Nine of Cups


This card means self-satisfaction and glory.

Tarot Reading

The man in the picture sits proudly in front of a neatly arranged row of chalices, having gotten whatever he wanted, and the whole picture is filled with an atmosphere of satisfaction and happiness. It is easy to see that the Nine of Cups stands for the pleasure of all the senses, including sight, taste and touch. From a personal point of view, the Nine of Cups suggests a current state of life.


The Nine of Cups is famous for being a wish card, which foretells where our dreams will go in reality. But if we want to understand the symbolism of the graphic, we must know our inner intentions and be brave enough to take the corresponding responsibilities in the process of dreaming. This is how we can ultimately enjoy our good fortune.

Nine of Cups Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Satisfaction, a contented mind is a continual feast., be content with, gratification, something gratifying, attainment, proper disposal, settlement of debts, compensation, gratitude, thanks, dreams come true, wish fulfillment

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Enjoy the pleasures of life, the sweet life of husband and wife

Both parties feel satisfied with the relationship and you maintain a good connection with each other. The harmony between you two will often bring more happiness.

A new relationship should be possible now, but it depends on whether you can take the initiative. If you just wait for the other side to take the initiative, you may miss some opportunities.

This relationship is close to perfection, and you are very satisfied with it. Since you two are having a great time together, you will cherish this relationship.

The two of you actually still have feelings for each other, but it’s not always possible to get back together. The main reason is that both parties value pride too much and neither is willing to bow down to the other and admit their mistakes first.

Career & Education

Keywords: Have the potential, achieving success

You are very satisfied with your work, and you are doing well. You are always proud of your work and often brag to others.

There is still a good prospect in this job, especially the possibility of salary increase. If you can keep up the good performance, you will not be missing out on promotions.

You are doing very well in your studies. If you take part in competitions or exams at this time, you will do very well and you are very happy with your performance.

Now you should make full use of those aspects where you have more advantages, rather than just see your weaknesses. You should be more confident in yourself.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: A rich material life, spend freely, the situation is in your favor

Your interpersonal relationships is very good, but sometimes you are too subjective and arrogant, and often offend others without realizing it. You might need to keep a low profile.

If you are not at fault, then you must stand your ground and not be shaken in your confidence by the words of others, who will one day find out it is their fault.

You are very successful financially, and you can plan all your money in the most appropriate way. You can enjoy all the happiness brought by money, and you are willing to spend it on the enjoyment of life.

Nine of Cups Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Inner happiness, materialism, inner satisfaction, egoism, materials, utilitarian, indulgence, willfulness

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Feel that something is missing, not satisfied inside

Both of you have your own opinions in your feelings and are unwilling to understand each other. As a result, you often get into unpleasant situations, but don’t know how to solve them.

There may be opportunities for new relationship now, but it’s not the kind you used to like. If you can’t change your mind, it might not be suitable for you.

In this relationship, you actually have input a lot. But you feel that the other party neither really appreciate it nor give much in return. Sometimes you may feel frustrated or unworthy.

The relationship is no longer likely to recover because neither of you can accept the other’s pattern of behaviour. Even if you do get back together, it is unlikely to be a happy relationship.

Career & Education

Keywords: Wishes are not fulfilled, be full of mistakes, an empty barrel makes biggest sound

You strive for perfection in your work, but there are always difficulties in realizing your ambitions. Sometimes you may make serious mistakes because you are too confident in yourself.

The development of this job is drawing to a close, so if you can see through it and leave quickly, you may be able to keep a good image. Otherwise the future will become increasingly detrimental to you.

You have had a major setback in your studies and may have made a mistake due to carelessness. If you can improve this shortcoming, you can be able to perform better next time.

Now you should share with your classmates and learn from them. You are bound to encounter the same problems again if you just work on your own.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Do not overindulge yourself, there is a certain amount of material loss, inharmonious

Recently, you are very depressed in interpersonal relationships and often feel bullied. Perhaps you should enquire about what you have done wrong so as to ensure you would not be ostracised.

You should look at things with empathy and not be too subjective. Apologise if it’s your fault, so that more people don’t look down on you for the incident.

Being so self-righteous, you are making serious financial mistakes. If you don’t brake in time, even bigger problems may follow.

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