The Chariot VII

A warrior wearing an eight-maned war helmet and armor is driving a chariot pulled by two sphinxes, marching forward to victory with a powerful and unstoppable style. The sphinxes are one black and one white. The black Sphinx on the left side of the chariot represents sternness, while the white Sphinx on the right side represents compassion. They walk side-by-side, symbolizing the harmony of Yin and Yang, namely the condition for the pursuit of victory – balance. The four pillars on the blue canopy symbolize the four elements of fire, water, wind and earth. The six-pronged pattern on the canopy symbolizes the influence of the celestial bodies on the success of soldiers, and indicates the importance of hope in winning. The soldier is holding a spear in his right hand, which shows his inner desire for victory. The square on his chest represents the elements of the earth and the power of will. The pair of wings in front of the chariot is said to be the totem of ancient Egypt, which represents the inspiration. The small shield beneath the wings is said to be the totem of ancient India, symbolizing the combination of Yin and Yang.

As the seventh card of the Tarot, the chariot seems to indicate that the Fool who has traveled one third of the journey has become a mature and brave warrior, and he is marching on the road of pursuing victory. Behind the warrior is the city, which shows that he has left behind the material and kept on going on the spiritual journey. He doesn’t have a hard rope in his hand, and there is no rope around the Sphinx, which represents the strong will of the soldiers to drive the Chariot and control the Sphinx. It also alludes to the fact that human will and instinct without the means to control them properly will cause them to pull each other and lose the victory. He stands watch outside the gates, acting as a guardian and defender.

The Chariot is a card that implies a lot of work, both laborious and strenuous. If you use only small cards or a mix of small and large, the Chariot is often replaced by the Two of Pentacles and the Knight of Wands, and Chariot is probably meant to be a hybrid of those two cards. The “balancing of the two sides” in the Two of Pentacles is taken to the extreme in the Chariot, where the Hero not only has to balance two different things, but the black and white Sphinxes clearly indicate that the two things are opposing each other. Therefore, the meaning of “accomplishing a task with ease” in the Two of Pentacles no longer exists. Even the Hero who is good at driving has to spend 120 percent of his efforts to control the two horses that are always thinking of leaving each other.

Knight of Wands embodies the condition of the hero from another perspective. He is a hero, but not a king. He is beloved all the way to the top, but his position is not secure. He is still a knight, and still has to fight for himself. The endless conquests in the south and the north not only satisfy his adventurous heart, but also meet his realistic need to keep his position. A rollover is always possible, and the fact that everyone is watching makes him feel that this rollover could not be afforded. The hero has no other choice but to continue building his career. It is like being urged by something to run to the next battlefield without getting rest.

In summary, we can quite simply understand the meaning of the Chariot when it comes to divination. The appearance of the Chariot card itself does not mean success, it only implies that success is possible. To get the success you want, you need to have strong control, because what you are doing now is not a simple thing and the success is of great significance to you. (Whether it’s about career or relationships, the Chariot card has the meaning of “Be self-controlled, not emotional”.) I once had a friend who didn’t passed the College English Test Band 4 (CET 4) when he graduated from college, and at that time he was worried about whether he could get the college diploma smoothly. And that’s when he drew this card. Looking at his eyes full of thirst, I really did not know what to say. Out of my knowledge of him, he did not have the self-control required by the Chariot card, and the result was predictable. Fortunately, despite not receiving his diploma, he eventually found a job. A loss in one game does not mean a loss in the whole game. Therefore a poker game is only an answer to a problem, not a conclusion to your whole life.

The Chariot Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: High efficiency, seize the first opportunity, face things with a positive attitude, gain victory, obtain a driver’s license, move, command, control, take charge, dominate, restrict, limit, stop spreading, will, succeed, win, get rich, become famous, successful person, must do, must finish, determined, decisive, firm, decide, determine, stipulate, find out, measure, calculate

No matter how difficult the right path is, you should keep on going. It also shows that this person (usually a man) is in control of himself and everything around. “Don’t give up” is the key theme of this card. You must control the forces in your life that confront each other. The upright Chariot may also refer to an important business deal, or a success of great significance. In love, it suggests controlling your emotions, which can help maintain a relationship of romance and convey the message of “don’t give up”. If you can reconcile the conflicts in the relationships and use your rational thinking to surpass your fears and desires, you will see the solution to your problems. You should let go of the past and learn from it.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Luck and self-gratification in love, rapid progress in love, active relationship, bold and brave pursuit, the winner of love, passionate love

You’re trying to control your emotions and you’re doing well, which makes your relationship develop smoothly. However, if your feelings are too self-controlled, you are likely to lack gentle communication.

