King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles implies that those who do not have perseverance cannot achieve anything.

Tarot Reading

The King of Pentacles is a successful ruler. He sits confidently on his throne, everything is under his control and he is therefore at ease. The green vines surround him and cover part of his body. The vines are full with fruits symbolizing wisdom, which represent the happy and prosperous life of the people under his rule. On his head he wears both a wreath of laurel leaves, a symbol of victory, and a golden crown, a symbol of power, which are inlaid with red flowers standing for wisdom and potential.

King of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Wealth, affluence, plenty, abundance, multitude, enough and to spare, commerce, trading, business, commercial affairs, public affairs, leadership, leadership skills, leadership qualities, security, assurance, punishment, penalty, training, teach and guide, discipline, self-control, strict requirements.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: A man like a father, a knowledgeable person, a trustworthy person

Now the relationship is very stable, and you have established a deep emotional foundation. You two attach importance to the quality of life and have a good economic foundation to enjoy life.

You must have a good financial foundation before you can have a relationship that suits you. If there is a new date that strikes your fancy at that time, then go ahead and pursue your love.

You should evaluate this relationship realistically. You can’t just care about love without bread. As long as you have a sufficient financial base, you will have the time and space to enjoy your life to the fullest.

The relationship still has the possibility of getting back together, but it must be based on the combination of interests. If the two of you do not share a common vision, it is still unlikely that you will get reunited.

Career & Education

Keywords: The ideal is achieved, the investment is completed, focusing will make you successful

Now you are in a very good working condition, which is considered as an unprecedented success. You are starting to enjoy the fruits of your previous work and are entering a period of stable development.

The prospect of this job is very good. If you have a chance, you can reach the highest position. At the same time, you’ll be able to balance your personal life, so it’s worth staying and working hard.

Your academic performance is very good, which is recognized by teachers and classmates. You can learn as effectively as possible, so it won’t take you too much time.

In addition to valuing rational analysis, you also need to use common sense to determine whether it makes sense. Extensive reading of various types will help you integrate your ideas.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: providing advice to others, being good at long-term investment, success in material wealth

You are very popular among your friends, and you are the one people like to ask or ask for help. If you can help others more often, you can make true friends.

This should be the time for reasoning, and the strategy of moving others with emotion often fails. As long as you are on the right side, don’t be afraid of the other side being unreasonable.

Your current financial foundation is very solid and your planning is very pragmatic and successful. If you can maintain your current approach, you will continue to make profits in the future.

King of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: No business acumen, obsessed with money and social status, stubborn, obstinate, bitterly opposed to change, unyielding

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Despicable man, full of exaggerations

Now the relationship itself is tasteless, the two of you are just using each other. And there is no element of affection in it, or even the other is just greedy for your property.

It’s unlikely that a good new love will happen now, because you don’t know your emotional needs and it is difficult to find the right person, so you’ll have to stay single.

The relationship is tiresome and powerless, and your process of getting together has become routine. You don’t feel any real affection at all, as if both parties are just doing an obligation.

You two have no affections at all, so it is impossible for you to get back together. At this time, you should spend your energy elsewhere, and don’t get stuck in feelings.

Career & Education

Keywords: Need to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, lack of economic acumen, stubbornly persist in one’s own opinions, brag about yourself.

There is a big loophole in your work, and the previous problems are slowly emerging. Maybe you have to invest more resources to get through this crisis safely.

The future development of this job is not good. Maybe it has reached the limit now, and then problems will emerge one after another. You’d better find an opportunity to leave soon.

Your performance in study is not bad, but in fact, the foundation is not very solid. If you are just satisfied with the status quo and don’t work hard, there will be big problems in the next stage.

The problem at present is that you don’t work hard enough, but not whether you are talented. Down-to-earth efforts can help you. Don’t try to take shortcuts all day long.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Spending lavishly, splitting up with partners, distrustful of partners, and taking money too seriously.

In fact, you don’t care much about relationships, so you don’t have many friends. You should put aside the interests and calculations in your heart, so that you may make good friends who are sincere.

This is the time to analyze the stakes with your friend, and you actually have your own dilemma. A timely offer of compensation to your friend can mend part of the relationship.

There is a major problem with your current financial structure. It’s time to make a comprehensive review, find out the previous accumulated malpractice and then make corresponding corrections.

Queen of Pentacles














Actually, you two still have a little affection, but it is not easy to get back together. Unless you can promise a bright future to your partner, it might be difficult for both sides to get reunited.

