The Feline Rider Tarot – The Smooth Finish Deck


The Smooth Finish Deck


78 cards per deck

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Cats, throughout human history, are often objects of fascination for us. Whether they are being worshiped, used for pest control, or kept as companions, we can’t seem to look away. They say the internet is used primarily for looking at pictures and videos of cute cats, so in their honor, I’ve created this tribute to our beloved furry friends. I hope you enjoy the whimsical oil paintings on each card, displaying the journey through the Tarot from a feline perspective.
The image on the box is a single painting, a full mural and a microcosm of the Tarot itself. The 22 cards of the Major Arcana are often said to be a little story of it’s own, called The Fool’s Journey. The Fool’s Journey is a metaphor for life with each
card representing a stepping-stone on that journey. It tells the tale of how we all travel through life, learning its lessons and becoming wiser along the way. Here that story is told starting on the inside of the box with the mother and father cats watching their offspring pass through the doorway to begin this journey. It is springtime as the young cat begins their travels, studying and meditating and growing wiser as the seasons of life pass until reaching the doorway to winter having gained the wisdom of experience, ready to begin the journey all over again.

The Feline Rider Tarot – The Velvet Finish Deck

Deck Specification:
—–01. Cards size: 70X120mm
—–02. Cards count: 78 cards per deck
—–03. Cardstock: high quality 280gsm black core paper with smooth finishing
—–04. Cards printing: CMYK printing for both sides + brass foil printing for the front
—–05. Edges: brass matte foil edges
—–06. Box: book shape box with magnets with skin-like texture velvet lamination, brass foil printing
—–07. Package included: an English guidebook with 180 pages


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