Status: It is inevitable that you will encounter some kind of conflict or competition in your current relationship, and it is up to you to take the initiative to actively deal with and improve it, so don’t give up at this time.

Romance: A new interest in love should appear now, but there may be a number of rivals competing with you. So before deciding what to do, you should evaluate your feelings and abilities.

Opinion: This is a hard-working relationship, and you will of course cherish it especially. You will make every effort to maintain this relationship and will not be affected by anything.

Emotional reunification: There is no longer any affection between the two people, so it is not going to be reunited. In addition, the strength of the current love rival is not weak, and it is useless to be delusional.

Career & Education

Keywords: High work efficiency, clear goals, persistence means victory, ambition, hold the command, progress for success, brilliant results

You are talented and productive in your career, can work independently, have high self-confidence, and can quickly adjust your mood and improve your efficiency. You have strong willpower, unwavering confidence and determination to control the overall situation. Being confident and wise, you will make your customers feel more confident and willing to work with you. As far as academic performance is concerned, it means the improvement of grades and passing of the exam.

Status: You are encountering some difficulties and challenges at work, but they are within your reach, and if you beat the competition again, the final victory belongs to you.

Suggestion: This is the time when you should take a tough approach and never spoil anything because of a moment of weakness. Even if it triggers a head-on conflict, you have to hold on regardless of the cost.

Relationship: You are in fierce competition with others, and everyone wants to stand out from others, so you are unlikely to make real friends and have to solve problems by yourself.

Development: There is a lot of room for future development in this job, but you need to take the initiative to fight for it yourself. If you work hard enough, there will be a bright future waiting for you.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Deposit for a car, wide range of friends, lively personality, good interpersonal skills, acting independently with the initiative in one’s own hands, facing challenges and moving forward, pioneering spirit, beating opponents, lively

Although you don’t know anything about how to manage money completely, you are really quite impulsive when you use money. You will spend a lot of money buying a new car, on car equipment and related items, you will even take out a loan to spend. But as long as you pay a little attention to control, with your efforts and impetus, you will be able to pay off the loan, and even have some savings.

Status: You are full of goals in interpersonal relationships. You are often defensive of others and cannot open your heart to make friends, so you sometimes feel very lonely.

Suggestion: You should not be too self-righteous, but also listen to the advices from your friends. After taking into account the views of all parties, you may be able to find another better solution.

Wealth: This is a very rewarding time financially. You need to work harder to get the most for yourself. No matter what kind of misfortune you might encounter, nothing can stop you from gaining wealth.

Suggestion: Make a very careful assessment of things, and don’t be fooled by appearances. After calculating and comparing, you should be able to get the best way to spend your money.

Health & Life

Keywords: Healthy and energetic

For your health, prevention is absolutely better than cure. You must pay attention to diet and avoid overwork. Your nerves are fragile and you are prone to chronic diseases, so if you feel too tired or uncomfortable, you should take a rest.

Other Meanings of the Card

Suitable for outdoor activities (such as skiing, driving, horseback riding, trekking), get a driver’s license, have a love for new things, write a diary

The Chariot Reversed Meaning

The upside-down Chariot reflects a state of extreme confusion in thinking, and great pressure has crushed the hero. Emotion takes the place of judgment, and impulse takes the place of control. The hero on the chariot has become weak, whose ability has fallen short of his wishes, and can only let the two war horses make a wild ride. “Emotional rampage” is the best word to describe this moment. As long as there is emotional flame, all the carefully constructed foundation can be burned up. At this time, calmness and self-discipline are the only advice. A person who wants to be a hero should be able to reverse such a defeat by his own ability, otherwise his work will not last long.