Career & Education

Keywords: Stable job, stable lifestyle, mentor in life

You are in a very stable working environment. It’s time to concentrate on your business efforts. In this environment, you can make full use of your talents and enjoy yourself at the same time.

This job has a good development prospect, and it is a place where you can develop steadily. If you can stay well in this place, there will certainly be more rewards in the future.

Your academic performance is stable, and you’re making progress constantly. You are very efficient in study and understand well about your course content.

At this time, you should study and think deeply, go all out after determining the scope of the topic, and then enter the next part after you have a complete understanding of the progress.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Mature and independent, with a stable income, be ready to help others, be hospitable, a trustworthy person

You have good interpersonal relationships because you often take the initiative to take care of everyone. In return, you also get help from everyone and can make many good friends from long term relationships.

At this time, you should consider the friendship between the two of you, rather than forcibly arguing with each other. If you can adopt the strategy of carrot and stick, the problem will be solved soon.






















Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles implies the careful execution of a solid plan.

Tarot Reading

The Knight of Pentacles sits firmly on his dark horse, holding the reins in his left hand and a star coin in his right hand. He looks firm and reliable, and is a promising young man with a bright future. His appearance is calm and outstanding, even severe to a certain degree of being old-fashioned and inflexible. But the crimson armor represents the fiery side to his hard appearance, a kind of passion that can burst out when necessary.

Knight of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Working diligently, working laboriously, working hard, painstaking job, high-efficiency, regular pattern, being conservative, principle

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Keeper of the family, a very traditional person, getting along conservatively

Both parties are emotionally loyal and have a strong sense of responsibility for each other. However, both of you are very pragmatic, and tend to be considerate rather than romantic.

A new relationship is unlikely to happen now, as you have devoted all your time, emotion and energy to your work. Even if a good match comes along, you won’t notice him/her.

This relationship is stable, but it is also boring. Everything you do requires real functionality, without any wasted feelings. The relationship between you two seems to be a mode of work.

It’s hard for you two to get back together, unless it’s based on the combination of actual interests. But this connection doesn’t involve feelings, it’s just the relationship that you two are using each other.

Career & Education

Keywords: Hard work, taking on future responsibilities, special attention to detail, advance and consolidate at every step, tough errands, never stop even when you’re tired, self-disciplined

You have a heavy workload and a great job responsibility at present, which often requires you to work overtime. But you would be willing to do so if you could be rewarded for your work.

This job has a good development prospect, but it also needs your wholehearted devotion. If you can persist for long enough, you will gain a lot.

Your outstanding academic performance is the result of your long-term efforts. You have laid a good foundation for the future, which is a gratifying phenomenon.

This is the time when you should concentrate on the method instead of just studying hard. You should learn to distinguish the key contents and focus, and spend time and energy on the most important parts.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Efficiency-oriented, competent organizer, steady doer, with a sense of responsibility, trustworthy and reliable person, meticulous.

Your relationships are focused on people related to you at work, and you lack genuine friends. You will have a hard time making friends if you can’t show more concern for others.

This is the time to assess the situation rationally and pragmatically and see if you have to put in the effort to solve the problem. If it must be dealt with, then it should be done in the most efficient way.

It’s time for you to work hard to make money. On the contrary, financial planning is not the most important thing. As long as you can save the money, it will be the best thing for you.

Knight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Self-discipline, boredom, feeling “stuck”, self-restraint, be fed up with, be weary of, tiresome, bottleneck stage, perfectionism

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Stubborn, dull and boring life, like to stay at home

There are only routine affairs left in this relationship, no fresh and enthusiastic stimulation, and no thoughtful and romantic intentions, so it is considered as a period of stagnation and boredom.

It is impossible to have a new relationship now, because you are not interested in the relationship now, and you are not going to pay attention to whether there is a good match. Nothing can be discussed without motivation.

Now you are frustrated with the relationship and there is no longer any affections between the two of you, but no one has proposed a breakup and it always feels like you are both stagnating.

There are no more affections between the two of you, and there is no point in continuing to stick together. Now you should have a good rest, instead of trying to win your lover back.

Career & Education

Keywords: Muddling along, needing to follow the plan, having no innovation ability, working with three-minute passion

Now your work is stagnant, and all you do is routine work. Not only are you bored and unwilling to do it, but you are at risk of being laid off at any time.

There are no prospects for this job. Even if you want to make a living here and wait for retirement, you run the risk of being fired, so it’s best to find another place for livelihood.

You’re not doing well academically, because you don’t want to study much these days and you’re careless during exams, so it’s normal for your grades to drop.

