The Neo Rider Tarot Collection – The Shadow Deck


The Shadow Deck


78 cards per deck

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Hi everyone, my name is Ivy. My tarot dream journey began from the day I found my passion and love for tarot. I found the spark in my life and chose it as my career as a tarot printer and creator. Creating and printing Tarot cards is my passion because it gives meaning to my life. I would like to express my gratitude to all my Kickstarter backers who supported making The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot deck a successful campaign. It was a very rewarding experience and an encouraging beginning for me. It helped me to find my own potential as well as gave me the confidence to fulfill my tarot dream. However, it was only the first step, and I still have so many different innovative ideas that I want to share with you guys. Let’s enjoy the journey of exploring more possibilities in the tarot world. Now I’m back with a new and amazing tarot deck – The Neo Rider Tarot Collections. A 78-card deck based on the traditional Rider-Waite tarot and with 4 different color variations. I promise that you will all love this new tarot deck which I have expanded into 4 printing versions.

The Neo Rider Tarot Collection – The Shadow Deck

Deck Specification: —–01. Cards size : 70X120mm —–02. Cards count: 78 cards per deck —–03. Cardstock: 0.3mm eco-friendly waterproof gold foil PVC with detailed linen texture —–04. Cards printing: metallic foil CMYK printing —–05. Booklet: 100 pages with CMYK cover + black and white pages —–06. Box: book-shaped box with magnets with skin-like texture velvet lamination, holographic foil printing + emboss UV printing    


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