Ten of Cups


This card represents a mutually beneficial team or a harmonious family.

Tarot Reading

This is a happy family. The husband and wife embrace each other, each holding up a hand to the cups and the rainbow, which are the symbols of a better life. Two children are playing happily nearby, with their home in the distance. It’s a warm and touching picture. This card represents a group of people associated with a relationship, such as a family, an association, a company, a few close friends, etc. The Ten of Cups refers to personal maturity and fulfilment, and this card shows the joy and fulfilment in relationships.


If you have experienced a period of interpersonal conflict, the appearance of this card indicates that reconciliation is coming. In case of the conjecture on relationship, the Ten of Cups indicates that both of you have moved beyond the initial stage of love as indicated by the Two of Cups. You are seeking a more permanent and stable relationship, and even likely to enter the temple of marriage.

Ten of Cups Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Love makes you happy physically and mentally, divine love, love supremacy, true love, a happy couple, togetherness, peaceful relations, concord, harmony, coherence, consistency

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Romance, new love, marriage, engagement, soul mate

You two are getting along very well now, just like a family. As long as the two sides can treat each other sincerely, the future relationship will still be in a very good state.

There is a possibility of a new love, and it is likely to be introduced by relatives and friends, so you should attend more family and friend gatherings.

This is a perfect relationship, and it’s a wonderful thing for you all. You two have a good connection and want to run a family together.

In fact, you two are still very much like family members, but not necessarily on the road of love. If you decide to get back together, the two sides may just be planning to get married.

Career & Education

Keywords: Believe in yourself, won’t take the path others want you to take, to get the maximum benefit

This is a perfect job, with a great working environment and atmosphere. In addition, you are able to balance your family life and you perform very well at work.

This job is very stable now, with a good prospect for the future. As long as you can set your ambition and work towards a clear goal, you will definitely have a chance to succeed.

You are doing well in your studies and have reached a state where you are satisfied. If you can continue to work hard in the way you are now, you should be able to maintain long term success.

The most solid way to succeed is to learn in a way that you are familiar with. There may be times when you feel that the results are not as good as expected, but you should still keep going.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Happy family, feeling content, good relationships

You have a stable relationship with everyone and have established a solid network of people. You treat your friends like family and your friends can hang out together.

You can explain the problem to him in a gathering of friends, and if other friends can act as peacemakers, then the problem can definitely be solved. To do this, you must have the sincerity to clarify.

You are satisfied with your financial situation, and can maintain a stable and moderate state. You may be spending more on your family, but your income and expenses are balanced.

Ten of Cups Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Disconnection, dismantling, cutting off, disconnecting, stopping power supply, wrong values, misaligned values, drifting away, struggling to get out of a relationship

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Looking for true love, finding common ground, thinking about what love is, feeling irritable, domestic violence

The relationship started out so idealistic that you ignored many practical difficulties and problems. It’s too late for you to turn back now even if you want to.

It is possible that a new relationship will happen now, but it is unlikely to be a good one. If it’s just a very short-lived relationship, you’ll feel more painful afterwards instead.

The two of you have a very harmonious relationship on the surface, but in fact there are a lot of conflicts in your heart. Even if you can control your emotions and keep calm, you can’t be honest to each other.

This relationship has come to an end. Even if you can get back together, it is still difficult to escape the fate of another breakup. If you have other better relationship goals, don’t dwell on it all the time.

Career & Education

Keywords: Pursuit of more money, a life all about career or studies, the loss of a partner

You love your job, but it’s not well understood and accepted by your family. You want to strike a balance between the two, but this will often affects your working mood.

This job seems to be very stable, but in fact there are many hidden crises. If you can not prevent early, you may become a victim of factional struggle.

You tend to be too idealistic in your studies, thinking that you should be able to learn quickly. But actually you are not pragmatic about putting in the effort, so you often fail to keep up.

It’s time to rely on collective strength, and we need to study hard together. It is not enough to rely on each person’s own strength if we can not work together as one.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Wrong values, neglect of family, loss of friendship, interpersonal discord.

You are kind to everyone, but you are not very popular among people. This is mainly because you often express yourself in an inappropriate way, making others feel that you are not sincere when you offer the support.

You should stick to your position, make your reasons clear and put the rest away. There are many things that should not be forced to do. On the contrary, it is easier to solve the problem in this way.

You have too optimistic expectations about your financial situation, and lack of pragmatic and careful evaluation. If you continue to spend without restraint, you will put yourself in a financial crisis.

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