The Emperor IV

The Emperor is the husband of the Empress, the representative of the male symbol who has the power to dominate the material world. The Emperor, as the head of a country, sits confidently on his throne, wearing a crown, a red robe and boots, which is a symbol of strict discipline. In his left hand he holds a crystal ball, a symbol of strict order and discipline, while in his right hand he holds an ancient Egyptian cross, a symbol of life and power. On the throne are four reliefs of the ram’s heads, emphasizing the astrological sign corresponding to the Emperor’s card – Aries (Mars). As the first one of the zodiac, the Aries also symbolizes courage, aggression, ambition and self-confidence, which coincides with the dominant red color of the whole card. The mountains in the background foreshadow the risks behind the power, which inevitably makes the audience more worried than the richness in the Empress’s card.

The Emperor’s card represents moral precepts and prohibitions with supreme power. The meaning of this card focuses on order, norms and stability of the situation. Precisely because of all this rationality and authority, he must hide his personal feelings. At the same time, this card has a profound metaphor about being in a high position of power, that is, loneliness at the top.

The Emperor’s card also represents a man of integrity, fairness and practicality. If he gives you advice, his advice comes from his own personal experience. He tends to be somewhat arbitrary, but when he makes a promise, he is usually trustworthy. And when you make a promise, he will expect you to carry it out, and if you fail to do so, he will not give you a second chance.

The Emperor Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Full of boldness, drawing the attention of millions of people, masculine, fundamentally sound, sense of responsibility, masculinity, outstanding leadership, power, authoritarianism, status, authority, approval, authorization, institution, large organization, enterprise, hotel, people in power, powerful group, authoritative person, set up, founded, established, structured, constructed, carefully organized, well-arranged, formed system, systematically arranged, father’s role

Success is achieved through self-discipline and practical effort. This can represent a fairly stable and orderly period of your life. It also shows that you are experiencing legal problems, or you have met someone with higher status and power than you, such as a judge, police officer, father or someone with a father image. In order to be successful, it is time to take a pragmatic approach to life. You are surrounded by people who set limits, but if you can work within these limits, you can still achieve your goals.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: A trustworthy lover who is older than you because of perseverance, a partner whose age is very different from yours, a dependable one, a lover with a heart of gold, a relationship with a clear distinction between good and evil, a proactive pursuit of love, a tendency to initiate relationships, a generous dowry

You are a good material provider but not good at expressing your inner feelings. Romantic and dreamy things don’t appeal to you much, because you prefer seeing and touching things. If you can’t see or touch it, you are less likely to believe in it. If you are a man, you will play the role of a father in this relationship to ensure that you can manage this relationship, especially in the material level. If your partner is more concerned about emotional needs, then this could be a problem for you. Because for you, giving means providing something specific.

Status: There is the problem of controlling and being controlled in the relationship. This can also be considered as the steady development of the relationship, but it seems that there is a lack of passion and romance.

Romance: The present relationship is not romantic, but based on the rational judgment of both parties who decide to be together. If handled properly, this can be regarded as a very stable relationship.

Opinion: This kind of relationship can help both partners realize their dreams, but it is not the kind of passionate love feeling. In this relationship, both sides can feel safe and stable.

Emotional reunification: There is very little affection in this relationship, so it is unlikely that you two will get back together. Even if two people get back together, you will still fall into a situation of mutual control, so there is no point in falling in love.

Career & Education

Keywords: Perseverance in academic studies, maintaining excellent standards, aiming too high, strong beliefs, rational, successful in examinations, good management, be ready to help others, outstanding achievements

In terms of work, through self-discipline and down-to-earth efforts, you can make quite good achievements in your career. At the same time, your pragmatic attitude will enable you to be at the peak of your career for a longer period. Because of your self-discipline and preference for hard work, you can usually succeed in business. In terms of academic performance, you have high expectations of yourself, and you will keep on studying and get excellent results. You are lucky in the exam, and you can be at the best in your studies.

Status: There are many difficulties in the work, but there are also many opportunities for promotion. Although restricted by many rules, you can still accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

Suggestion: At this point, the leader’s attitude is the most important. If you can get the full authorization from the top, you should implement it. But you should be careful not to overstep your powers.

Interpersonal Relationships: This work is only valued for achievements, making everyone’s competition very fierce. Even if you have a little friendship in private, when it comes to work, no one would let personal considerations interfere with the execution of official duties.

Development: This job is very difficult, but there is still a bright future. You can take a specific supervisor as an example and work hard towards this goal.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Active leader, trusted friend or senior, eager to have wealth, trustworthy, leader-like, decisive, authoritarian

In terms of interpersonal relationships, you have a sense of responsibility in dealing with people, excellent leadership and good coping ability. You are a little autocratic but trustworthy, and you can easily become a business partner that others like to cooperate with. In terms of finance, you desire to have wealth and enjoy the pleasure of making money. You are good at making friends with powerful people. With strong willpower and wit, you will succeed.

Status: Because you are too serious about people and attach too much importance to interests, it is difficult to make close friends. You are advised to relax to interact with others.

