Queen of Pentacles


This card means a preference for nature or idyllic life.

Tarot Reading

The Queen of Pentacles is a warm, rich and vibrant card that brings together almost all the positive elements of the Pentacles. The Queen of Pentacles is surrounded by flowers and grass. The tree are covered with leaves, branches and red fruits, and rabbits are running around the trees, as if they smell the flowers of spring. The Queen of Pentacles is sitting on her throne in a gentle posture, she lovingly looks at the Pentacles in her hand, as well as the grass and trees around. The white coat represents her purity, while the red robe represents warmth, passion, love and motherhood. She is wearing a crown on her head, and the green scarf below represents her gentle ability. When we look at the face of the Queen of Pentacles, we feel as if she is leading us all to think and feel the same way as she does.


The Queen of Pentacles is a card of infinite warmth. When we see this card, the energy of the Queen has radiated to everyone. No matter in what identity it appears in everyone’s life, everyone is inspired and supported.

Queen of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Nurture, parenting, upbringing, keeping a young mistress, reality, practical, provision, giving money, financing, working parent

Love & Marriage

Keywords: A person who is good at cooking, good at taking care of others, caring for his/her family, have enough time to raise his/her loved ones, proficient in family management, a self-sufficient and mature woman

This relationship is very stable now. You two have made a lot of efforts to each other, and you can feel each other’s sincerity. Both of you have plans for long-term connections.

There may be a new relationship now, but it is easier to succeed when the other party takes the initiative. If you pursue it on your own initiative, it is likely to scare the other party away.

This relationship is stable and pragmatic, and both of you have plans for the longevity of the relationship. You have actually identified each other and feel that you will move towards marriage.

Actually, you two still have a little affection, but it is not easy to get back together. Unless you can promise a bright future to your partner, it might be difficult for both sides to get reunited.

Career & Education

Keywords: Stable job, stable lifestyle, mentor in life

You are in a very stable working environment. It’s time to concentrate on your business efforts. In this environment, you can make full use of your talents and enjoy yourself at the same time.

This job has a good development prospect, and it is a place where you can develop steadily. If you can stay well in this place, there will certainly be more rewards in the future.

Your academic performance is stable, and you’re making progress constantly. You are very efficient in study and understand well about your course content.

At this time, you should study and think deeply, go all out after determining the scope of the topic, and then enter the next part after you have a complete understanding of the progress.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Mature and independent, with a stable income, be ready to help others, be hospitable, a trustworthy person

You have good interpersonal relationships because you often take the initiative to take care of everyone. In return, you also get help from everyone and can make many good friends from long term relationships.

At this time, you should consider the friendship between the two of you, rather than forcibly arguing with each other. If you can adopt the strategy of carrot and stick, the problem will be solved soon.

You are in good financial condition now, and capable of helping others if you have spare capacity. You should make the best allocation of assets and take long-term interests as the main consideration.

Queen of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Financial independence, self-care, conflict between work and family, financial freedom, conflict between career and love

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Waste of emotion, economic separation, living alone, not enough care for the family, private savings

In this relationship, you don’t trust each other very much, so there will be many temptations and arguments. In fact, the skepticism is the reason why your communication is frustrated.

New romantic relationships are unlikely to happen now. Even if there is a suitable partner, you will not easily trust him/her. On the contrary, you might create difficulties for the other side and scare him/her away.

In fact, you are insecure in this relationship, and you are always worried that the other party will cheat on you, or that your personal relationship cannot continue, but you can’t prove it.

There is only suspicion and dissatisfaction in this relationship, so it is impossible to get back together anyway. In view of this, you’d better find another date quickly, and don’t waste time on this person.

Career & Education

Keywords: Earning money is not for home, making progress alone, too much investment in a certain field

This work requires a high degree of concentration. You have to check carefully that all the steps are correct, because there can be many pitfalls of mistakes. If you are not careful, you may make a big mistake that can’t be undone.

This job does not have any future prospects. Even if there is a raise and promotion, there is no opportunity for you. If you want to make full use of your talents, you have to find another job.

Your academic performance is not very stable and you have no confidence in your own advantages. You should find out your academic weaknesses first, and then you can correct them in time.

You should make good use of your reason to analyze the problem clearly, rather than being influenced by your own emotions. If you can really take the time to work on it, you will see the achievements of your learning.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Love of vanity, flashy lifestyle, treating people very poorly, not lending money

Since you can’t trust your friends, your relationship is in bad shape. You should spend a little more time with your friends so that you can have a chance to really get to know them.

There may be no misunderstanding between you and your friend at all, and everything is just your own over-thinking. You should communicate with your friend, so that you can get a chance to know the truth.

Your current financial situation is very good, but crises might begin to appear in some small areas. You should take preventive measures in time before the problem widens.

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