Now you should have a good rest before starting to study hard. Otherwise, if you just bury yourself in your studies, it won’t have any effect. You should wait until your mental and physical strength recovers before you are back in action.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Slack in life, trapped by trivial matters of life, not adventurous, isolating oneself from friends

Your interpersonal relationship is not very good, because you are totally indifferent to the management of interpersonal relationships and just want to be alone. Actually, being alone is more suitable for you.

Actually, there is no big misunderstanding between you two. It depends on whether you are willing to take the initiative to make an explanation. If you put this issue aside and leave it alone, your relationship will slowly fade away.

Now your financial situation is stable, but you are not making progress. To stay put is better than to move. So it is better to save some money and maintain the status quo.

Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles implies hard study.

Tarot Reading

The green garment of the Page of Pentacles symbolizes natural science and its exuberance. He is wearing a thick red hat instead of a laurel, which also means that he may not be a winner, let alone a leader. He is a scholar who is wise, passionate, creative, mature and steady. The lush meadow at his feet symbolizes rich knowledge and a fulfilling future.

Page of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Manifestation, performance, come forward, investment opportunities, skill development, technological breakthroughs

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Fully engaged, novice in love

Maybe neither side has much experience in romantic relationships, but both sides can learn a lot from this process, and you can also take the initiative to make efforts and be considerate of each other.

It’s unlikely that a new relationship will happen now, as you are so focused on your own affairs that you are oblivious to your surroundings, making it difficult to find a good match.

This relationship has been improving and changing, and you can feel each other’s growth in it. You two are very serious about this relationship and will spend a lot of time on it.

There is still a possibility for this relationship getting back together, but it is definitely not the case at present. Before considering this relationship, you should improve yourself first.

Career & Education

Keywords: New opportunities, new jobs, windfalls, strong thirst for knowledge, new educational opportunities, learning new skills

You still have a lot to learn at work, and you are energised to get things done properly. This period requires hard work and dedication.

You have a huge space for growth and a lot to learn in this job, so you should take advantage of all the opportunities to learn and enrich yourself.

Your academic performance is improving constantly. This is a good time for you to absorb and learn knowledge. At the same time, you should lay a solid foundation for the future.

This is the time when you should concentrate on practice, so that you can really digest and absorb what you learn. The more effort you put into studying in depth, the more motivation you will have to improve.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Considering starting a business, starting a company, having the enthusiasm of an entrepreneur, good news related to knowledge or research work, enthusiastic and active in research work

Your interpersonal relationship is fine, and you will sincerely repay others’ kindness to you, so you can make many intimate friends and get their help.

You should take a good look at your own problems. If you make a mistake, you should take the initiative to apologize to the other party, learn from it and don’t make the same mistake again.

You have a good understanding of your financial situation, and you can make proper allocation and planning. This is the time when you should invest in yourself and spend more money on learning.

Page of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Lack of progress, stagnation, delays, procrastination, learning lessons and summing up experience

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Reviewing history, summarizing relationship experience

The relationship has not been settled. Neither of you likes the other side to control yourself, and you haven’t made any promises to the other side. So everything is still under observation.

It’s unlikely that a new relationship will happen now, as you’re still used to living a life of freedom on your own and don’t really like being bossed around, so it will be difficult to fall in love.

This relationship has been unstable, and you are not capable of making promises to each other. So you will still consider the possibility of others, and won’t treat him/her as only one for the time being.

This relationship is completely impossible to get back together. It is best for you not to contact again after breaking up. You should keep a distance for safety, or concentrate on other meaningful things.

Career & Education

Keywords: New business idea, in the conceptual stage, fear of not having enough resources, feeling of failure and meaningless, narrow knowledge, have a smattering of knowledge

The situation at work is a bit chaotic, with so many things to do and no rules to follow. You have to start from scratch and it’s kind of a thankless job.

There is still room for development in this job in the future, but the situation will be very chaotic. You must weather all kinds of storms safely before you have a chance to enjoy the results.

Your academic performance is declining, because you are not studying hard now and your previous foundation is not very good, so it will be reflected in your grades.

At this time, you should do it in your own way, without being influenced by others. If you can keep working hard at your own pace, you will definitely see results in the end.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Wasting money, facing the consequences of one’s own action, fantasy on new future

Your interpersonal relationship is not bad now, but most of your friends are fair-weather ones. There are not many sincere friends, and you rarely get help from them.

At this time, you should first understand the whole story. If it is the other person’s fault, there’s no point in thinking about him/her. No matter what, he/she is not your only friend. Just take care of yourself.

