King of Swords


A man who is mentally mature and self-disciplined.

Tarot Reading

The King of Swords sits on the throne, with his face looking forward, as if he is ready to bear everything life throws at him. He holds a sword in his right hand, meaning that he has in his hands the sense of reason and thought. This symbolizes the decisiveness and flexibility of the King in everything. Although his decisions is mainly based on his own wisdom, he remains open to his own views. The king is dressed in a blue robe, symbolizing his desire for spiritual knowledge. He is wearing a purple cloak, which marks his compassion and wisdom. The back of his throne is decorated with butterflies (deformed), and a new moon and an angel are near his left ear, as if giving him subtle guidance.

King of Swords Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Clear-headed, extraordinary wisdom, authoritative expert, power, authority, holding power, powers of office, approval, authorization, right, truth, actual situation, fact

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Very calm and imaginative, cautious to the point of needing courage, taking charge, control of emotions

Both of you are very rational about the relationship and value the balance of effort you put into each other. In case of unfairness, you two will negotiate a solution very formally.

It is unlikely that a new relationship will happen now, because your attitude is too rational, and it is unlikely that there will be anyone who completely meets your standards, so it will be much more difficult.

This is a very rational relationship in which the two of you are just taking what you need. In fact, neither sides put too much emotion into it, so you are kind of using each other.

This relationship is unlikely to get back together. Unless you two have a common understanding of your own life plans again, there is no way to get back together, whether you still have feelings or not.

Career & Education

Keywords: Authoritative, an “emperor” type of person in a certain field, has the power to lead, with outstanding leadership ability, like a duck to water in the professional field, in need of consultants such as lawyers, technical director, financial director

Nowadays, jobs usually requires years of professional knowledge. In case of being deficient in your profession, you are likely to be eliminated, thus you need to stay focused all times to make rational judgments.

The future of this job is not bad, but in view of the fierce competition, you must continue to study further to improve your strengths, and you will have to spend a lot of time for this.

You are systematic and organized in your studies, and you can master what you already know, so you will do well in your studies and become the object that everyone will imitate.

At this time, you should make rational analysis, use different learning methods for different subjects, and organize learning systematically as a whole.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Does not care about others, does not sympathize with others, handle affairs in a fair way, listens to others and gains wealth

You maintain a certain relationship with everyone and have no particularly close good friends. If you could look at things less rationally, you might be able to make good friends.

At this time, you should invite an objective third party to judge and determine the merits of both parties. If you have done wrong, then apologize and do not engage in a spirited argument.

Your current financial situation is very good, and you can keep a balance between income and expenditure. You should take the advice of experts in financial management to make a more effective allocation of your assets.

King of Swords Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Keeping silent, being right at heart, abusing power, backroom deals, fiddling, manoeuvring among various groupings

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Manipulation of partner to satisfy personal desires, frequent quarrels in life, lack of devotion to relationship, delay in confession

The other party is too strong in the relationship, which makes you feel that you are living under great pressure every day. If you can’t meet the other party’s demands, you two will argue endlessly.

There will not be a suitable lover for you now. Even if you meet someone you like, it is unlikely that the other party will like you, so at this time you should not waste your efforts on feelings.

You are under great pressure in this relationship, and you spend every day in anxiety and panic. Even if you want to change the status quo, there is nothing you can do.

It is absolutely impossible for you two to get back together. In the case of each other being hurt badly, you can not start again, so breaking up should be the right choice for both of you.

Career & Education

Keywords: Often hit by abnormal means, dealing with unfair results, using your talent to hurt others, unable to make decisions

Nowadays, the working environment is very harsh. Not only do you work long hours without any good benefits, but you often can’t have regular holidays, so your health may be affected.

This is not a job for the long-term engagement, and there will be big changes coming up in the follow-up period, during which you may become a victim of factional struggle, so you should find a way out as soon as possible.

You are doing well in your studies, but often have to worry about schoolwork. Since your grades are not very stable, you should spend more time studying.

This is the time when you should be open to the advice of others and not determined to go your own way with the wrong approach. Otherwise, you will have to spend more time remedying the situation later.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Abuse of power, unexpected conflicts often occur in life, always surrounded by a group of very cruel and selfish men, too harsh

You are too powerful for everyone, so you often make your friends feel a lot of pressure, and there will be fewer close friends. You should try to make new friends with empathy.

At this point both parties are very irritated and probably nothing will help no matter what is said. Maybe you should wait a little longer to deal with this problem, so that you may get better results.

As your financial situation fluctuates greatly, you should save more capital for yourself, and it is better to invest more in insurance so as to prepare for emergencies.

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