 7 new decks themed after the 7 Deadly Sins.

The 7 Deadly Sins are well known through the centuries, bringing very important lessons and consequences to our everyday actions. They remind us that we are inherently flawed and fragile just as we are strong and persevering. Tarot helps us put these somewhat taboo concepts into perspective within our own lives. It gives us deeper insight into navigating the blurry lines between lust and love. Or it lets us know when our pride is blinding us from healing a connection. These are just some of the things the 7 Deadly Sins and Tarot have in common.

In our new tarot collection, you can explore the 7 deadly sins with high-quality, gold-foiled and linen-textured premium cards. We hope you’re just as excited as we are for this, and we look forward to getting these out into the world.

The Neo Rider Tarot-The Ruby Deck (Wrath – Be Patient)

Wrath: Unrestrained anger and hatred

How to Overcome: Temperance. Breathe before boiling over. Be patient with others as you would like them to be for you.

• 1. Cards size: 70X120mm
• 2. Cards count: 78 cards per deck
• 3. Cardstock: 0.3mm eco-friendly waterproof gold foil PVC with detailed linen texture
• 4. Cards printing: metallic foil CMYK printing
• 5. Booklet: 180 pages with CMYK cover + black and white pages
• 6. Box: book shaped box with magnets with detailed linen texture




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