You are already in a bad financial situation. You should save money instead of wasting. Otherwise, the situation will get worse and it might be too late for you to remedy it.

Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles means a solid material foundation.

Tarot Reading

The picture shows a warm family. The old man is sitting comfortably in the house, surrounded by two dogs symbolizing family harmony, his son and daughter-in-law standing outside the door, and his grandson fondling a dog’s tail naughtily. Several coins are staggered to form the symbol of the tree of life. The Ten of Pentacles describes a family with a solid financial foundation, a traditional family where the sons inherit the father’s business. The Ten of Pentacles also represents companies (families) and other organizations, even institutions and some successful business partners aiming at money and success.


In terms of love, the Ten of Pentacles may show that both parties are partners in their careers, and at the same time, it implies a lack of emotion and communication, or that both parties do not attach importance to this aspect of communication. In addition, it can also represent marriage mixed with other material factors.

Ten of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Money, assets, financial security, life assurance, family, loved ones, relatives, long-term success, future success, donations, contributions

Love & Marriage

Keywords:  have a big and extended family, wife is virtuous and son is filial, children following their father’s footsteps, family first, relatives in their twilight years

This relationship is very stable, but it will be a bit boring because it is too stable. Both of you want to build a good material foundation before further development.

It’s unlikely that a new relationship will happen now, because you put most of your emotions and energy into material things, so instead, you are not sensitive enough to feelings and may miss a good partner.

This relationship has a strong material basis, but real feelings can’t be bought by money. Maybe there is still a little distance between your two hearts, so you can’t be completely sure about this relationship.

There is still a possibility for this relationship to get back together, but it may become dominated by money or family factors, while the feelings between you two are not so important.

Career & Education

Keywords: The culmination of a stage, achievement reached, a career that brings you success, lay a foundation for future success, with long-term benefits in mind

You may work at home, or in a large enterprise. Now your work is in a stable state, and many things just need to be done according to the regulations.

The long-term development prospect of this job is fine, and you will make a lot of money from it. If you want a steady job, you should stay here.

Your study is average, and your academic performance is not really outstanding, but if you work hard persistently, you can still catch up from behind and get the greatest achievements in the future.

At this time, you should study extensively instead of delving into the details. Only after trying in many ways can you find the method that suits you best.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: The economy is very safe, the team’s business is developing well, the God of Wealth blesses you, share successful experiences

You have a variety of friends, but most of them are fair-weather ones. They don’t really associate with you, so you may be short of someone to have a heart-to-heart communication.

At this moment, you should have confidence in the friendship between each other. If the other party can’t understand your intentions, then there is nothing you can do.

You are in good financial condition at present, and you will get a lot of wealth. You should grasp the good foundation now and make a pragmatic long-term plan for your future.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Financial failure, suffering losses, unclear sources of property, dirty money, immoral money, dishonest trader

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Not wanting to push love forward, not wanting to get married, family discord, loss of inheritance, insecurity

You two get along because you like each other’s money, but you also quarrel about money. In fact, you have no solid emotional foundation with each other.

A new relationship is unlikely to happen now because you don’t believe in pure affection and think money will help you buy love, which is actually a completely wrong direction.

Now you two are still together for the sake of money. In fact, you have no affection for each other, but you also spend a lot of money in the process of dating.

This relationship is unlikely to get back together, unless the two of you are united again for the common interests, but there is no real affection in this interest-oriented relationship.

Career & Education

Keywords: Never satisfied, problems always arise with money, things around you are very expensive

You may handle large sums of money at work, but once a loss caused by your negligence, you might not be able to make amends for the whole life. While if you can seize the opportunity, you will also achive a very good development.

The future status of this job remains stable and there will be no new developments, but it is well worth staying here if you’re in it for the high pension.

You are a little slower to respond to studies, so you need to work harder to keep up with the other students. You should persist in studying diligently and never give up.

Diligence is the best description of you. As long as you spend more time in preparation and study hard after class, you can get good grades even in the most difficult subjects.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Wealth trap, investment on hold, financial management must be cautious, squandering

There are many bad friends around you now, and they are likely to pull you down or make you spend a lot of unnecessary money. In fact, you should get out of the influence of these people quickly.

The misunderstanding between you and your friends is actually not serious, but the conflict of interest is more difficult to solve. At this time, there may not be a way to balance money and friendship.

At present, your financial problems are beginning to appear. If not dealt with as soon as possible, the problems may become more and more serious. At least you should keep the expenses for maintaining basic living first.

