Eight of Cups


You realize that you must leave the people and things you are familiar with and pursue more things actively.

Tarot Reading

On a bright moonlight night, a man in red takes a wand and leaves the eight cups he has worked so hard to build. The dense swamp in the surrounding area stands for the mood of siltation. He leaves because he finds that there is a hole in the cup. So in order to find a new cup, he gives up the eight cups that have been built behind. He could have taken the eight cups with him to search for the new one, but he does not. The red clothes and shoes he is wearing symbolize his power of action. As can be seen from the picture, the main theme of this card is abandonment. The fact that one of the eight cups is missing implies that there is always a flaw in an otherwise perfect thing. People who are not satisfied with the status quo can continue their pursuit. It can be seen that the Eight of Cups also represents a certain spirit of sacrifice.

Highlights for Understanding

The Eight of Cups, whether being upright or reversed, indicates leaving familiar people and things. The difference between the upright and reversed is whether one leaves the status quo to do something positive or to quietly degenerate on one’s own.

Eight of Cups Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Disappointed, frustrated, spoiled, disappointing, abandoned, forsaken, cast away, give up, suspension, withdrawn, retrieved, taken back, no longer participate, quit, escape from the reality of dissatisfaction with the current situation, to change, to practice, the pursuit of higher levels of happiness and beauty (Note: Under the same circumstance that someone wants to leave an unsatisfactory situation, the upright card indicates that people are leaving to pursue a higher state.)

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Give up the happiness you once had, give up the pursuit of the existing person to pursue a better one, love becomes sensible

You are not satisfied with the status of this relationship and often want to do something to change it. Maybe you two don’t feel the same way as when you first started together.

Now if only you can take the initiative, a new relationship will soon be on the horizon. This relationship is bound to be different from the one you had before and will be a pleasant experience for you.

This relationship has come to an end. If you don’t make any changes, it will definitely be over. Now you will make all kinds of assumptions about the relationship between you two, and the result will not rule out breaking up.

It is completely unlikely that the two of you will ever get back together. On the one hand, both parties have a lot of resentment towards each other, and on the other hand distance can cause certain barriers and difficulties.

Career & Education

Keywords: Not satisfied with the results, cram school, quietly go to enrich yourself, dissatisfied with the surrounding people and want to disengage

You are not satisfied with your present job, so you often want to make changes, or simply leave your job, because no amount of money can fill your inner emptiness.

You will never achieve your ambitions in this job. So if the time is right, you should leave as soon as possible, while staying is just a waste of your time.

You haven’t been putting a lot of effort into your schoolwork lately, so your performance has regressed a little. But if you get back on your feet and study hard, you will get good grades again.

Now you should aim at your weakest points to make up for them. Whether you ask for help or work on your own, you will see progress if you study hard enough.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Disappear from the sight of the crowd for a while, go quietly to do something big

Although you have quite a few friends, you actually often want to be left alone. You should be brave enough to do what you want to do and not get too tied up with your friends.

You should take the initiative to talk to your friend. It’s really just a small misunderstanding between the two of you, but if you don’t do anything, the problem won’t naturally be resolved.

Your financial situation is good at present, but it’s time to make changes. If you can re-examine and improve, you can achieve greater success in the future.

Eight of Cups Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Drifting aimlessly, trying again, indecisiveness, indecision, aimlessness, accommodating yourself to different circumstances, casually walking around, leaving, abandoning, retreating, escaping, losing the pursuit of goals, whatever (Note: Under the same circumstance that someone wants to leave an unsatisfactory present situation, the inversed card indicates that people are leaving to escape without making changes.)

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Let others make the decision, give up the pursuit, others can do what they like, I do not care

The relationship has reached an important turning point and is about to move on to the next stage. If the two of you are not ready to get married, it is likely that you will be heading towards a break-up.

A new relationship may come soon, but it will be short-lived. You can enjoy the pleasures of being in love in the midst of it, but just not for long.

This is a very happy relationship, but it has reached a bottleneck, which may require some changes to keep it going. This needs the two of you to work together.

In fact, the two of you still have some affections, but the relationship is unlikely to get back together. Since a breakup is a better outcome, then don’t try to get reunited.

Career & Education

Keywords: Give up halfway, smash a pot to pieces just because it’s cracked (write oneself off as hopeless and act recklessly), people around you are not satisfied with you and make you ostracized, the work is very unsuccessful

Your work is very hard and unstable, but you are satisfied with it. So sometimes you want to leave, but at the same time you feel unwilling to do so.

There are still good prospects for this job, but it is bound to be a thankless situation. If you don’t think you’re a hard worker, it’s better not to stick around too much.

You are currently troubled by problems with your schoolwork, but you are not really sure what the situation is. You should sort out the problem first and then you can find a solution.

It is time for you to be creative and not be limited by established rules and ideas. Learning in your own way and at your own pace is the best way for you.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: You do not want to be the master, whoever loves to do it shall do it, have to leave, can not stay in this circle

You are very popular among friends and get a lot of fun from interpersonal relationships, but you often think that they are not reliable and stable.

It’s just a small misunderstanding between you and your friend. It’s not really important to either party, so it will be resolved naturally after a while without having to do anything deliberately.

Your current financial situation looks good, but in fact there are loopholes. You should carefully check your financial situation, so as to make corresponding corrections in time.

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