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Out of control, accident, misconduct, failure, stagnation, stubbornness, scattered attention, overwhelmed by unexpected events, self-discipline, self-restraint, keep oneself within bounds, self-discipline ability, opposition, resistance, confrontation, opponent, enemy, competitor, no direction, no leadership, opposition, opposition party

It implies an autocratic attitude and a bad sense of direction, which may be obscured by emotions, thus leading to emotional judgment of events. It symbolizes being too sentimental or having your view of things influenced by pending feelings.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Too reckless, being abandoned, having a disagreeable conversation, no progress in love due to cowardice, hurt by blunt words, strong rival, rejected, making the other party lose trust, avoidance attitude towards love

In terms of emotion, there may be a verbal argument or a sexual relationship. You have lost control of your emotions. Besides, you are no longer as calm as before, which creates a sense of distrust in your partner’s mind, so maybe you need to reflect on what you have done. Sentimentality as well as feelings of suspense are affecting your view of things. Don’t fall into the past or the old ways of dealing with it. You should also not dwell on the emotions that are piling up inside you, because sudden emotional outbursts are to be expected.

Status: Now you are facing a big crisis in your relationship. At this time, you should consider your family’s views as a benchmark, otherwise everything may turn into waste in the end.

Romance: The potential dates that appear now seem to be more powerful than you, and they may pursue you actively. Your success rate of taking the initiative is not high, it is better to stay in place and wait for them.

Opinion: You feel a lot of aggravation in this relationship, but you are not really understood by the other side. Even if you want to give up from the bottom of your heart, you still feel very reluctant.

Emotional reunification: It is no longer possible for two people to get reunited. If you really succeed in getting back together, you will only fight more fiercely in the future, and the relationship is still not harmonious.

Career & Education

Keywords: Scattered attention, discouragement, withdrawal, flunking the exam, frustration, loss of motivation, impatience leading to failure, disinterest

In terms of work, you have no sense of responsibility for things that you are not interested. Project implementation is in trouble and your efficiency is low. Your ambition has been exaggerated, and your recklessness has led to conflict and obstruction. If you give up what you once advocated in your career, the outcome will be even better. In terms of academic performance, you are not interested in your studies, and your academic performance is poor and inefficient.

Status: You are experiencing some difficulties and challenges at work right now, and it can also cause some interpersonal problems, so you should be careful or you may become cannon fodder.

Suggestion: Relying on yourself alone, you can no longer solve this problem. Ask more different people, and after taking everyone’s opinions into account, you may be able to get some insight.

Relationship: This is a competitive environment, so it is best to rely on yourself so that you can make yourself safer. Try not to get involved in disputes among colleagues, or you will get into unnecessary trouble.

Development: The prospects of this job is good, but there are still many problems to be solved. If you can survive the current crisis, the future will be fine.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Loss of money, uncontrolled spending, gambling losses, uninterrupted arguments, displeasure of others due to rashness, coldness, cowardice, strong enemies, lack of funds

Your financial situation is not good, but you want to get wealth through speculation, so you often lose a lot of property because of investment mistakes or lose a family fortune because of gambling.

Status: You feel weak among friends, and often can’t stick to your own point of view. Instead, you will be influenced by your friends’ point of view, which belongs to the category of passive making friends.

Suggestion: This is the time when you have to back off before there is room for reconciliation. You can start by apologizing to the other party, and maybe you will handle the follow-up situation properly.

Wealth: You are not in very good financial luck now. You no longer have extra resources, so do what you can and don’t push yourself too hard.

Suggestion: It is not advisable to buy in large quantities at this time. You should take small quantities and necessities as the first choice. Remember not to hoard a lot, because it could lead to heavy losses.

Health & Life

Keywords: Physical and mental exhaustion, injuries from sports or accidents

Living a bad life can lead to mental depletion, as well as self-paralysis through the use of alcohol and drugs, which can result in life-threatening diseases.

Other Meanings of the Card

Stubborn, speeding, inattentive, getting carried away with success, caught off guard by unexpected events

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    1. I believe that your support will become one of the motivations for my creation.I’ll be updating you with more content in the future, and I look forward to your subscriptions and comments.
      All my best wishes,
      The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot

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