Suggestion: The relationship between you and your friend is actually quite stable. Therefore, as long as you take the initiative to explain and clarify, and give the other party a reasonable explanation, the problem will not be difficult to solve.

Status: Practically speaking, your financial situation is not bad, and there is much room for growth in the future, so you should work harder in your career.

Suggestion: You can start investing conservatively now, but it won’t bring you substantial benefits right away. This is a good time for long-term investment.

Health & Life

Keywords: Good health, full of confidence in your own health, suitable for wearing some small accessories to enjoy the mood

You are in good physical health. Your body is already very strong. Besides, you usually like sports, pay attention to your diet, and often take vitamin supplements for health care, so you can be in good physical and mental state for a long time.

Other Meanings of the Card

Suitable for traveling with friends, determined personality and never say failure, perseverance character

The Emperor Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Childish, lack of desire, irresponsible, rash, brutal, lacking in governing ability, ruling, dominating, lordly, possessive, untrained, undisciplined, poor discipline, no training methods, code of conduct, behavior in line with the code, no self-control, non-compliance with discipline, do not accept punishment, unpunished, poor ability of self-control, not strict with oneself, rigid, inflexible, sluggish, take seriously of things

You are unable to succeed due to a lack of self-discipline. Sometimes, when faced with a difficult decision, you may flinch, because you lack the courage to move towards the goal. You have lost the management qualities in case of the Emperor Upright, so you tend to lose control. You are not only lacking in initiative, but also unable to take responsibility. Not only are you weak, but you are headstrong. In addition, you are very alert to others, showing extreme defensive and suspicious behavior.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Forced love, unreliable partner, no way to confess your heart, flashy love, painful and fruitless love, reluctant love

You lack self-restraint in your relationships and therefore behave in an uncommitted manner. Maybe you have more than one partner. Because of the lack of commitment to your partner and solid material foundation, it’s hard for you to find a true partner.

Status: You are currently in a relationship that is controlled by another person. Although your partner does provide a lot of care, you always feel a lack of freedom and equality.

Romance: At present, it is unlikely that a new relationship will emerge. What’s important is that you are not ready to accept a new relationship. You should first find out what you need in a relationship.

Opinion: At present, the relationship is full of obstacles and conflicts, so it is not a harmonious and stable relationship. There are still a lot of uncertainty, so you don’t have a clear goal or direction.

Emotional reunification: The possibility of this relationship being reunited is very low, mainly because there is no love in your hearts.

Career & Education

Keywords: Easy to fail in career, unable to concentrate in study, excessive fatigue, weak will

In terms of work, you are unable to focus on one task for a long time, lacking in motivation and leadership ability at work, and your career will fail because of your stubbornness, arbitrariness and overconfidence. You need to look back at the root of your problem in order to turn it into a success and start again. In terms of academic performance, you do not study hard and do not concentrate well, so your academic performance is poor.

Status: You encounter a bad leader at work, which not only does not help you, but often causes you to be exhausted. Things often go beyond your expectations, and you have to work hard to close them.

Suggestion: At this time, you have to find your own way to solve the problem, make a good plan and get ready. If you don’t fight well in this state, the next situation will get out of hand.

Interpersonal Relationships: The interpersonal relationships in this job don’t seem to be a priority. Too good interpersonal relationships is even bad for you. You should pay more attention to yourself at this time, which is a safer.

Development: The future of this job is not clear, but what is certain is that it is still a hard work. If you don’t like the challenge, it’s better to find a chance to change jobs.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Stubbornness, brutality and bullying to the point of disgust, lack of financial acumen, weak economic base, arrogance, stubborn personality, arbitrariness, childishness

In terms of interpersonal communication, you are immature, weak, indecisive and lack of self-confidence. You are overly possessive and controlling, lacking rational analysis, and easily self-indulgent. You can be accused of being irresponsible, and you can easily be resented for your arrogance. Financially, it’s likely for you to miss opportunities of making money because of your arbitrary behavior. You are relatively lack of money and financial management in the mind. Due to uncontrolled spending, you are likely to be in a serious money shortage dilemma.

Status: You are too simple in your thinking about relationships and tend to fall into the traps of others without realizing it. You should be careful to guard against the villains around you and not to be cheated again.

Suggestion: You should give yourself and others more space. Don’t be bound by a bunch of principles and stubborn personalities. Try to solve your problems with a flexible approach.

Wealth: Your current financial situation is not very good, and there are also major problems in asset allocation. If you are in debts, the problem will be worse. Now the most important thing is how to protect your principal.

Suggestion: Now is not the best time to make any investments. Keeping cash on hand is the best strategy. If you lose a lot of money on your current investment, leave it alone for the time being.

Health & Life

Keywords: Excessive belief in prescriptions to cure serious diseases, inappropriate to engage in overly intense sports

In terms of health, because you indulge yourself in the enjoyment of food and wine, do not know self-discipline, do not manage to control your own diet and consume too many calories, thus causing obesity and related diseases.

Other Meanings of the Card

No way to be interested in any activity, bluffing and self-righteousness






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