The Lovers VI

The Valentine’s Card is set in the Garden of Eden, with the love story of Adam and Eve as the theme, which illustrates the true meaning of love. In the picture of the card, Adam and Eve are on both sides, with fertile land under their feet and full of vitality. They feel the romance and warmth of love with the voice of the angel’s blessing. The angel wearing purple robe are said to represent the loyalty of love, while the slightly open arms indicate the importance of communication in a relationship. On the right, Adam looks at Eve without blinking an eye, while Eve looks up at the angel, and the angel looks down at Adam and Eve. This visual cycle symbolizes the ever-changing levels between the subconscious, consciousness and superconsciousness and the material, spirit and morality, and also implies the transmission between rationality and sensibility. Eve’s background is the tree of knowledge, on which there are five apples, symbolizing the five kinds of sense organs. The tree is surrounded by a snake, which stands for the potential wisdom. Behind Adam is the tree of life, with twelve flames on it, symbolizing the 12 signs of the zodiac and the fire of desire.

The card of Lovers is very likely to cause ambiguity. When people see the word “lover”, they will naturally connect it with a relationship of love. Actually, the word “lover” does not necessarily mean a relationship. If we have to talk about the link between this card and a relationship, then the Lovers card is actually more like the initial stage of a relationship, and the real process has not yet begun. The person involved may have thought of the word “love”, but he/she has not really fallen in love yet. Sometimes, the existence of the Lovers card has nothing to do with relationships at all. As a single card, the most common meanings of it are actually choice and communication.

Perhaps because falling in love often means choosing one person among many as a partner, the Lovers card has a very strong “choice” connotation. Whenever we are faced with a choice, the Lovers card comes up. In a two-choice spread, the Lovers card appears at the starting point from time to time. This is a neutral card, standing for a state of “facing a choice”. Before this person involved makes a choice, things will not develop in any direction, and it is impossible to judge whether it is good or not from this card. The Lovers card marks a turning point, but until you turn around, this card only represents such a point.

Love is all about “talking”, so it’s not surprising that the card of Lovers has the meaning of communication. But this kind of “communication” has a broader connotation, which is no longer confined to the communication between lovers. Interestingly, it is not lovers who communicate most, but friends. Maybe two people in love are actually immersed in their fantasies about each other. Although they are talking, this is not a real communication. Therefore, the most common situation of the Lovers card is that two friends who get along well with each other. The two people are closer than friends, but not as close as lovers. As to whether they will become lovers in the end, that is the meaning of “choice” mentioned above. In addition, if it appears in the suggestion item, the Lovers card means that the two people should communicate more, so that the problem can be resolved.

There are only a few tarot cards that have a very stable correspondence with astrological signs, and the Lovers card is one of them, of which the sign of star it corresponds to is Gemini. I don’t remember how many times I drew the “Lovers” card in an emotional communication, and then I learned that the person involved or his/her lover’s sign of star is Gemini. Therefore, all the problems of Lovers card can be solved through Gemini’s explanation. If the person draws the Lovers card, he/she is either a Gemini or a person with Gemini characteristics, i.e., a versatile playboy/playgirl. A Gemini has a smart and somewhat frivolous personality – does this sound familiar? Yes, a Gemini is like the Magician’s constellation, because the ruling planet of Gemini is the Magician’s counterpart planet, Mercury. Therefore, please refer to the passage about Mercury in the Magician’s card for subsequent assertions.

After all the previous talk about not having anything to do with relationships, the Lovers card is actually not completely unrelated to relationships. It is just that the Lovers card is not the main card in the matter of a romantic relationship, but a strengthening card. That is, when the valentine card appears alone, it does not contain the meaning of love, but if it appears with other love cards, it has the function of emphasizing and affirming the romantic love. For example, the Two of Cups have the meaning of intimacy. If the Lovers card appear simultaneously, it can be considered as a romantic relationship. As another example, the Ten of Pentacles mean stability, a solid foundation of tradition, and if the Lovers card appear simultaneously, this could mean forming a matrimonial alliance.

