The Empress III

If the Priestess gives people the impression of a quiet and wise lady, then the Empress is the embodiment of passion and nobility. No matter the comfortable cushions or elegant and luxurious clothes, it undoubtedly shows her wealth and authority. Like the Magician, the Empress’s right hand holds a wand high. But the difference is that, compared with the Magician, the wand held by the Empress is not so sharp, but more vital, because the wand in the hand of the Empress is the magic weapon in charge of life in the heaven and on the earth.

As you can see from the picture, there is a heart-shaped sign under the red seat of the Empress, with the symbol of Venus on it. Venus is the symbol of the goddess Venus, the patron saint of Libra and Taurus. This symbol stands for the communication between the soul and the material world through love. It is usually used to represent a woman, indicating motherhood and symbolizing the Empress’s tolerance and the wealth she brings to her people. The fruit on the dress symbolizes fertility, and the forest and flowing water behind her represent the revival and vitality of the earth. Mother is the earth, nurturing everything. The golden grains stand for harvest. The luxurious upholstered chairs and the beautiful Red Velvet cushions symbolize the nobility and material prosperity of the Empress.

The Empress represents a path to the soul through the senses. She is not so much an idealist as a passionate one. The Empress is very practical in method and sharing, because she knows that no matter what she has to give, now is the best time for her to give. This is part of Libra’s subject that must be studied in astrology. Learning to love is not a kind of idealism or intellectual exercise, but a kind of physical, emotional and sensory sharing, as well as the happiness experienced in daily life.

The Empress Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: elegance, wealth, feminism, feminization, feminine charm, femininity, beauty, beautiful thing, good example, typical example, nature, freedom and calm, nature, natural instinct, character, nurture, care, cultivate, support, help, support, nourish, foster, mass production, abundance, plenitude, richness

Your life is elegant, rich and full of happiness. With artistic talent, you are good at creating atmosphere, rich in life experiences, and family-oriented. If the person who comes to consult is male, it may indicate that he is entangled with a woman or has a strong femininity.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Talking about marriage, very popular with the opposite sex, attractive women, fulfilling love, fruitful romance, pregnancy

You are very popular with the opposite sex, often the center of attention, and you can achieve and enjoy a good relationship. Before discussing marriage, you and your partner can develop the relationship easily and smoothly. You and your partner could get closer to life through love and happiness, rather than through thought.

Status: This is a kind of relationship that pays attention to enjoyment. You both value life very much, get a lot of fun from each other, and get along very well.

Romance: It is very likely that a new relationship will happen now, and there may be more than one object. If you take the initiative, you will surely succeed, but how to choose is also a troublesome thing.

Opinion: This is a very constructive relationship, which is perfect now, but there are still many things worth looking forward to, and the sweetness of the future is infinite.

Emotional reunification: There is still love in this relationship, but it depends on your subjective opinion whether you can get back together. If you take the initiative to come back with your partner, the chances of success are still quite high.

Career & Education

Keywords: Excellent grades, decent job, elegant life, public figure

As far as work is concerned, you have a decent job. Your work is related to your home, or you can take your home as a basis of your work. Therefore, you are suitable for the occupation of clothing and other related industries. You are currently carrying out your plan, or moving towards the next natural step of your plan, which means that you are one step closer to your goal. In terms of academic performance, your academic performance is improving, you are doing well in the exam, and you are also making a difference in the arts.

Status: Now that you are about to enter the harvest stage of your work, you are beginning to see the return of your previous efforts. As long as you keep working hard, you will achieve the goal as expected.

Suggestion: Before doing something, you need to have a thorough plan, and then take the initiative to deal with the problems involved at the right time. Be careful when dealing with things that are not planned.

Interpersonal Relationships: You have good interpersonal relationships in this job, which will be of great help to your work. For now, as long as you keep on maintaining interpersonal relationships, there will be no problem.

Development: The prospect of this job is very good. Just do everything well one step at a time, then all you have to do is wait for the opportunity.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Cheerful personality, unexpected wealth, rich feelings, strong faith, open-minded, good fortune

In interpersonal relationships, you will win the favor of the other people on account of your cheerful personality. You are always in the spotlight and have good interpersonal skills, so you are likely to become the center of attention at parties and gatherings. In terms of finance, thanks to the pragmatic view of money, you will make money with your own efforts. You have good fortune and are good at finding opportunities to make money, as well as getting windfalls.

Status: Now, you are at the peak of interpersonal relationships, and you are popular with others, so that you can achieve the goals you want to achieve through others.

