The Hermit

The hermit is an old man. Being old means that he is full of life wisdom. Wearing a cloak, he stands on the top of a snowy mountain, with his head bowed in contemplation. The lamp held aloft in his right hand symbolizes the truth. Inside the lamp is a glowing six-pointed star, the seal of Solomon, and the faint light represents the subconscious mind. The seemingly faint light seems to be somewhat helpless in the dark snowy night with no one around, but to the old man, it is truth and hope. The light does not illuminate what is in front of him, symbolizing not to just pursue distant dreams and ignore the truth around him. 

The wand in the hand of the old man is just like the wooden stick in the hand of the Fool, the instruments of communication between heaven and earth in the hands of the Magician, and the spear in the hand of the Chariot in pursuit of victory. And now, after the stages of ignorance, enthusiasm and prosperity, he has become so ordinary, and returned to original purity and simplicity as the old Chinese saying. The old man keeps to the solitude, reflecting on his past and following the guidance of the lamp of truth, hinting at the hardships of the path of truth-seeking. His simplicity foreshadows that only by perceiving world affairs with an open mind and heart, and by exploring his true self with an attitude of constant introspection, will he be able to seek the right outcome.

The Hermit card means that you should go out on your own, take some risks, leave the usual things behind and do what you really want to do. As the light from the lantern only shines for a short distance, there is no guarantee that this will be the right path. The Hermit card describes a hurried glance at what is in front of you. It is also a card that represents inner success, and that requires going through something alone.

The Hermit Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Confidence, reason, down-to-earth, showing no anger or pleasure on one’s face, pertinent advice, perseverance, composure, meditation behind closed doors, nurturing, profound reflection, self-examination, self-correction, self-reflection, solitude, alone, solitary, solitary living, independent, being alone, single, be friendless and uncared for unsupported, being lonesome, loneliness, inner guidance of behavior, spiritual guidance of behavior, planning before acting

The Hermit is a person who seeks answers. He gropes in the dark, hoping to find the light of truth. Therefore, this card contains the meaning of solving problems and inspiring confusion. According to its meaning, you should learn to be alone and keep your mind quiet so that you can hear your inner voice. If you want to achieve inner success, you need to experience something alone, follow your inner call, and leave a situation where you are no longer satisfied.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Crush, pursuit of spiritual combination, permanent romance, trustworthy partner, rational love, platonic romance, unrequited love

You are a person who is used to being alone. You can organize your own life and make yourself comfortable and happy alone. You like to be with yourself, to talk with your own mind, to look within to find out what you really need. Because of your self-gratification, the relationship between you and your partner seems a bit cold, but you also help your partner to explore your inner needs and enjoy the freedom of being alone. As a result, once the two of you have reached some sort of understanding, you will be able to understand when the other person needs to be alone and when needs company.

Status: Now the relationship development has reached a bottleneck stage, even if the two of you are together, you will still feel bored.

Romance: Now there is no chance of a new relationship, even if you take the initiative there will be no results, so it is better to enjoy the freedom of life while you can.

Opinion: Because you are familiar and accustomed to the relationship, there is a gradual lack of fresh excitement. If you two could not carefully maintain this relationship, it is very likely to break down soon.

Emotional reunification: There is no mutual affection between you two. You should get used to being alone quickly, so as to make yourself happier.

Career & Education

Keywords: Hard work will lead to success, long-term planning, attention to detail, excellent analytical skills, pursuit of a steady state of work, access to the right tests, diligence, compliance with the rules, scrupulous and methodical, right to the point

You don’t pursue fame and fortune in your work and career. What you want is a result which can stand the test of morality, truth and time. You hope your efforts will be meaningful to the world and human society. Therefore, in the process of carrying out your work, you often have to face the extremely difficult choice between reality and ideal.

Status: You have reached the peak of your work, but you have a feeling that you can’t stand the cold, because a person who is too outstanding may feel desolate. So you will feel lonely, and now you should start thinking about how to pass on your work.

Suggestion: This is the time when you should look at how people have solved problems before you. You should proceed with caution and don’t be afraid even if you stall a bit, the matter can certainly be done independently.

Relationship: In this job, there is not much interaction with each other, and most of your associates are doing their own thing. So you don’t have to manage your interpersonal relationships, just take care of yourself.

Development: This job has reached its limits of development, and there is no better prospects for the future. If you want to wait until you retire, it would be a good place to work.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Tapping new sources of supply and reducing consumption, self-aware, treating people with courtesy, trusted for introversion, willing to accept advice, highly intelligent, thoughtful

You tend to reject the opportunity to make money because of different ideas, thus it’s harder for you to have a fortune. But because of your simple and frugal character, you can still accumulate some property. Part-time job as a teacher or psychological counselor can also bring you an extra income.

Status: You’re a bit of a loner, so you won’t make enemies and have few friends. But people often want to ask you for help when they encounter problems.