The Lovers Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Happy encounter, being of one mind with concerted efforts, being in love with congenial feelings, being affectionate, having a bright future, falling in love, organizing thoughts, love, passionate love, tenderness, being in love, having a courtship,  being fond of, taking pleasure in, being keen on, willingness, on friendly terms, concordant, harmony,  melodious, coordination, relationship, connection, amorous relationship, sexual relationship, values, value orientation, choice, selection, choice, right to choose, inductee, chosen

The Lovers is a card that stands for a “decision”. Unless the person involved is asking a specific question, it usually refers to a decision about a romantic relationship. It could describe the process of being immersed in love, because it might refer to the initial or the romantic stage of a relationship. The Lovers card can also indicate that you are deciding whether to keep an old relationship or enter a new one. It suggests that you have grown by learning from past experiences, so you can safely move on to a new stage.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Friends who are like-minded, get to know each other in group activities and then get married, get to know each other and fall in love after being introduced by friends, get married, fall in love with friends, have free and happy relationships, romantic love, have a premonition that love is about to appear

The Lovers card implies a new relationship, or a new stage of an existing relationship. This card can also represent the decision to fall in love or start a new relationship, so that the new relationship or new stage can be safely started. It can also describe being in love or in the midst of romantic feelings in a relationship. The Lovers card foretells the arrival of romantic love, where the two of you are in a harmonious and sweet relationship which will be stable for a long time.

Status: The two people are deeply in love like glue and have a strong attraction to each other. No matter what reasons or obstacles, it is pretty difficult to break up this relationship.

Romance: A new relationship is bound to emerge in a short time. If you are still not satisfied with yourself, you should take this opportunity to make up for your shortcomings and prepare for a new relationship.

Opinion: The two of you are already very stable in your relationship and hopefully will move towards marriage. You are now madly infatuated with each other and therefore will accept everything from each other.

Emotional reunification: Actually, the two of you still have deep feelings for each other, so there is the possibility of getting back together. As long as one side takes the initiative, it is not difficult to get reunification.

Career & Education

Keywords: Have a great opportunity to determine your future, to succeed with teamwork, to be keenly observant, to have good helpers, to excel in your favorite subjects, to excel in arts or artistic subjects, to improve your grades by learning from each other, to have a bright future

Love has given you great strength, and you may achieve great success in your work, accumulate considerable wealth economically, and overcome a difficult disease in your health. You are facing a choice at work. This decision will have a positive impact on your work or career. It may not seem promising on the surface at the beginning, but after some time in the progressing, you will be able to see concrete results.

Status: Basically, it is a simple and smooth job, which is not difficult or a big problem.

Suggestion: Try to solve it in the simplest way as possible, and don’t think too much. As long as you follow the direction, you will be able to successfully pass the exam on time.

Interpersonal Relationships: Most people here are easy to get along with, so everyone keeps a happy relationship. Please keep in mind that a hedge between keeps friendship green. If the relationship with others is too close, it will bring problems instead.

Development: This job is about to face a relatively big change or challenge in the future. Although you should be able to get through it smoothly without any problems, it requires you to prepare in advance.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: No financial worries, good partners, good interpersonal relationships, smooth club activities, increased number of friends, easy to get close to others, lively, cheerful and humorous, fortunate partnerships such as alliances and partnerships, opportunities for cooperation are on the horizon

Through a partnership with a corporate group or with your partner, you can create considerable profits. Or you can get quite a lot of wealth because of your partner’s relationship. This is also a good time for you and your partner to jointly start a business. You can work together to achieve your goals and get a lot of money.

Status: You don’t have many close friends, but they are all good friends that mean a lot to you. So treasure these good friends, and don’t worry too much about the rest.

Suggestion: As long as you explain things to the other person with sincerity, they will surely forgive you. Never lie for any reason, otherwise it will make things worse.

Wealth: The current financial situation is considered to be good, but there is still great potential for growth in the future. So now you should start making more preparations and strive for more benefits for yourself.

Suggestion: Adjust the proportion of investment, and it is not appropriate to add too much new investment at once.

Health & Life

Keywords: More communication and discussion with friends so as to help relieve stress, the lack of fashion elements in the dress code

You are accustomed to absorbing medical knowledge from many sources. If you are ill, before deciding whether to take medication or change your lifestyle, you will go to see several doctors to get diagnosis and advice from various aspects.

Other Meanings of the Card

Traveling will be very pleasant and bring good luck.

The Lovers Reversed Meaning

The difference in meaning between the reversed and the upright aspects of the Lovers card is not so great, it still has the meaning of choice. The only difference is that the upright card tends to “choose to begin” and the person involved has more initiative, while the reversed card tends to “choose to end” and the person is forced to choose (accept). When a card becomes reversed, it is often the result of a delay caused by insufficient external conditions or the person’s internal resistance. What should have happened did not happen, what should have been accepted was not accepted, and the Tarot will express this situation in the form of an inversion. People often hesitate and shrink when faced with a choice, fearing the responsibility that comes with making an autonomous choice, and as a result, they lose the initiative instead. But whether it is an active choice or a passive one, it will always be the person involved who shall bear the consequences. A Lovers card is an opportunity, and it is what a wise person should do to seize this opportunity and choose the direction he/she wants.