Suggestion: It’s not too difficult to solve the problem. The key is whether you can take the initiative to understand the cause of the problem. Things are still within your grasp.

Wealth: The current financial situation is considered to be generous, but it will also cost a little more. If balance could be achieved, you will make yourself a little better off.

Suggestion: Now is the point in time when you can make gains and put in new investments. You must trust your own judgment in order to gain more in the future.

Health & Life

Keywords: Physically active, prolific, good temperament, graceful, with a preference for fashionable clothing

You have always been physically fit. Gardening and getting close to nature from time to time will help you balance your body and mind.

Other Meanings of the Card

Love shopping, hiking parties and other group activities

The Empress Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Confusion, frivolity, loss, lack of motivation, love of vanity, uninspired, dependence, relying upon, addiction, sexual relationship, friends with benefits, degradation, subordination, followership, passivity

You are experiencing difficulties in your family environment or in a particular sexual relationship. You may not be able to realize your plans, or you are in a relationship where you are not able to love from the heart because you are too intellectual or idealistic about love. On the other hand, before solving the problem with reason, you need to think calmly about all your options.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Indecisiveness, unfruitful relationships, capriciousness, confusion, inner turmoil, arrogance, bad relationships, infertility, miscarriage

You have the desire to fall in love, but find yourself unable to put in the day-to-day effort for a partnership, and are therefore afraid to go into marriage. If you are married, you will not be liked by others because you are willful and presumptuous, or you are addicted to your irrepressible sensuality. On the issue of children, the reversal of the Empress may mean abortion, abortion or childbirth.

Status: You are currently in a hot relationship, and both of you are deeply in love with each other. But as a result, you become blind, often ignoring objective limitations and opinions of others.

Romance: There must be an opportunity for a new relationship now, but the chances of success are not high if you take the initiative. Therefore, you should be patient and accept the feelings pursued by other people.

Opinion: This relationship brings a lot of joy and is addictive. You can give everything for this relationship, and you will stick to it even if everyone is against it.

Emotional reunification: There is a high possibility that this relationship will get back together, but don’t be too hasty. If the other side takes the initiative to get back together with you, you can just accept this proposal.

Career & Education

Keywords: Laziness, waste of time, unmotivated, mediocre, plans on hold

In terms of work, you may be engaged in a job you do not like. Or you may be confused because you don’t have a clear work goal and lack a sense of accomplishment at work. Finding a job that is really suitable for you is the only way to enjoy it. In terms of academic performance, you tend to be biased, and you are a little lazy in studies. You don’t concentrate easily on your studies, you tend to lose others’ notes, and your grades are not good.

Status: You are starting to get good results at work, but you don’t have enough drive for your work, and your work is stagnating because you are getting lazy.

Suggestion: The key to the dilemma at work is in relationships. Someone must know how to handle things, so why not find this key person through the relationships around you?

Interpersonal Relationships: You have good interpersonal relationships at work, but don’t rely too much on them. If accidentally falling into factional strife, you’ll be the first one to get hurt.

Development: The future of this job is still unclear, but it is a place where you can learn something, so you might as well use it as a springboard to enrich yourself.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Vanity, wastefulness as a habit, fatigue, conceit, arrogance, capriciousness

In terms of personal communication, you are vain and capricious, arrogant and conceited, as well as sharp-edged. Besides, you are intolerant, inaccessible and easily despised by others. Financially, you are vain, wasteful, over-invested, and may make unnecessary expenditure.

Status: You have good interpersonal relationships with others and can enjoy a good time with everyone. But you lose yourself a little bit because you are too pleasing to others.

Suggestion: There’s nothing serious at present. But in order to clear up the misunderstanding, you still have to rely on the help of your friends. Direct communication between you and the other party will not produce good results.

Status: The current financial situation is not bad, but there are a lot of expenses coming. If you don’t save more money now, you will be caught unprepared.

Suggestion: It’s time to stop investing. If the investment project has been profitable, that is of course the best outcome, but if you lose money, you should also admit to the loss. If you wait any longer, you will only be trapped because of a large sum of money.

Health & Life

Keywords: Overweight, over-eating, inappropriate heavy make-up, excess decoration, infertility, miscarriage

When it comes to your health, you often become obese due to excessive indulgence in food and drink. Or because of indulgence, you are suffering from related diseases.

Other Meanings of the Card

Hesitant to do things, have a lot of hobbies but lack of focus, talk frivolously, Apple of Sodom

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