Suggestion: Try to see what is happening with tolerance and you will find that it is not something serious. Just waiting for someone else to come to you and make things clear.

Wealth: Wealth is not something that you need to be concerned about right now, it is very stable. You should not only look at the immediate future, but also make long-term plan.

Suggestion: This is not a good time to buy, so wait if you can and check well before you buy.

Health & Life

Keywords: Emotional calmness, natural foods are good for health

Because you are constantly reflecting on your own situation, you know your physical and mental state very well. You will maintain your best condition with the most suitable diet and lifestyle for you.

Other Meanings of the Card

Calligraphy, playing games, hiking, planning, journaling

The Hermit Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Mouthy, vulgar, neurotic, mean-spirited, not sensible enough, suspicious, isolated state, be isolated, withdrawn, retrieved, taken back, no longer participates, withdrawn from the organization

Indulgence and escape are the themes of the Reversed Hermit. Some people might feel lonely when staying alone in their own world, but they can’t adapt to the original world, or they just can’t go back. In such a dilemma, many of them might choose to escape. Workaholic and online game addiction, alcoholism and drug abuse, sitting in front of the TV for 12 hours every day watching soap operas … The Hermit can indulge in everything that can be operated by him independently so as not to notice his own decadence and loneliness. Addiction is one of those things that the longer it goes on, the more difficult it is for a person to obtain relief. For addicts, if they want to get relief, facing bravely is of course one of the solutions, and the help of others is also one of the indispensable measures at this time.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Old-fashioned, suspicious, self-absorbed, lonely, frivolous love affairs, too mean to lovers, lacking the courage to express your love

You are a partner who can only compensate others with money and material things. You are not very good at understanding other people’s feelings, and do not know how to develop a good interactive relationship with each other. When there is disagreement between you two, you will always use the crazy work to avoid communication with each other and face the problem, thus worsening your relationship.

Status: The status of your relationship is a bit unclear, and what kind of relationship it is now is not very certain. If you could not find a chance to talk clearly, you two will drift apart.

Romance: There are no new relationships on the horizon. Even if you do have new ideas, they are unrequited and you should gradually get used to living alone.

Opinion: You are very careful in maintaining this relationship, but feel worthless for what you have paid. You think your partner is not behaving in a mature way, so it is difficult to maintain.

Emotional reunification: There is no chance of getting back together in this relationship, even if both parties remain single. So you could spend more time doing something more meaningful.

Career & Education

Keywords: Suspicious and anxious, mistakes due to lack of concentration, no way to exert strength, low self-esteem, failure in exams, to despise others wantonly because of jealousy

You are afraid of loneliness, but you are not used to getting along with others. Therefore, you often deliberately keep yourself busy, so as not to spend too much time with others, and to avoid your inner voice running out and telling yourself that you are afraid of loneliness or that you need to change. You are lonely inside but don’t want to face this fact, so you constantly fill your social time with work to avoid having too much time with others. Work is an escape for you, so you often work overtime, working overtime every day and even on weekends and holidays.

Status: It’s time to work on your studies. You’re still figuring things out and there’s no one to guide you on what to do, so you often feel like you’re struggling alone.

Suggestion: You should now delve into the problematic situation yourself and find out why it is happening, only then will it be possible to solve the problem. You would not succeed by simply trying to rely on others.

Relationship: Relationships are not an important thing in this job, just be careful not to offend anyone and don’t put too much thought into anything else as it may affect your work.

Development: There is some room for future growth in this job, but it will still be a very hard situation. If you don’t work from the heart, it will be more painful to stay instead.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Unnecessary expenses, lack of moderation, lack of trust in others, suspicion of each other, plagued by low self-esteem, isolation, disagreements with friends, resentment, incompatibility, irony

You are not very good at planning your income and expenditure and lack proper concept of financial management Therefore, you often suffer financial losses by spending money frivolously or buying things of poor quality.

Status: You are rather passive in interpersonal relationships, so you really don’t have many friends. If you want to improve your interpersonal relationships, you need to change the habit of being too timid.

Suggestion: In fact, there is no misunderstanding between you and your friends, and many of them are your own imagination. As long as you see the truth clearly, you will know that there is no problem between you.

Wealth: You’re not in the best of financial situations, so don’t think too highly of yourself. The world of money is cruel and you should be careful and conservative in your approach.

Suggestion: The next investment is bound to be a major loss and you should resolve the problem immediately. If you still make additional investments at the moment, you will lose all your money.

Health & Life

Keywords: Nervousness, over-stimulation leading to gastrointestinal discomfort, doesn’t look well, gastrointestinal disorders

You are a workaholic who often lives and eats irregularly due to work, resulting in poor health. If you work too hard, you may suffer from headaches and sore shoulders.

Other Meanings of the Card

Sentimental, solitary, escapist, self-abusive, narrow-minded, chasing small gains

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