Nine of Pentacles

Nine of pentacles means that confidence and self-discipline will lead to success.

Tarot Reading

A leisurely woman is walking in the garden, who is virtuous and gentle in temperament. Under her dangling right hand are a few gold coins, standing for all material things. In the picture, we can see a falcon standing on her left back to carry out her orders. The falcon is a symbol of darkness and rudeness in life. This picture shows that the woman has succeeded in controlling the falcon and is no longer moved by impulses and desires.


The Nine of Pentacles is rich in meanings in conjecture. Sometimes it is a symbol of discipline and self-control, sometimes it implies that the Conjecturer renounces all earthly and uncivilized things, and is temperate in every way. There is a big difference between the upright and the reversed cards.

Nine of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Be well off, abundance, affluence, extravagant enjoyment, luxury, luxury goods, self-sufficiency, financial freedom, economic independence

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Very discerning, very accurate in reading people, weak dependence on partners

This relationship brings a lot of happiness to each other. You can experience a plenty of sensory happiness together, and both of you are willing to spend time and money into this relationship.

New relationships may happen now, but opportunities are always fleeting. Before you can find a new love opportunity, you must pay close attention to all possible partners.

This is a joyful relationship. You two feel that the time spent together is not enough. You want to stick together all the time, and you will manage this relationship with great care.

This relationship is unlikely to get back together, because breaking up is definitely the result of your very rational consideration. Even if you still have feelings, it is hard to choose to get reunited.

Career & Education

Keywords: Self-confidence and self-discipline can lead to success, wise investment, finding investment opportunities, finding business partners

Everything is going well at present. You are familiar with your current position and job content, but you still need to be careful to prevent mistakes.

This job has a good prospect and there will be further opportunities. As long as you can manage it carefully, the future gains in money will be absolutely considerable.

Your academic performance is not bad, but you haven’t spent much time studying. On the contrary, you are very interested in extracurricular activities, but actually you should pay attention to keep a balance in this regard.

At this point you should not put too much pressure on yourself, you should take it easy. As long as you continue to be exposed to new knowledge and study hard, you will definitely achieve your learning goals.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Relax and enjoy the pleasures of life, you need to invest in yourself, careful calculation and strict budgeting in life, save money

You are very popular among friends. You like the feeling of getting along with them, but because of your high standard, you don’t have many good guys.

At this time, you should handle the problem carefully, clarify the misunderstanding between you two, and things will be solved naturally.

At present, your financial situation is good. Basically, you can have a good material life without worrying about food and clothing. You should carefully manage your finances to maintain your current living standard.

Nine of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Self-worth, over-investment, overwork, in haste, urge

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Need to invest in yourself, be unhappy with yourself

In this relationship, you both have a good life, but maybe it’s only superficial. Don’t get caught up in your imagination, or you will be confused by material and money.

There may be a new love now, but it is unlikely to be a good one. Maybe the whole process is just your personal imagination, but it is actually a hoax.

This is a happy relationship, but you always think it is not so real. Maybe you two just want wealth and pleasure, and there is no true affection between you.

This relationship is totally impossible to get back together, because there is no affection between you two, and getting back together is just an unrealistic fantasy, which can’t be realized.

Career & Education

Keywords: Questioning your abilities, whether your profession is worthwhile, no time for rest

The current work is very tedious, but in fact it is not necessarily meaningful, and there are even many unnecessary steps. Even if you understand it, however, you should do it according to the regulations.

This job seems to have a promising future. In fact, it’s all just a dream. If it’s an unattainable ideal, no matter how big the cake is, it is useless to draw it.

Your academic performance is not very good, mainly because you don’t put your mind on your study. Moreover, since you are careless and perfunctory in study, your academic performance will naturally decline.

At this time, you should pay attention to the details of implementation, and study hard in a down-to-earth manner. Don’t fantasize that you can learn at once, it’s completely impossible.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Undercharging, free work, need to improve standard of living, suffer loss by theft

You are always a loner among friends, concentrating on what you are interested in. And you don’t take the initiative to care about others, so it’s hard for you to find friends to have a heart-to-heart talk.

Just let things drag on at this time. Don’t rush to deal with anything, or the problems and conflicts will only become more and more acute.

Your current financial situation is OK, but your financial plan is not realistic. You should plan and evaluate it more carefully in order to maintain the current situation.

Eight of Pentacles

Eight of Pentacles suggests a commitment to someone or a situation.

