The Hierophant or the Pope V

Wearing a red robe, the Hierophant sits in front of his followers. On his head he wears a three-tiered crown symbolizing power, representing the three levels of world perception: material, spiritual and moral. The index and middle fingers of his right hand point to heaven, symbolizeing blessing, while the scepter in the left hand symbolizes sanctity and power. The white pendant in his ear represents his mission to listen to the hearts of the faithful. At the Hierophant’s feet is a pair of crossed keys, one gold and one silver, representing Yin and Yang respectively. It is said that they are the keys of the sun and moon, which can be used to open the door of wisdom and mystery at will. In front of the Hierophant there are two faithful believers. The one on the left is wearing a red rose robe, representing passion and love, and the one on the right is wearing a white lily tunic, representing inner holiness and spiritual growth.

Both the Hierophant and the Priestess are Tarot cards that represent the spiritual and inner world of religion. Unlike the Priestesses, however, the Priestesses insist on the old laws and knowledge, and integrate the wisdom of the religious spirit into their self-cultivation, which can be said to be hidden and independent. The Hierophant, on the other hand, represents the missionary spirit of Jesus, who regards wisdom as truth and widely spreads it. He cares for all the sufferings of the world, and helps ignorant people with the wisdom that guides everything.

Although the Emperor is responsible for providing material conditions, the Hierophant’s duty is to provide spiritual guidance and guidance. In an organized religion or church, the Hierophant shows ordinary people the way to understand their spiritual needs, which does not require too much effort or self-abandonment. The Church provides a path of approach to the heart, so as to prevent those who does not have the awareness to seek the way from becoming lost lambs.

Simply put, the Hierophant (the fifth card) shows that your heart is getting narrower, because once you allow others to be responsible for your spiritual growth, you are unlikely to allow yourself to have direct experience. Only through direct experience, can you personally experience God and determine who God is or what. If I tell you the God I have experienced, then what you need is faith. If you come into contact with God in person, you can have an experience that might lead to understanding. Believing in something you don’t understand is really a risky business. Personal experience can provide evidence, eliminating the need for faith.

The Hierophant Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Trustworthy, assisted, good counselor, contributor, broad-minded, religious, spiritual, wise, brilliant, astute, wise, knowledgeable, learnings, monk, nun, a monk or a nun, religious beliefs, obedience, observance, tradition, charity

The Hierophant implies that you have surrendered to someone or a group of people. Perhaps this is the time for you to take responsibility for yourself and your spiritual needs. Your current style of acting is not the only way to cope with things, and if you are willing to explore it, you may find new possibilities.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Trustworthy lover, cautious attitude towards love, universal love, marriage, happy match, matchmaker, safe relationship, the opposite sex who is older than you, gradually deepening love, long lasting relationship

The relationship is one that follows the expectations of others. It’s hard for the partners to be loyal to themselves and their real needs in this relationship, because they are meeting the expectations of others and are under pressure.

The Hierophant may also imply that the relationship between you and your partner has become a form or a rule. Your attitude has ben changed to “I will follow what others do”, but this is not the only way to experience a relationship. You should find a new method. In this case, you may feel the resistance from people around you, but you can still prove that it is worthwhile in the future.

Status: Your beliefs or world outlook, values, outlook on life and other factors have a great influence on this relationship, which sometimes indicating that two people are married or this relationship is progressing toward marriage.

Romance: A new date is about to start now, probably through a blind date or an elder’s introduction. So it’s a good idea to take part in some social activities of unmarried men and women during this period.

Opinion: Considering this relationship with marriage in mind, your attitude is definitely very serious and you will also want to get everyone’s blessing.

Emotional reunification: If this relationship can get back together, then there must be a good friend in the middle to help you get along. Otherwise, if you only rely on your own feelings and efforts, it may not be easy to get back together.

Career & Education

Keywords: Listen to other people’s advice, meet a good teacher to improve your performance, there will be people who can help you, work with seniors or classmates and benefit from it, full of endurance, old-fashioned thinking, suitable for consulting or medical work and talk-based work, excellent work, outstanding contribution, follow good advice

As far as work is concerned, you may be working for a big company. If you want to get promotion, you have to go up through the team. There are few cases of skipping steps, because the superiors has considerable control over subordinates. To survive in a huge system, you must do what you are told, work hard, and compromise with the system and tradition if necessary. If there is someone at the top, just follow the others and don’t always think about getting ahead. If you have no one on top, then quickly choose the team to stand in line. If you are enrolled in the right team in such an organization, you will be appreciated and promoted by your elders, and it is easy to get their guidance. As long as you work steadily, there are always opportunities for promotion.

Status: There are many people who help you at work, so even if you still have shortcomings, you will get a lot of support, and this is where you can give full play to your strengths.

Suggestion: When encountering a problem you can’t solve, you should look for someone higher up to decide, or deal with it with the existing order and rules. It is always a good way to do things conservatively.

Interpersonal Relationships: In fact, the generation gap factor and qualifications are important in the workplace. Everything should follow the principle of first-come and first-served. As long as you can abide by this rules, interpersonal relationships will be good naturally.

