Strength VIII

Like the Magician, the Goddess of Strength has an infinite symbol above her head, symbolizing her infinite power. However, unlike the Magician, the strength of the goddess does not refer to the brute force of the strong man, but to the inner resilience, which is permeated with a trace of pity and tolerance. With merciful eyes, she gently closed the lion’s mouth with seemingly soft hands, and easily suppressing the animal nature of the lion, king of beasts. The sympathy in the eyes of the goddess seems to sympathize with the beast of the lion. Under the calm and compassionate gaze of the goddess, the king of beasts, which symbolizes conquest, has also became docile and friendly. Perhaps a tolerant heart is the real source of strength! The wreath on the goddess’s head and the belt around her waist symbolize her noble holiness and gentle but strong strength. She is fearless, with invincible courage, confidence and patience. She exudes self-confidence, and there is a majesty in her meekness. It symbolizes that everyone has to overcome their inner beast, fear, anger and impulsiveness with these excellent qualities.

Although Strength can refer to physical strength, it is more inclined to the “resilience” of mind and body (especially the mind). The original meaning of this card is the character strength that does not bow in the face of power and does not give in in the face of difficulties and hardship. The lion on the strength card stands for human’s animal instinct, and the strength shows people’s control over their own instinct. This way of control is not to carry out hard blows and suppression, but to take advantage of the situation and overcome the strength with softness. This practice has the feeling of “governing the heart”, which is often mentioned in the practice of Buddhism and Taoism. In our hearts, we have a “warrior” spirit, not afraid of cowardice and suffering, nor shirking our responsibilities. Externally, we are compassionate, kind and gentle to others. This strength card is similar to Buddhism’s “Bodhisattva practice”, and it is a state of internal strength and love.

But at the same time, the Strength is very close to the first card of the four elements, which means the existence of energy, not the direction of the energy, and it is very likely that the energy has not materialized yet. In this case, the Strength card shows people’s personality and inner choices more than the external environment. Although it may not be immediately displayed externally, this kind of power is usually more active in the assertion of the relationship. If both parties are just beginning to know each other, then this is a relationship worthy of commitment. If the two parties are already lovers, then they can make long-term plans, and even if they break up, they have the ability to recover without suffering too much. In addition, no matter from the above discussion or from the pattern of women subduing the lion on the card, we can see that the energy of Strength card is actually inward and feminine. Therefore, the emergence of Strength card usually means that a woman plays the leading role in a relationship. With the aid of other cards suggesting a strong woman (such as the Empress, or even the presence of the Emperor card on the female side), the Strength can even suggest that the woman is too strong in the relationship, requesting or forcing the man to be with her. This might even result in such situations that the woman pursues the man or the man is unmoved like Liu-xia Hui, who was honored as ” The Holy Harmonious Man” by Mencius,was highly praised by later Confucianists.  .

Finally, a more concrete application of Strength is in the field of spiritual development. The Strength is found in many recent Tarot documentations with the meaning of “snake,” which is more clearly seen in the Inversed Waite Tarot – a card with a snake under the skirt of a woman. The snake stands for Kundalini Snake, the original force sleeping at the bottom of our spine in yoga. The presence of the Strength card can represent the rising of Kundalini, or other Kundalini-related abnormal changes. Although the symptoms of the Tummo experience vary from person to person, it is possible to use the Tummo symptoms as a reference in the prediction of physical and mental symptoms. In addition, the ascending spinal path of Kundalini Snake can be an area where physical symptoms are more likely to appear.

Strength Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Energetic, indomitable, strong-willed, full of potential, bold, determined, physical strength, force, power, strength, perseverance, strong determination, strength of will, courage, bravery, fearlessness, boldness, persuasiveness, persuasion, influence, sympathy, compassion

The upright Strength card means that the person involved is full of energy, has the potential to turn around his or her fate and get good luck when he or she encounters difficulties. But the planning depends on people, winning or losing depends on heaven, and the Strength only reflects the part of “people”. Sometimes, due to various coincidences, although the person involved is skilled, he or she may not be able to achieve satisfactory results. In many cases, it is necessary to analyze other cards to understand how a specific event will happen.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Overly enthusiastic, gaining love, overcoming obstacles to continue love, taking the lead in the relationship, being steadfast in love for each other, being able to withstand the test

You have the strength and courage to develop real intimacy in a romantic relationship without trying to control or being controlled by it. You have the courage to deal with any possible difficulties, instead of running away from fear. You and your lover are able to listen to each other and talk to each other. Your behavior comes from inner strength, not from fear, so you can cultivate a real sense of intimacy.