Tarot Reading

In the picture, a man is focusing on carving stars and coins with a hammer. Apparently, he has been working for a long time. He has finished seven pieces, and the eighth one is about to be completed. In order to concentrate on his work, he moved away from a small town far behind him, so that he could pay more attentions to the task. Therefore, it can be seen that the Eight of Pentacles stands for hard work and attention to details.


The Eight of Pentacles usually implies that the Conjecturer should concentrate on dealing with the current urgent affairs. At the same time, this card also encourages the Conjecturer to make 200% efforts to do things that feel good.

Eight of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Apprenticeship, undergo supervised practical training, work as an intern, repetitive work, mechanical labor, proficiency, mastery, control, make oneself master of, develop competence, develop technology, practice skills, constantly strive for perfection

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Make yourself better

Now both of you are working hard and spend less time together, but there is no possibility of having an affair, and there is still room for you to make joint efforts in the future.

It’s completely impossible to have a new romantic relationship now, because you put all your feelings and energy into your work, and even if the right person does appear, you will turn a blind eye to him/her.

At present, this relationship is stable, but there is still much room to improve. You two should continue to work hard for this relationship, instead of being satisfied with the status quo.

This relationship can’t get back together now, because both of you are so absorbed in your own affairs that you don’t care about your relationship at all. In view of this, you’d better take care of yourself first, and then see if there is any possibility of getting reunited.

Career & Education

Keywords: Sharpen your skills, pursue further education, get a certificate, want to become an expert in your field, the goal is great

This is a highly technical job. At the same time, you must be very attentive to finish the job. The harder you work, the more you will get paid.

This job has a good development prospect, and you will also get a financial reward. However, you are in great need of professional ability at work, and you should strengthen the enrichment of professional ability.

Your academic performance is very good. This is because you spend a lot of time studying every day, and you also have good methods and skills, so you have laid a good foundation.

This is the time for you to continue studying hard. The most important thing is to stay focused. As long as you pursue the victory on the basis of what you have now, you will certainly achieve good results.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Self-motivation, frequent use of celebrities to spur yourself on, motivation is very strong, constantly strive for perfection, you can pursue whatever you know.

In fact, you don’t pay much attention to the management of interpersonal relationships. If you have some friends, they are just for practical functions, and few good friends can sincerely share their concerns.

At this time, as long as you make things clear first, the misunderstanding will be resolved. Don’t spend too much time thinking about this problem.

Your current financial situation is very stable and sound, and most of your income comes from your work. You will have a lot of money as long as you can save your work income.

Eight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Self-development, perfectionism, misdirection, error, misdirection, misuse

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Harshness towards lovers

There is no affection between the two of you already, but you will still maintain the current status for the sake of face. In fact, this relationship has been in jeopardy.

It’s unlikely that a new romantic relationship will happen now, because you are too picky about your lover and set too many unnecessary conditions, so you can’t find the true one.

In this relationship, you two are apparently of one accord but divided in heart, and now you are just trying to maintain the superficial harmony. Both of you are busy with your own affairs, so you have no time to deal with this relationship.

This relationship is completely impossible to get back together, because there is no affections between the two of you, and being together is just a superficial harmony, so it is better to be honest with yourself.

Career & Education

Keywords: Skills are not used in proper fields, ambition is frustrated, demand for perfection, poor adaptability, without real talent

This is a highly professional job, and it takes you a long time to hone and learn before you can be qualified. If you want to take a shortcut by the side door, it will easily lead to failure.

This job will only become more and more difficult in the future, but there is actually no development prospect. It is better to recognize your own strength and find other opportunities to develop.

Your academic performance is okay, but you yourself are actually not hardworking enough, often just relying on cleverness in trivial matters, or even using some improper tricks.

Now you should concentrate on your studies, and at the same time you should pay attention to all the details. Only if you are willing to spend time to accumulate strength, can you get good grades.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Trying very hard but the results are counterproductive, doing whatever it takes for money

In fact, your interpersonal relationship is not bad, but most of your friends are not true friends, and even some of them just want to take advantage of you, so you should be on guard against these people.

You can’t be too stubborn at this time. If you accidentally turn a small misunderstanding into a problem of self-esteem, it may be more difficult to deal with later.

Your current financial situation is fine, but don’t get into a loan relationship with others, and you should also be aware of your current debt situation and loan interest.

Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles means thinking about the future financial or economic situation.