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Parting with sadness, relationship ending, helplessness, encountering hazards, shifting goals, hobbies that don’t last, listlessness, inconsistency in appearance, susceptibility to temptation, self-love, narcissism, self-consolation, incongruity, disharmony, inconsistency, causing an imbalance, imbalance, unfairness, inconsistent values, misaligned values

This card represents unfulfilled desires, sentimentality and indecision. This means that any efforts to pursue a new stage of mutual relations can only be based on expectations and dreams, so it is best to keep the status quo. It may also stands for the end of a relationship, or a destructive relationship, implying an escape from responsibility and commitment.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: A cold relationship, shifting one’s love to another person, fickle and lascivious, a short relationship, a breakup, no way to win the heart, full of wariness, escaping from love, a brief courtship

This card indicates setbacks or failure in marriage or love, indifferent love or escaping love. Both sides have chosen the other side, which is a mistake to some extent. If two people unite, they will face even greater difficulties. The first thing to do is to solve the biggest obstacle to the two parties. It is difficult for a love without blessing to be fruitful. In the inherently unstable love, both sides need to be more careful, and a third party may have appeared between the two parties. There is a high probability that the relationship will end because it cannot support this fruitless love and there is a new person.

Status: Both people have deep feelings for each other, but they also feel a lot of dissatisfaction and complaints. If two people force the problem down without saying anything, it will accumulate into a big problem instead.

Romance: It is very likely that there will be a new relationship during this time, but don’t be someone else’s third party. Think carefully about everyone’s advantages and disadvantages, and don’t make decisions too soon.

Opinion: You feel like you’re giving a lot in your relationship, and sometimes you feel bad about it. You are still obsessed with the other person and have lost yourself a bit.

Emotional reunification: The relationship may still have the possibility of being repaired, but perhaps reunited because of desire. So the foundation is not very solid and you two need to be more careful when you get together.

Career & Education

Keywords: Bad decisions, no plans, no consistency, lack of attention, talk the walk, not be in the mood to work hard, inefficient study, poor grades, unstable, unsustainable

You have poor communication skills with others and your interpersonal relationships have been inconsistent. You don’t know yourself well enough and can’t find a balance between reality and fantasy. You have been eager to find a new breakthrough in your current job. If there is no opportunity, you would like to leave your current environment and move in a new direction. But now is not a good time to take action. It is safer for you to stay in the original environment and affairs, and it will take some time to make a breakthrough.

Status: There are many difficulties as well as temptations and pitfalls in the workplace. If you are not careful, you will make a serious mistake, and it is too late to turn back.

Suggestion: Start by identifying various possible combinations and rethink the feasibility of these options. Going about it in the original way will be very problematic, and some optimization and changes must be made.

Interpersonal Relationships: Everyone is shirking their responsibilities in the work process. So usually everyone is only responsible for their own things, and can not cooperate deeply, so the interpersonal relationship is rather distant.

Development: The future trend of this job is not optimistic. Maybe we haven’t seen the changes yet, but the follow-up situation might very difficult to deal with, so it’s better to be ready to leave.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Large expenses, shortage of funds, financial loss, act on impulse, lack of help from friends, disagreement, team dissolution, failure to make good friends, inappropriate partnerships or alliances, betrayal or mistrust

The most serious problem you have in your finances is the imbalance between income and expenditure. You do not have a good sense of money management, and you can not control your desire to shop and enjoy yourself, so financial difficulties often occur.

Status: Basically, your relationships are not bad, but everyone is more superficial in interactions, therefore trying to find better soulmates is more difficult during this time.

Suggestion: Don’t be manipulated by friends, have your own opinion about things. On the contrary, if you can seriously reject inappropriate suggestions, you will improve your relationship with friends.

Wealth: Now you are facing a major financial decision, but there may be some pitfalls. If you can’t think independently, you should believe the expert’s advice.

Suggestion: Don’t believe in investments with too high a return because the risks involved may be more than you can afford. Be conservative when making decisions so that you won’t lose your money.

Health & Life

Keywords: Gastrointestinal disorders due to irritating foods, cosmetic allergies, menstrual disorders

You do not know how to arrange your life in a balanced way, may be too busy at work, or life is too idle, or may not know how to eat in moderation. In short, most of your health problems are caused by bad living habits.

Other Meanings of the Card

Changing your mind the moment you see something new, not being able to do things consistently, not having clear goals, being easily tempted, being clumsy, being sullen, being emotionally depressed

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