Two of Cups


This card means a partnership or a relationship between two sexes.

Tarot Reading

A man and a woman with a wreath on their heads face each other, holding the cups to pay homage to each other. The man’s body is leaning forward, indicating an aggressive and outward-looking masculine energy. The woman stands in a mountainous position, symbolizing a subtle, introverted feminine energy. Between them hangs a wand entwined by two snakes, a symbol of cooperation and trade. The lion’s head on the scepter stands for communication, and the open wings symbolize the Holy Spirit. The whole picture is permeated with a mysterious energy of union or cooperation.


The Two of Cups is often strongly associated with love, and in this respect this card is closer to the state of first love. As shown in the figure, both man and the woman treat each other as equals, without imposing their will on the other side. The Two of Cups is not only limited to the relationship between a man and a woman, but also can involve friendship and any interpersonal relationship, which is often harmonious, mutually beneficial and pleasant. So if a person asks about friendship, romance or marriage, the Two of Cups will give an answer to the question.

Two of Cups Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Partners, mutual attraction, solidarity, conversation and communication, trade, joyful love, unanimous love, partnership, partner status, collaborative relationship, partnership firm, mutual affection

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Mutual communication of love, successful pairing, relationship is about to enter the next stage, inner communication of feelings, mutual influence

The relationship is still in a state of passionate love. There is a strong passion and attraction between the two of you and you get along well with each other. It is a relationship of equals.

There is a good chance that a new relationship will happen now, and it will be considered as the type of love at first sight. So you should prepare yourself from now on that a new object will appear at any time.

It’s a perfect relationship. You two not only communicate well but also complement each other. You are very happy every day and want to be together forever.

There is still a chance for this relationship to get back together, but which party should take the initiative is the biggest issue. Basically, if only one person proposes, you should be able to get back together successfully.

Career & Education

Keywords: Same interest, same view, complement each other, reliable partner

You like your current job very much, and you will give great initiative to this job. Communication is also very important, because you often need to cooperate with others in the workplace.

This job has good development prospect, and it will basically go smoothly. But the whole process must be a step-by-step development. You are unlikely to have the opportunity to suddenly rise to the top.

You are doing well academically, quick in learning, and often able to learn by example. If you can take the initiative to study, your progress will be much faster than others.

It’s a good time to have more discussions with your classmates or teachers. You can achieve two things at one stroke by learning interactively to make your concepts more correct and helping your classmates to improve at the same time.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Proposals, engagements, marriages, partnership upgrades, exchange of ideas, living in conjugal harmony, gender equality, being happy together, balancing income and expenses

You are very good at interpersonal relationships and can build strong friendships with others. You always take care of your friends and get along well with them.

You should take the initiative to talk to your friend to see what misunderstanding has happened. Because it’s really no big deal, as long as you are sincere, you will definitely solve it.

Your current financial situation is very good. You should collect more relevant information and make some adjustments and plan, and you may see good results in the near future.

Two of Cups Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Self-love, narcissism, masturbation, breakup, separation, stop living as a married couple, rupture, discord, disharmony, inconsistency, mistrust, suspicion

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Selfishness, high self-esteem, suspicion, disparity in status, hide different purposes behind the semblance of accord, refusal to communicate, cold war, relationship disruption

You two really love each other, but you will also argue about some trivial matters. In this case, both sides should improve communication so as to avoid misunderstanding accumulation and becoming more difficult to solve.

There is a possibility of a new relationship happening now, but it may not be blessed by everyone, and there may even be fierce opposition. In this case, you need to take your needs into consideration.

This is an equal relationship. Both parties are very sincere in their commitment and hope to develop a long-lasting relationship, but still need to make adjustments in many areas.

There is still a chance to get back together. But getting back together won’t solve any problems between you two, and it could be said that getting back together is the place where the problems start again.

Career & Education

Keywords: Unconvincing, antagonistic relationships, conflicting ideas, unsuccessful bets

This job will be very demanding for you, but sometimes it won’t give you the relative reward. You need to ask for improvements on your own initiative, instead of being foolishly squeezed by pressure.

This work is stable, but there is little room for growth. In the foreseeable future, there are not many opportunities for promotion, but there is no problem to continue working here.

You have encountered some difficulties in your studies, and there are more obstacles to absorbing new ideas. It is time to try to put aside preconceived ideas and learn something new.

You can review more after class, let new ideas slowly enter your mind, or repeat the exercises after class, which will be of great help to you.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Divorces, breach of contract, failed negotiations, failed team building, small issues in getting along are gradually turning into big problems

You have good interpersonal relationships, and you often go out with friends. But sometimes you care too much about your friends’ thoughts, and thus lose your position.

You can start by reflecting on what you have done wrong. If you have done something wrong, you must apologize. Take the initiative to find an opportunity to explain to the other party, and the problem can be solved.

Your financial situation is very good at present, but there are signs of increasing expenditure recently. You should restrain yourself, so as to avoid future financial imbalance.

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