Tarot Reading

The man in the picture is a laborer. The lush vine leaves around him symbolize that he has worked hard for many hours. The seven stars hanging on the vine leaves represent the fruitful results of his labor. From his expression, he looks a little tired, but his labor is rewarded, and all the efforts are worthy of gratification. Both the laborer and the land under his feet are simple. The seven Pentacles symbolizing the fruits of the earth are extremely brilliant, which means that everyone has a chance of success as long as they work hard. Looking at it from another angle, the laborer stands beside the vine leaves and looks at the weeds that need to be cleaned up. The laborer might be thinking about his own ability, and he is probably wondering: Can I clean them up? Is it worth doing this job? Will my harvest pay for the hard work I put in? Will the fruit be lost if the weeds are cleared?


The Seven of Pentacles stands for a crossroads. In daily life, it is not easy to open up new directions. The Seven of Pentacles shows an image of a process in change, and it is not the end card. Since the game is not over yet, we need to seize new opportunities at all times.

Seven of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Long-term vision, sustainable business, make unremitting efforts, investment in business, long-term thinking, sustainable development, perseverance, resilience, indomitable spirit, investment

Love & Marriage

Keywords: No way to get started, frustrated by slow relationship development

The relationship is fairly stable now, but you are still considering what to do next. You may have encountered a bottleneck and want to do something different.

It is unlikely that new relationships will happen now, because because you are thinking too much and putting too much pressure on yourself. Actually, a romantic relationship is not an urgent matter for you.

So far, the relationship has been good, but you don’t know what will happen next. Maybe you are both confused about the future and are still trying to figure it out.

This relationship still has a little possibility of getting back together, but as both parties are hesitant, there will not be a result soon. In this view, you do not need to rush to get reunited with him/her.

Career & Education

Keywords: Success due to hard work, rewards come later than expected

You have already achieved initial results in your current work, but it is not yet time to take credit for it. Now you should consider how to get the maximum benefit from your method in the next step.

The prospects of this job look good, but many benefits may not be realized yet. If there is a better chance, you can also consider changing the working environment.

Your academic performance is not bad, and some achievements have been made, but now it seems that you have encountered a bottleneck at a certain stage. If you want to make a breakthrough, you must rely on creativity.

You already have a good foundation, and now you should think repeatedly to understand the internal principles in depth. If you can have your own creative ideas, you will make great progress.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: There are long-term returns on investment, some things in life consume your energy for nothing, the return is not necessarily all about money

You usually don’t pay much attention to the management of interpersonal relationships, and you are used to being alone. You only think of friends when you need them, and there is little contact between friends.

Actually, the misunderstanding between you and your friend is caused by the lack of communication. As long as you make it clear to him/her, things can generally be solved smoothly.

At present, you have accumulated a certain amount financially, and are considering what to do next, hoping to get more benefits through the best arrangement and configuration.

Seven of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Lack of long-term vision, failure to meet expectations, unsatisfactory results, limited success, limited returns

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Not getting a response to your efforts, no feedback from the other party, fear of losing a slow growing relationship, and eventually realizing that no matter how much you give, it’s just a waste of time

At present, the relationship between the two sides has encountered a bottleneck, so you two often feel worried or anxious. You should put forward a feasible plan to stabilize the other party’s mood.

It is unlikely that a new relationship will happen now. You are not in a hurry to talk about romance, and there are many other things that upset you, so it is difficult to find a new lover.

In fact, before, you were a little discouraged about this relationship, and you felt a little depressed when you got along. Many things couldn’t go according to your original plan.

It’s completely impossible for this relationship to get back together. Considering this matter again is just asking for trouble. At this time, you should recognize the facts quickly before you can start again.

Career & Education

Keywords: Making rash decisions out of ignorance, lack of insight, not admitting defeat, delusion of struggling to survive

You are a little anxious about your current job. You may worry that your efforts won’t get the desired results, but you can’t make up your mind to make significant changes.

The development prospects of this job is not very good and there are many uncertain factors. If you just stay where you are, the future development might not be very promising.

You have encountered a bottleneck in your study, and you are also anxious about this situation. You should think carefully about what the problem is, instead of just waiting passively.

The most important thing for you now is to relieve your worries. Don’t be afraid that your efforts will be in vain. If you can do a good job in psychological construction first, you will make great progress in your study.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Questioning the correctness of your investment, putting in excess effort or overcapacity, not being rewarded for your efforts, wasting resources

You’ve suffered some injuries in interpersonal relationships, so it’s hard for you to trust others. In fact, you’d better rely on yourself, and don’t expect too much from your friends.

It’s important to keep your word with your friends. If there is something failing to live up to a friends’s expectations, you must explain the reasons clearly, otherwise the problem will be difficult to solve.