The woman in this relationship has absolute advantage, and men in this relationship are more “dependent” on women or more tolerant. It is obvious that in this relationship, the woman must have a very enjoyable feeling, but it seems that the man doesn’t dislike it. As long as the woman does not demand too much or is not too strong, the prospects of this relationship are still quite good. You two will be able to come together and come to the end.

Status: The relationship is quite stable at present. You should take the initiative to give more love in order to make the relationship feel like it is growing up and bringing more happiness to each other.

Romance: There should be a new date soon. It just depends on whether you accept it subjectively. This will be a relationship worth paying for, and you can try to feel it.

Opinion: This is a complementary combination. There are many differences between two people, but they can cooperate with each other. Sometimes they have to play the role of tutors to guide each other.

Emotional reunification: There is still a possibility of getting back together between the two of you, and there is a lot you can do about it. Your partner wants to get back together with you, too, so don’t give up so soon.

Career & Education

Keywords: Overcoming problems, promotion, full commitment, strong faith, hard work

At work, you are good at breaking through obstacles, like working on behalf of others, constantly push yourself and others in your career, and exerting your potential to the extreme, so your boss and customers are full of confidence in you. Your achievements will come one after another, and you will be promoted to the position of leader. In your studies, you can overcome difficulties, and you may take on the management position of class or club. Besides, you may also concentrate on your studies.

Status: The work situation is actually going quite well, and there are many opportunities to perform. You should seize all kinds of opportunities to show up in order to go to the next level.

Suggestion: Some things require mutual cooperation with others, and sometimes it is necessary to consider the position of the other party and find a mutually acceptable way to proceed smoothly.

Relationship: Everyone has a certain strength and pride, so you should have a generous heart to accept the fact that others are better than you, and sincerely appreciate each other, so as to achieve heroic sympathy.

Development: The future of this job is not bad, and there are also many competitors. Only by working harder than you are now can you maintain your present advantage.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Enthusiasm, praised by others, greed leads to failure, exuberant fighting spirit, extraordinary courage, mysterious power

As far as relationships are concerned, this card symbolizes lasting relationships, in which perception and intuition coexist and are constantly intertwined with abundant emotional energy. You are warm and welcoming to others, appreciated for your decisive words and actions, and admired by others for your perseverance and high motivation. In terms of finance, you may have big expenses and you will be decisive in making investments. However, you should not be too greedy, or you will lose a lot of money.

Status: You are very kind to others, so you don’t have any big problems in interpersonal relationships. The more you give to others, the more friends you will have.

Suggestion: Try to put yourself in the other people’s shoes, and you may find the best way to the satisfaction of both parties. If you take the initiative, the deadlock will be broken soon.

Wealth: The financial situation is very good now. You should save more money at this time.

Suggestion: Even if you decide to buy something, you still have to bargain for it. Only after negotiation can you make everyone feel happy in a certain sense.

Health & Life

Keywords: Healing, mental illness recovery

You are energetic, have a strong collective self-healing ability, and have indomitable fighting spirit in the face of diseases. However, you must always pay attention to your health and energy, so that you can treat yourself and your loved ones objectively and faithfully. Otherwise, it is easy to get discouraged and lead to self-collapse, leading to the lonely dark corner of your soul. This card also indicates that you may have heart or spine problems. However, these problems can be overcome by internal energy, and this card also implies that you have this kind of energy yourself.

