Queen of Cups


This card means that you can succeed if you follow your feelings.

Tarot Reading

Sitting on the throne, the Queen gazes at the cup in her hand gently, with an affectionate and attentive expression. In addition, the Queen stands for kindness, goodness and intuition. She is a mature and charming woman that young men will fall in love with, not only because of her beauty, but also because of her sympathy. This card usually represents a need for emotion.

Queen of Cups Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Compassionate, mercy, be ready to help others,  show consideration for others, give every care to others, be deeply concerned, take notice of, be concerned about, be attentive to, show solicitude for, trying to do, emotionally stable, accurate sixth sense, following, not taking charge, obedient, well-behaved

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Careful, considerate, compassionate and sensitive person, maternal brilliance, listener, sentimental, with the urge to give oneself easily to love, completely falling in love

Now you two have a very stable relationship, and get along very well with each other. In this process, both sides have learned how to deal with the relationship.

There is a good chance that a new romance will occur now, and there will be a person you find very desirable to fall in love with. If you can take the initiative to pursue, it is likely to be successful.

The other person is really a perfect lover, which even makes you feel a bit unreal. You two have a very stable relationship and hope that this relationship can always be so sweet.

You two actually have a very deep affection now, and it is also possible for you to immediately get back together. But you should not rush to take the first to propose a reconciliation, it is best to wait for the other party to take the initiative first.

Career & Education

Keywords: Success is imminent, persist in the struggle, happy life in front of you, think that you are surrounded by strong peopl

The situation at work is very stable so that you can concentrate on your work wholeheartedly. It’s hard to distract your attention by any problems, and you will learn a lot from your job.

This job has good prospects for the future and you will learn a lot on the job. If you can concentrate on your business, you will definitely have a chance to be promoted.

You are very serious in your studies and also have a spirit of deep research. You have a keen sense of inspiration for a lot of things, so your study will be more efficient than others.

Now you should concentrate on your research and take your time to solve the problem. If there are no standard answers in the book, you should trust your intuition.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Always put yourself in another’s shoes, highly understand others, be kind and fair, have rich and delicate feelings, but need to moderate emotions

You have a good interpersonal relationship now, and you are very happy with all your friends. You can always help your friends with many things, so they will try their best to repay you.

Now you should let your friend understand by reasoning and move him/her with emotion. In addition to elaborating, you have to make the most of human kindness. Please remember that a flexible approach is more effective than a forceful one. 

Right now your financial situation is considered stable, but there’s not much extra money. You should start setting goals and accumulate funds in a planned way.

Queen of Cups Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Take care of yourself, self-protection, self-care, self-love, self-reliance

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Needing to be taken care of, you are immersed in the emotions of others, more effort but less reward, cultivating dependency

You lack the experience of being really together in this relationship, and many things are imagined by yourself. As a matter of fact, you are both in love with your imaginary lovers.

It is unlikely that there will be a good relationship now, but there will be extremely short-lived emotional encounters, in which each party is just looking for sensory stimulation.

This relationship is like a dream, and everything is unreal. You may think it’s a beautiful dream at the beginning, but it ends up being a nightmare.

In this relationship, it is totally impossible to get back together. Although you still have some feelings for each other, you two are actually not suitable for each other. Even if you do get back together it will just be a daily fight.

Career & Education

Keywords: No way to trust the people around you, trapped by an awkward environment, get half the result with twice the effort, mood dominating the mind, spend some time alone

The current work situation is actually quite unstable, and you don’t even know if there’ll be a job tomorrow. Even if you do well once in a while, it will often bring more trouble.

It’s hard to see a future in this job, so you can only drift with the tide. If you want to get ahead in your work, you should leave as soon as possible. This is the only promising way.

You often fail to concentrate when you are studying and just fantasise about yourself every day. You don’t put in the effort to study hard, so of course you won’t be able to get results.

At this time, you should concentrate on studying and do a lot of exercises to support for this purpose. This is a good way to test your grades and force yourself to pay attention.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Temperament needs to be changed, the difficulties you face are often caused by a bad temperament, pay attention to public praise and reputation, pay attention to the physical and mental independence of others., be a good friend

You’re the kind of person who prefers to be alone when talking about interpersonal relationships. You also have few close friends, because you are likely to offend others by talking frequently.

The more you say at this time, the more likely it is to be counterproductive, so it’s better not to say anything. You might write a letter or send a message, apologize to him first, and come back to explain when he calms down.

You are in a very precarious financial situation and are even already heavily in debt without realising it. If you cann’t face your problems in a pragmatic manner, you are likely to go bankrupt.

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