Development: This job has a lot of room for future growth, and it is also a place where many people can help you. You should get acquainted with everyone first, and it’s good for you to stay here.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Get advice from seniors, get financial support from parents, do everything for your friends, easily lose your wallet, get help from noble people, have affinity with older opposite sex, be relied on

You are rather conservative in the concept and method of managing money. You prefer to accumulate wealth bit by bit by using time deposits and joining mutual aid societies. If you plan to invest your money, you should give your savings to a reputable and long-established investment advisor, which is the most reliable approach for you. Investing in high-risk stocks or real estate is not for you.

Status: Your current interpersonal relationships is considered stable. Perhaps because of your world outlook, values, outlook on life or beliefs, you can make many close friends. Therefore, you should make full use of such opportunities.

Suggestion: You should be more tolerant to your friends and forgive them from the bottome of heart. If the other party is unwilling to forgive you, then you should find a trusted friend to be a peacemaker.

Status: Now your financial situation looks pretty good because of other support in place, but it’s not completely independent and sound, and you still need to work hard to develop it.

Suggestion: If a friend you know asks for your help, you can invest more or less, but you should consider it carefully in other cases.

Health & Life

Keywords: There is a chance to meet a good doctor, and makeup will bring good luck if you focus on the lips, suitable for using pink lipstick

You keep healthy in the traditional way of health care. Basically, as long as you believe that you can stay in good shape, you will stay in good shape.

Other Meanings of the Card

Watch a concert or a movie, visit a temple to make a wish, embrace nature

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Loss of trust, meddling, over-reliance on others, narrow-mindedness, forced dumping, isolation, personal beliefs, opinions, ideas, freedom, questioning authority, challenging the status quo, changing the present situation

It represents the formation of new ideas and concepts, or the rejection of some ideas flowing into the secular world. In other words, you are writing the script for your own life and living according to your own understanding of life. Now you are taking responsibility for your own spiritual development. Although the road may be bumpy, it is usually worthwhile.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Not much predestined opportunity for people to meet and become united, slow pace, lack of consideration for each other, excessive possessiveness, resentment due to stubbornness, parental opposition, change of past emotional deficiencies, unrecognized romance, excessive concern for partner

You are starting to face up to your true feelings and approach to relationships. Although you will still listen to your partner’s opinions, you will not accept them all. When you feel that you cannot accept the other person’s opinion, you will communicate with them in time to find ways to improve the relationship.

Status: The two of you do not have an equal relationship and one of you is giving more. If you can give willingly, it is also considered a stable developing relationship.

Romance: There will be some new relationships happening now, but they are introduced by peers, so you should attend more social events with friends.

Opinion: In your opinion, you have made a lot of effort but received little in return. Therefore you will have some unbalanced emotions, but still wish to protect and take care of each other.

Emotional reunification: In fact, it is impossible for this relationship to get back together. You’d better not think about it in this direction. You should first give yourself a break and wait for a better opportunity to start over.

Career & Education

Keywords: Tasting bitter fruits due to contempt, losing interest in class work due to dislike of teachers, relying too much on classmates’ notes, getting wrong information, having no hope of success

You have more flexibility in your career, and no longer stick to the previous rules. You are brave enough to innovate and develop your own unique concept, living and working for your own true ideas. You work hard to start a business, be your own boss, and take a path different from that of ordinary people. At first, you experienced a difficult period of starting a business, but because of your passion and persistence, your business will always get better in the future.

Status: The work are full of complicated rules, some of which are not clearly stated, so if you are not careful, you will break into the restricted areas and take a lot of time to take shape.

Suggestion: Problems at work are hard to solve by yourself, so they should be jointly handled by colleagues. Therefore, you should make use of each person’s different experiences and abilities to brainstorm ideas.

Interpersonal Relationships: In this job, interpersonal relationships has a great influence. If you can’t get along well with everyone, you will be excluded, so you may not even be able to do your job well.

Development: There is good room for development in this job, but you should be careful about the influence of interpersonal relationships. In particular, your colleagues have a greater influence on you, so you should try to get along with everyone in peace.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Interfering with others, troubling good intentions, self-righteousness, unnecessary righteousness, losing money by helping others, unassisted, indifferent, too nosy

You like to invest in new industrial markets, and only trust your own judgement. So until you really develop your investment vision, you will often lose money because of misjudgments. But once you understand the techniques involved, you will be as good as a professional investment consultant.

Status: Your popularity among people is not bad, but you are easily influenced by others, and you may lose your subjectivity. Sometimes you want to help your friends, but let yourself get hurt.

Suggestion: You should make your position clear, and don’t let your friend feel that you should give in to him under any circumstances. It’s perfectly fine to do so as long as you make sense.

Status: If you are not practical in money, it will be hard to get better in finance. You must remember that the rules of the material world are very realistic, and that you have to give before you can get anything.

Suggestion: This is not a very good time to invest, especially if you listen to some gossip about investing, it is particularly dangerous. So you’d better to be pragmatic, just keep the status quo.

Health & Life

Keywords: To exercise more, respiratory diseases, frequent coughing, show partiality for a certain variety of food

You are very receptive to new things, and you will try various new methods to improve your physical and mental health, such as meditation and aromatherapy.

Other Meanings of the Card

Fear of heights, like the quiet, should not travel by air

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