Other Meanings of the Card

Combine work and hobbies, aspire to an exciting life, active in clubs or parties

Strength Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Low energy, impatience, loss of confidence, lack of patience, selfishness, internal strength, inner strength, self-doubt, self-denial, lack of self-confidence, low spirit, low ability, bestiality, original desire, instinct to deal with problems, doing things by feeling

The inversion of Strength is not complicated. It is “powerless”, that is, weak. Weakness can be manifested in many ways, such as relying on others, shirking responsibility and even bullying. The weaker a person is, the more likely he/she is to pretend that he/she is extremely strong, as if he/she is like a tiger, and no one dares to touch him/her behind the back. In fact, he/she is strong in appearance, but weak in fact. Sometimes, when you feel powerless in your life, you may look for people or things that you can control to help you feel strong again. During this time, you may find yourself in any relationship where you are either too bossy or too submissive to others.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Loss of confidence in feelings, cowardly in the face of love and can not insist, thirsty for love but no success is achieved, can not withstand the temptation, mutual feelings are far-fetched

This kind of relationship always makes people feel uncertain and difficult to judge, which is actually the case. Perhaps you have not been able to conquer his/her heart completely at the moment, because his/her heart is still in flux. On the other hand, you are a bit lacking in confidence in this relationship, you are not confident that you two can go on steadily. Your heart is also vacillating, so it’s more difficult for you to have a stable relationship.

Status: The relationship situation seems to be getting a little out of control now. Although both of you hope to get closer, the relationship has reached a deadlock due to some accidents that can’t cooperate with each other.

Romance: The appearance of future dating is out of your control. It is better to wait for others to actively pursue you, so that you will meet a more suitable partner.

Opinion: It feels like the other person is very strong, but you are not willing to accommodate everything. You still need to adjust yourself and do something to please your partner once in a while.

Emotional reunification: The matter of getting back together is not difficult. However, you two have the essence of conflict. Even if you reunite, there is no way to resolve the fundamental problems. Therefore, you need to seriously consider whether to get back together.

Career & Education

Keywords: Eagerness for success, impatience, half knowledge, lack of strength, no patience, dangerous bets

In terms of work, you may be too ambitious, not very good at what to do, inconsistent with what to do, haste makes waste. For you, for a period of time, the safety of a traditional occupation or lifestyle may seem attractive. Anything that makes you escape from passions and desires seems to be worth having. For example, be a workaholic, be too enthusiastic about your career, or spend all your time doing unnecessary things. In terms of learning, you tend to bow to difficulties, do not seek to understand much in the learning process, want to be fast but not fast enough, and can not be persistent in your studies.

Status: Now you meet a more authoritarian leader in the workplace, every day just to deal with him is very tiring. Although there will be a lot of opportunities to perform, basically you are doing as you are told.

Suggestion: You need to get up the courage to stick to your position and stop giving in to other people’s gossip. As long as you can continue to proceed in your own way, you will have the result of gaining understanding.

Relationship: Relationships at work is very tense, so you must be more careful how you deal with other people. You should think deeply about the impact of doing things on the others, otherwise it will cause unnecessary rumors.

Development: The future of this job is not very stable, but if you can break through the challenge, there will be good development prospect, which depends on whether you can work hard enough.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Capriciousness, loss, deception, loss of self-confidence, loss of trust by others, arrogance, brutality, fakery

In terms of interpersonal relationships, you may be rejected by others because you are reckless, or you may be used because you can not resist the temptation of others, and you may lose confidence in making friends. Financially, you’re becoming weak and incompetent. You have lost your inner courage and confidence, and fear and doubt make you hesitate. An arrogant personality can make you lose a lot of money. For example, you may lose money by gambling, overdraw your credit card because you are not good at financial management, or lose money because you can’t resist temptation.

Status: You have to pay careful attention in terms of relationships, someone may want to use you to achieve his goals. This is not necessarily harmful to you, but it will definitely make you feel bad.

Suggestion: Be aware of the harm that rumors can do to you, go to the other person face to face and explain the problem clearly. Do not pass the word through a third party, or things may get worse as a result.

Wealth: The current financial situation is not bad, but it does not make you subjectively satisfied. Be sensible, and properly evaluate what to spend and what not to spend.

Suggestion: Be very careful when purchasing at this time. If you can’t decide, the brand, quality and other parameters should prevail. If you are greedy for petty gains, you will suffer heavy loss.

Health & Life

Keywords: Exhaustion, serious illness due to physical exhaustion

Your physical fitness was good, but your health is gradually deteriorating because of your physical and mental imbalance or irregular life.

Other Meanings of the Card

Convince others, consider everyone beneath the notice, arrogant and selfish, uncooperative and like to be alone, can’t resist temptation

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