Ace of Cups


This card means emotional connection and fulfillment.

Tarot Reading

The chalice in the picture was used by Jesus at the Last Supper. It is the same cup that held the blood of Jesus after his death. The white dove is a Catholic symbol of the Holy Spirit. The wafer, which stands for the body of Jesus, is going into the chalice from the top, symbolizing the soul’s entry into the material world. The five channels of water gushing out of the cup symbolize the five organs of man. Several water lilies are in full bloom on the water below, indicating the awakening of the human soul. The hand reaching out from the cloud gently holds the chalice, full of endless love. The Ace of Cups usually marks the beginning of a new relationship.


The cup foretells the beginning of a new relationship or a new affair. In the beginning of a relationship, love and concern often spill over. We should know how to repay each other generously and cherish the blessing. If the questioner is in this relationship for a long time, when the Ace of Cups appears, you should take a good look at the cards around, which may mean that the questioner will have an affair with someone. If the conjecture is not related to feelings, when the Ace of Cups appears, it means that the situation needs to be resolved patiently with love.

Ace of Cups Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Affection, a deep love for, being affectionate, love, having a courtship, preference, fondness, new love, new romance, new companion, sympathy, compassion, creation

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Receive love while giving, experience rich emotions, new relationships, love has sprouted, do not be restrained in front of lover, experience a long period of single life

This is a perfect relationship. Not only do you two get along well, but you will also get everyone’s blessing. Maybe you’re already getting ready to live together.

Now that a new relationship is about to take place, he/she will be the one who actively pursues you. You can be vigilant and pay attention to people around you. Maybe the one you like will appear.

This relationship is blessed by God, and everything is going smoothly. You two always stay in the best shape and hopefully have a happy home.

Basically, you two may have a new beginning, but it will definitely be a new relationship that is different from the previous one. You will have to get along with each other with a new concept and idea.

Career & Education

Keywords: Feeling good about life, everything is going well, new partner

You are very satisfied with your current work situation and feel very happy. Not only do you have many opportunities to show yourself in work, but you can also inspire new ideas.

This job has a bright future and now is just the beginning. If you can stay here, there will be opportunities for both promotion and salary increase.

You are studying very well and are satisfied with your present performance. You often share your opinions with your classmates, and help other students at the right time.

This is the fastest time for you to absorb knowledge. You should spend more time reading or looking for other extra resources. What you’re learning now will be of great help in the future.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Someone around you getting married, helping others, getting pregnant, having a child, new life, direct expression of inner emotions

You have a good relationship with all your friends, and you can establish a real connection with everyone. People trust you because you are proactive and giving to your friends.

You should give a little more this time, so that you can resolve your friend ‘misunderstanding. In fact, you have not done anything wrong, so there is no need to apologize to others at all.

You’re in a good financial position and now is the time to rest and enjoy yourself. This may just be the beginning of something good, with more and better things to come.

Ace of Cups Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Selfish love, intuition, emotional loss, lack of inspiration, emptiness, self-love, narcissism, masturbation, instinct, repression, suppression of emotions, suppression of passion, suppression of desire

Love & Marriage

Keywords: No intention to the suitor, unrequited love, repressed emotions

The relationship has gradually changed qualitatively. Maybe you two are going to get married or become friends, which requires you two to face together.

There may be new date now, but it is not necessarily suitable for the development of love. You should observe the other person carefully and not be confused by first impressions.

You give a lot in the relationship, but feel that you are not getting what you deserve. Sometimes this will lead to some emotions, and you may feel that the relationship is not stable.

The relationship between the two of you is still changing, so it’s possible to get back together. But it’s more like a new relationship, rather than a rebuilding an old one.

Career & Education

Keywords: Change the hypocrisy, retreating, no inspiration, can not find a clue

There will be great changes in your present job, and it will not be in a way that anyone could expect. You can only cross the river by feeling, without any preconceived ideas.

There are still many uncertainties about the future of this job, and you can’t say for sure whether it is good or bad. You can stay and have a look, or you can start looking for a new job.

You are facing a new learning environment, and so far you have not adapted well. You can spend more time on interpersonal relationships, which will indirectly contribute to your classroom work.

This is the time to trust your intuition and inspiration, instead of completely accepting the ideas that others give you. When you have your own ideas emerging, success is not far away.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Joy is accompanied by hidden worries, the need to vent oneself, the happiness that once existed has disappeared.

Recently, you may meet a lot of new people because of the change of environment. You can slowly get used to this situation, and maybe you can establish good friendships.

Maybe the way you treat your friends is too subjective, which will lead to some misunderstandings. This is a character problem, which may not be changed in a short time.

Your financial status is facing new changes. Now it is the time to re-plan to cope with the changing times. If you can find the right direction, you will witness a promising development.

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