Nine of Pentacles

Nine of pentacles means that confidence and self-discipline will lead to success.

Tarot Reading

A leisurely woman is walking in the garden, who is virtuous and gentle in temperament. Under her dangling right hand are a few gold coins, standing for all material things. In the picture, we can see a falcon standing on her left back to carry out her orders. The falcon is a symbol of darkness and rudeness in life. This picture shows that the woman has succeeded in controlling the falcon and is no longer moved by impulses and desires.


The Nine of Pentacles is rich in meanings in conjecture. Sometimes it is a symbol of discipline and self-control, sometimes it implies that the Conjecturer renounces all earthly and uncivilized things, and is temperate in every way. There is a big difference between the upright and the reversed cards.

Nine of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Be well off, abundance, affluence, extravagant enjoyment, luxury, luxury goods, self-sufficiency, financial freedom, economic independence

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Very discerning, very accurate in reading people, weak dependence on partners

This relationship brings a lot of happiness to each other. You can experience a plenty of sensory happiness together, and both of you are willing to spend time and money into this relationship.

New relationships may happen now, but opportunities are always fleeting. Before you can find a new love opportunity, you must pay close attention to all possible partners.

This is a joyful relationship. You two feel that the time spent together is not enough. You want to stick together all the time, and you will manage this relationship with great care.

This relationship is unlikely to get back together, because breaking up is definitely the result of your very rational consideration. Even if you still have feelings, it is hard to choose to get reunited.

Career & Education

Keywords: Self-confidence and self-discipline can lead to success, wise investment, finding investment opportunities, finding business partners

Everything is going well at present. You are familiar with your current position and job content, but you still need to be careful to prevent mistakes.

This job has a good prospect and there will be further opportunities. As long as you can manage it carefully, the future gains in money will be absolutely considerable.

Your academic performance is not bad, but you haven’t spent much time studying. On the contrary, you are very interested in extracurricular activities, but actually you should pay attention to keep a balance in this regard.

At this point you should not put too much pressure on yourself, you should take it easy. As long as you continue to be exposed to new knowledge and study hard, you will definitely achieve your learning goals.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Relax and enjoy the pleasures of life, you need to invest in yourself, careful calculation and strict budgeting in life, save money

You are very popular among friends. You like the feeling of getting along with them, but because of your high standard, you don’t have many good guys.

At this time, you should handle the problem carefully, clarify the misunderstanding between you two, and things will be solved naturally.

At present, your financial situation is good. Basically, you can have a good material life without worrying about food and clothing. You should carefully manage your finances to maintain your current living standard.

Nine of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Self-worth, over-investment, overwork, in haste, urge

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Need to invest in yourself, be unhappy with yourself

In this relationship, you both have a good life, but maybe it’s only superficial. Don’t get caught up in your imagination, or you will be confused by material and money.

There may be a new love now, but it is unlikely to be a good one. Maybe the whole process is just your personal imagination, but it is actually a hoax.

This is a happy relationship, but you always think it is not so real. Maybe you two just want wealth and pleasure, and there is no true affection between you.

This relationship is totally impossible to get back together, because there is no affection between you two, and getting back together is just an unrealistic fantasy, which can’t be realized.

Career & Education

Keywords: Questioning your abilities, whether your profession is worthwhile, no time for rest

The current work is very tedious, but in fact it is not necessarily meaningful, and there are even many unnecessary steps. Even if you understand it, however, you should do it according to the regulations.

This job seems to have a promising future. In fact, it’s all just a dream. If it’s an unattainable ideal, no matter how big the cake is, it is useless to draw it.

Your academic performance is not very good, mainly because you don’t put your mind on your study. Moreover, since you are careless and perfunctory in study, your academic performance will naturally decline.

At this time, you should pay attention to the details of implementation, and study hard in a down-to-earth manner. Don’t fantasize that you can learn at once, it’s completely impossible.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Undercharging, free work, need to improve standard of living, suffer loss by theft

You are always a loner among friends, concentrating on what you are interested in. And you don’t take the initiative to care about others, so it’s hard for you to find friends to have a heart-to-heart talk.

Just let things drag on at this time. Don’t rush to deal with anything, or the problems and conflicts will only become more and more acute.

Your current financial situation is OK, but your financial plan is not realistic. You should plan and evaluate it more carefully in order to maintain the current situation.

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