Six of Cups


This card means to recall the comfort and warmth given by people in those innocent times or to find that long-lost sense of security.

Tarot Reading

In a colorful garden, a little boy is sniffing the flowers in his glass, and he seems to be handing the glass to the little girl in front of him. The whole picture is covered with rich fairy-tale-like colors, bringing back childhood memories. The Six of Cups stands for the people and things related to the past. In addition, it also implies homesickness, just like the manor in the painting. The manor is full of flowers and laughter, people are coming and going, and the place is as warm as home. Just like the loving look and appearance of the boy offering the flowers to the girl, the Six of Cups can also represent caring and making a present.

Highlights for Understanding

The Six of Cups, whether being upright or reversed, represent memories of people and things that have been experienced in the past. The difference is that when this card is upright, it means remembering the past when it is better now than in the past. When this card is reversed, it means recalling the past when it is worse than the past. Please try to feel the difference between these two situations.

Six of Cups Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Many things in the past have disappeared, a very familiar feeling, rehabilitation, some people sigh that they are old., how time flies, revisit, revisit a place, bring up again, discuss again, review the past experience, past, former days, the bygone days, the past time, memories in relation to childhood, childhood memories, happy memories, recall the time of childhood, clear, innocence, be innocent, simple and unaffected, simple-minded, unsophisticated, happy, pleasant, joy, pleasure, fun, success, satisfaction, be contented

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Childhood playmates, looking for someone who loves you unconditionally, meeting your former lover, reminiscing about happy times, remembering happy times of the past

This is a kind of unequal relationship. Maybe one of you protects the other, and the other relies too much. You two are going to be very close.

If there is a new love now, it will inevitably happen to someone you have known for a long time. You may have some shared memories to make the relationship work.

As a matter of fact, both of you have invested a lot of feelings in this relationship and are sincere with each other. Both of you want to make a very important promise to each other.

Your relationship has become a memory, and you will never get back together again. Even if either side has the intention of making an effort, it will never be accepted by the other side.

Career & Education

Keywords: Return to a familiar place, revisit the old place, relive the history of your struggles and look forward to the future, the previous struggle or beautiful things are still affecting you now

You have a stable job, but it is full of stereotypes and makes you feel bored. You have had a lot of wonderful times here.

There will be nothing new in this job. You’ve done your best. This is a good place if you want to stay until retirement.

You are not satisfied with your current academic performance and want to achieve the glory of the past. The truth is that the present is different from the past and there is no point in making such comparisons.

You should learn from your past failures and not make the same mistakes again. If you can cheer up and stand up again, you will soon see the results.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: The experience of childhood is engraved in your bones, contacting former friends, homesick, experiencing the joys of childhood with friends, clothes are not as good as new ones while people are not as good as old ones.

You have more old friends, but it’s hard to make new ones. In fact, you just need to cherish every friend who has contact with you, and you can’t force yourself to do many things.

Maybe you should buy a present to apologise to the other party, so that you can show your sincerity. Even the biggest problems can be solved if the other party can feel your sincerity.

Your current financial situation is considered to be stable, and you have accumulated a good strength. If you continue to develop on this basis, the future will be extremely rewarding.

Six of Cups Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Clinging to the past, loss of childlike spirit, lack of fun, refusal to face the present and the future, forgiveness, exercise forgiveness, magnanimity, living in the past, lack of entertaining spirit, stereotyping, conservatism, stubbornness

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Wishing to get back together, still feeling good about your ex, infatuated with someone from the past, hoping to experience the passion of the past, asking yourself if you are clinging to the past and refusing to face the present

Although the relationship has stabilized, some different stimuli may still appear, so you two are about to enter a different new relationship stage.

There is a chance that a new love interest may emerge now. You may not get the chance to meet this brand-new person until after you have created a new circle of life.

You feel like you’ve been giving in the relationship but don’t feel a real sense of reward. Whenever there is an argument, you wonder if your giving is worth it.

It’s not impossible for you two to get back together. But maybe it will take a long time to get reunited, even after both of you have been through another relationship.

Career & Education

Keywords: Not caring about the future, career not as good as it used to be, regressing in studies, feeling worse and worse

There will be some new changes in the work, and the previous stable situation will be broken. You will need to put some effort into adapting to this situation, which is a completely new experience for you.

This job will have a bright future, but it’s just like starting all over again. All your previous efforts don’t count, which may be unfair.

You are doing quite well in your studies. If you want to still perform well in the future, you should keep up the methods you have worked on in the past and you will see the results very soon.

You can only cope with the most urgent situations now, and you can’t care too much about anything else. In order to achieve quick and effective results, it is necessary to improvise.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: gradually losing childlike innocence, feeling bored when getting mature, not knowing how to have fun when getting old mentally, always feeling that your present friends are not as good as the former ones, degeneration of public morality

In addition to old friends, perhaps you need new ones even more now. So if you have the chance, you can open up new circle of life and find new friends.

As a matter of fact, you should solve these problems in time before the misunderstanding between you two becomes deep. Otherwise, if you wait until a stereotype is formed, it will be useless to say anything else.

You are in a pretty good financial position right now. Because a good foundation has been laid, the future is promising and you should keep it up and keep working hard.

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