Seven of Cups


This card means that you should be aware of your own inner needs.

Tarot Reading

The man in the picture is helplessly looking at the seven holy cups floating on the clouds. He is sighing for his loss, and he is crying for the spilled milk. In addition, these things placed on the clouds also symbolize the existence of a castle in the air, which is just a daydream of a man in fantasy. Moreover, the man is confronted with the seven cups, which also imply a kind of choice.

Highlights for Understanding

We reviewed the ups and downs of the past (through the Six of Cups), and now it is time to look ahead. The difference between the upright and the reversed Six of Cups is that, the upright means looking forward to the future with a good past, and the reversed one means looking forward to the future with a bad past.

Seven of Cups Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Chance, timing, choice, selection, taking sides, option, be a successful candidate, wishful thinking, unrequited love, fantasy, illusion, hallucination, mental masturbation, being both excited and frightened about a fantasy future, advice to stop fantasising and take action, advice to distinguish what is reality and what is illusion and then make a choice (note: imagination is wonderful because the future is really wonderful if you act.)

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Need to know more, self-affirmation, many options, fantasizing about a future with someone

Many parts of this relationship are imagined by you, which is quite different from the actual situation. You are actually having a relationship with the person you imagined.

You are still confused about your standards and what you need in this relationship. You won’t have a new date until you figure out the answer.

You have a deep feeling of powerlessness in your relationship, which is totally different from what you thought at first. But you can’t change your relationship, so there will be a lot of emotions.

Although it is possible for the two of you to get back together, this reunion will not only not solve any problems, but will be the beginning of a new series of problems, so it is best for you both to keep your distance.

Career & Education

Keywords: Unrealistic, good promises, bad reality, good plans

You may think that you are very successful at your work, but it is just an illusion. You have many ideals and ambitions for your work, but most of them are not feasible.

You will only have temporary success in this job, but in the long run, there will be almost no development. You should start looking for other possible opportunities at this time.

You seem to be doing very well academically, but your advantage is far less than they seem. Therefore, you should aim at your advantages, work harder and make further strengthening.

It’s time to use your imagination to try different possibilities. If you find the method that works best for you, you will be able to excel in your studies.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Fantasy wealth, you think you will succeed, it is recommended that you go out of your imagination to make a choice, choose carefully

In fact, you have many friends, but most of them are just general friends. Don’t easily treat others as friends from the heart, or you will probably be betrayed by them.

The question is whether you keep your promises and match your words with your deeds. If you are the one who has wronged others, you must apologize and not be obsessed so that you do not make the same mistake again and again.

Your financial situation seems to be good, but in fact it is not as successful as it looks. You should be more realistic in planning and evaluating, instead of wanting everything.

Seven of Cups Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Alliances, cooperation, concerted action, personal values, too many choices, overwhelmed, addicted to fantasy to the point of being unable to extricate yourself, this is the moment of of the dividing line to detach from fantasy and face the reality (Note: imagination is very good, but the future is not so promising, be addicted to fantasy and do not want to detach from it.)

Love & Marriage

Keywords: You have seen the results, the choice seems to be a lot but in fact there is no choice, know that it is impossible but still love to fantasize about the good results, unrequited love

After a period of instability, the relationship is now slowly getting on the right track. This is a new beginning of sorts and there are many situations you have to plan and adapt to all over again.

As long as you can let go of your previous feelings and all sorts of confusing and unclear ideas, after clarifying your own needs, a new date suitable for you will appear on his/her own.

Because this relationship makes a big change in yourself, you can start releasing some of your old wrong patterns, but these are the results that take a lot of effort to get.

It is likely that the two of you will get back together, but it is bound to be the start of another brand new relationship. If you miss the past, it’s totally impossible to make it back.

Career & Education

Keywords: It is recommended to make a wise choice, to know the progress and losses, to understand the gains and losses

Your job is very demanding in terms of mental activity, requiring a lot of planning and solving various problems. Therefore, although this job does not require a lot of outdoor activities, it is still a very tiring task.

This job has a large space for future development, but you have to work hard to seize the opportunity. What seems like a crisis on the surface may be an opportunity for you.

You are now faced with a new situation, and you should reassess academically and try to make more pragmatic plans. Maybe you can start by setting your goals.

Now you can start over and stop looking back. If you can learn things well from now on, you are sure to get good grades in your studies.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: The moment of decision has arrived, the decision is about to be made

In fact, you don’t have many friends, so in most cases, you will act alone. But because of your honesty and kindness, most of your friends will treat you sincerely.

You should find a time to talk to him alone. You can’t see the truth of the matter at this time when there are many people talking, and you may be able to solve it after communication.

Your current financial situation is not stable, but nothing too bad is happening either. Maybe it’s time to start again. You need to re-plan properly.

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  1. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

    1. Thank you very much for your proposal, this is a very good suggestion. Recently, I have been taking some photos and videos and thinking about how to use them to make the blog look better, but I am still trying. I’m also glad you liked my post. I believe your support will be one of the motivations for my creation.
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