Four of Wands


This card means settling down in a new home or in a certain environment.

Tarot Reading

The four tall wands stand symmetrically and neutrally on the ground, symbolizing firmness and firmness. The wands are wrapped with long, fruity vines, which stand for the prosperity and wealth. Beside the wands, two women in gorgeous costumes are holding bouquets and dancing, and behind them are the cheering crowd, as if celebrating the joy of the harvest and the beauty of a stable and prosperous life. The tall castle behind the wands is strongly fortified, and the people are living in this haven of peace and happiness.


The Four of Wands gives a positive and upbeat connotation with a distinct sense of security. As the four has the meaning of four squares, the reversed Four of Wands has the opposite meaning to the uptight one, which should depend on the specific Conjecture questions and the overall situation of the spread.

Four of Wands Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Ceremony to celebrate, celebration, delight, pleasure, joy, fun, success, satisfaction, contentment, togetherness, rapport, harmony, coordination, relaxation, rest, recreation, going home, returning the home country, returning to school

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Wedding, beautiful family, romantic love

You two have a stable relationship and have found the best way to get along with each other. You are very happy together every day, and this is a gratifying harmonious relationship.

It is unlikely that a new relationship will emerge now, but maybe there will be someone you admire among people you’ve known for a long time. But at this time, staying put is believed to be better than taking action.

It’s a very enjoyable relationship and the commitment extended by both sides seems to be quite worthwhile. You two can have a lot of happy time together and share each other’s affection.

This relationship is not completely over, so being together again is not exactly a reunion. This can only be described as a fight followed by reconciliation and the relationship will still be very stable.

Career & Education

Keywords: Celebrating the fruits of labour, passing exams, outstanding performance and a great result

Now that your hard work has already paid off, it’s time to enjoy your achievements. This is the time for you to relax and seek further development in stability.

This job is very stable and will continue to develop on the basis of the present situation. We can already see a bright future, so it is worth doing.

You have seen substantial results from your academic efforts, and now is the time to show them. This is a time to celebrate success.

At this time, you should adhere to the same principles to cope with the changing situation, make persistent efforts on the basis of the original, and study in the previous way. After a period of efforts, you will see satisfactory results.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Birthdays, parties, heading home now, returning to a familiar place, renovating, buying a house

You are well connected and work hard at managing your relationships. You can attend friends’ parties more frequently, or even take part in some celebrations more often.

This is the time to ask for advice, and also to find out why the others are dissatisfied with you. It may be easier to untie the knot at a gathering of friends.

Your previous efforts have yielded good results and you have made the appropriate allocations in terms of your finances. It’s time to take a break from worrying about your finances.

Four of Wands Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Self-celebration, amusing yourself, conflict with others, transition, transformation, change, shifting

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Barriers to family communication, disharmony, tension among family members, discord with loved ones, break-ups, unproductive relationships

This relationship is both happy and stable for each other. The best mode is to keep it as it is, without any changes.

A new relationship is unlikely to happen now, because you are very satisfied with your current situation and have little motivation to pursue a new partner.

This relationship is very stable, which brings a lot of growth to both of you. As a matter of fact, you two are happy in this relationship and enjoy a wonderful time together.

It is possible to get back together, depending on how much effort you can put into it. If you can go back to your old way of life, you can live happily, too.

Career & Education

Keywords: Changes that make you uneasy, such as changing jobs, uncertainty about your future

This work is now progressing smoothly and is growing steadily. Because you like the job so much, you have a lot to gain in addition to the salary.

The situation at this job is very stable and the place is a pleasant environment for you. If you don’t want too much change, this is a place to stay.

Your academic performance is very stable, and you seldom encounter any problems. So as long as you keep your original advantages, you don’t have to worry about your studies.

There are many things you should prep for so that you can absorb them better in class. Maybe spending a little time doing your pre-reading will help you to be more confident in yourself.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Celebrating your small goals alone, e.g., success in weight loss, quitting smoking, small achievements that you don’t need to show to others, commemorating in private, moving house

You have many friends and are popular among them. If you have time, you can take part in more friends’ gatherings or celebrations to promote a pleasant atmosphere.

Peer pressure should be used to make people open their hearts at party or interesting atmosphere, and then you can explain or prove the rationality of the relevant issues. Perhaps this will make it easier to be accepted.

You are now well established financially, but perhaps not very stable. At this time you should operate conservatively and not try to make a quick profit.

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