Soul Sparkle Tarot -The Iridis Deck


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Your soul is like a garden where you have planted flowers and filled it with vitality and color. Soul Sparkle Tarot is a Tarot deck created with love and hope. It was designed with an emphasis on color to inspire those feelings and bring you closer to the beauty and sparkle of your soul. You can use the Soul Sparkle Tarot as a guide for self-dialogue. You can explore your deepest self and bring to light your true purpose. You will learn more about yourself: what you like, what you believe in, your priorities, and how to make your life better in every way. Life often presents us with very unexpected circumstances, but with Soul Sparkle Tarot, you can always find a positive energy to bring to any situation. Your bright and sparkling self will always shine through. I hope this deck brings you much happiness and guides you and gives you the confidence to follow your soul wherever it takes you and to always keep you in a sparkling light of love. 

The Soul Sparkle Tarot is an original Tarot deck with imagery that is based on the classic Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot. This deck is true to the symbolism and intent of the RWS and follows its traditions. There are 78 cards in the classic tarot. They are divided into two groups, The Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is divided further into four individual “suits.” These divisions are not random. They were developed centuries ago using ancient knowledge of the stars in the sky, the movement of the planets, the interaction of the elements, study of human behavior, and a host of mysteries of divination passed on from generations of mystics and healers.

To reap this wisdom, the Tarot requires you to bring your own experience and sensibilities and study to the craft of reading. Over time, the mysteries and forms reveal themselves to you. The more you practice and use the cards, the more tuned in and adept you will become as a reader. Because of the intricacy and intelligence of their design, you will almost immediately find a connection to the symbolism and meaning of the Tarot. The Major Arcana is composed of 22 cards, which are also referred to as “trumps.” These cards represent human archetypes. The other 56 cards comprise the Minor Arcana. These are divided into four suits, Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Each suit represents an element, which influences the meaning.

The Iridis Deck (Rainbow Holographic)
• 1. Cards size: 70X120mm
• 2. Cards count: 78 cards per deck
• 3. Cardstock: 0.3mm eco-friendly waterproof gold foil PVC with detailed linen texture
• 4. Cards printing: metallic foil + CMYK printing
• 5. Booklet: 177 pages with CMYK printing for the cover + pages
• 6. Box: book shaped box with magnets with metallic foil + CMYK printing


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