Your financial situation is not very good at present, but it is still within control. You don’t have to worry too much about your situation, as long as you can try to solve it pragmatically.



Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles implies a structured relationship in which one person dominates the other.

Tarot Reading

Two beggars are on their knees in front of a man who looks like a merchant, and the two of them are begging. The man’s right hand is giving alms and his left hand is carrying a scale symbolizing balance. We can see a trace of humor in the bitterness shown in this picture, that is, people should be fair in giving. When facing beggars, whether we give too much or too little, it is not the right aid. In addition to charity, the Six of Pentacles also represents a kind of financial management ability.


The Six of Pentacles usually indicates that you are about to receive something you need, such as a long-standing debt from a friend, a meaningful gift, or even an inheritance. Of course, sometimes it also means that you are about to make a donation or gift to someone else.

Six of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Give, pay, donate, get, receive, achieve, experience, be subjected to, share wealth, free-handed, generous, magnanimous, charity, relief, almsgiving, benevolence, forgiveness, generosity

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Support your partner financially, be a strong financial backer for your partner, gifts

Now the relationship is very sweet and you are all satisfied with it. But there may be inequality in it, or you may want to control each other with money.

A new romance is possible now, but you need to take the initiative and put in the effort to pursue it. If you just wait where you are, then you may miss a lot of opportunities.

This is a successful relationship in which you also feel the joy of giving. Although you two may sometimes calculate on trivial matters, it is still very good on the whole.

This relationship is unlikely to get back together, because the two of you broke up after very careful consideration. Even if you try to make up for it now, it is unlikely to be accepted.

Career & Education

Keywords: Receiving help from others and giving back to others, doing well in studies, giving back to parents

Your work situation is very good and you have a perfect income. But you have to share in order to create greater benefits, so don’t neglect to help others while you are successful.

The development prospect of this job is not bad, and there is also a great opportunity for salary increase. You should stick to it in this place and stop being half-hearted.

You are doing very well academically, which enables you to stand out among your classmates. You can use your professional knowledge to help others. As a result, you will learn more.

Now you should communicate more with your classmates and take the opportunity to help each other, which will not only give you a lot more opportunities to review, but also allow for more in-depth reflection and thinking.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Give alms magnanimously, well-connected, aim at helping others out of good will, love to do charitable work, take pleasure in helping people, broad-minded

You have good interpersonal relationships, because you often help others and accept their advice to you. In addition, you can work hard to keep interpersonal relationships harmonious.

The misunderstanding between you and your friends is a trivial matter. As long as you can take the initiative to make it clear to each other, the misunderstanding should be solved soon.

You are in an unbalanced financial situation, you may need to take care of other people, or you may depend on them financially, and there may be a control relationship.

Six of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Self-care, take care of oneself, outstanding debts, money owed, outstanding bills, wasted effort, no gain, hypocrisy, only give out but get nothing.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Overpaying, inability to meet the financial requirements of the other party

Both of you are asking for a lot in the relationship, but perhaps not giving as much as you should, which may result in dissatisfaction or other arguments on both sides.

A new romance is possible now, but it doesn’t always work if you take the initiative. You can try to accept someone else’s pursuit of you, and maybe that’s a better chance.

You have a lot of expectations for this relationship, but often feel that the other party is unable to meet your needs. More or less, you will be disappointed or will turn to envy others’ relationships.

If the two of you can’t really get along and put in the effort, then even getting back together won’t make any sense, so it’s better to recognize the reality that you two are not suitable at all.

Career & Education

Keywords: Going beyond your ability, compromising for the benefit of others

You have a good income from your work, but always feel controlled by others. You have great desires and ambitions, but it may be too far away and impractical.

The job now seems to have good prospects, but at the same time you have to assess whether your strength and ambition can match, so that it will not end up being a waste.

Your academic performance is moderate, but you always want to do better. You should learn more from students with good grades, instead of being jealous of others’ performance.

This is the time when you should accept other people’s advice and not just stick to your own ideas, otherwise you may make very slow progress.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Remind you to take care of yourself, the lent-out money cannot be recovered, ungrateful

You are not bad at interpersonal relationships, but since you always accept help from others, you have to reciprocate occasionally, otherwise you may be rejected by others.

You should first figure out exactly how things happen, don’t just rely on receiving information from others. And when necessary, you should talk with the other people face to face.

You are in a financially vulnerable position and often need to rely on the other people to take care of you. During this period, you could accept help from others, but in the meantime, you should also find a way to pull yourself together.

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