The World XXI

The World card represents the focus of the universe, echoing the Wheel of Fortune, the 10th card of the Major Arcana. There are still Lion, Eagle, Angel and Holy Cow in the four corners, while there is no wheel of fortune in the middle, but a young girl dancing on the laurel wreath. She holds a wand in one hand and seems to hold a key in the other, cheering for those who step into the finish line. Or it is a call to lead the winner to the door of wisdom in front of him, and take away the key to a happy life in his hands. The world is both the end of the Major Arcana’s life journey and a new beginning. Because after you enter the door of wisdom, you become a fool again, trying to find a new wisdom or life goals. The main element of happiness is wholeness, the feeling that everything is working together in harmony. It is not a static way, but a dynamic balance. Everyone will feel satisfied and happy when all the elements work together.

The World card represents a period of enhanced insight. Although nothing may be changed in a short time, during this period, you have enough energy to explore what you like. Travel is usually a good choice. With the protection of the World card, you can basically ensure a safe and rewarding trip. It is also a good choice to make friends or read a wide range of books. Since you can’t change right away, it’s good to see more different possibilities. Perhaps in those possibilities you have not thought of, you will find new opportunities to embark again on a journey of great magnitude. The World card also stands for communication with the natural world. Go out to the nature to enrich yourself and relax tired body and mind, and this will make the future road more stable for you.

On the other hand, as the last of the 22 cards in the Tarot, the World is a perfect card. However, things are hard to change when they are perfect. A sharp-edged stone may change shape after an accidental impact, but a round stone may remain round even if it rolls for a long time. In addition, a flawless thing is inevitably difficult to have a personality. Therefore, the World card is actually the least distinctive one among all the Major cards, and it is difficult to judge whether it is good or bad by this card alone. But most people like the pursuit of stability. Even if it is not their ideal state, as long as they can settle down, many people are willing to integrate into any place, even go with the flow. As for those unfinished things, it is enough for them to occasionally express their feelings after a meal. Therefore, in many cases, the person who draws the World card is satisfied with the stability represented by this card, and will also feel satisfied – after so many hardships, it is time to settle down. In fact, a “satisfactory” life for many people is a kind of success, isn’t it?

Sometimes, however, you will meet someone who draws a world card in a very bad situation, such as when he/she is at a low point in his/her career, or is deadlocked with his/her partner, and so on. This is unusual, but when it happens, it might be quite tricky, because the World card is basically a nightmare at this point. Because of its stable nature, this situation will remain unchanged for a long time, no matter what situation you are in. Among the cards with the longer-lasting effect, the World is sometimes the most annoying one. It is neither like the Wheel of Fortune that always promises you slow change at the end of the period, nor like the Tower that completely overwhelms you and leaves you to deal with it. The World card feels like driving in the Sahara Desert with just enough supplies: a flat road, a landscape that seems to be unchanging no matter how you drive it, a long confrontation with drought and dry heat, extremely uncomfortable and boring because there’s nothing you can do about it. Until driving out of the desert, you can only keep repeating the same mechanized movements. These actions will eventually take you out of the desert, but it’s impossible to see right now. In the face of this situation, you can only persist. Although it is usually recommended that the person concerned try to find himself/herself some kind of fun, in this case, probably the most interesting entertainment will also make people feel dull and boring.

The World Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Wish fulfillment, high spirits, happy times, reaching the peak, reaching a destination, achieving success, completion, ending, closing a deal, completing a delivery, combining, integrating, integration, mixing, fusing, achievement, accomplishment, talent, skill, expertise, completion, long distance walking, traveling, touring, forwarding, spreading, not deteriorating, long distance transportation

The world card may mean traveling around the world, or great success and happiness. From a flexible point of view, it implies that you are standing where life wants you to stand, and you can feel the support of life and the people around you. It describes a kind of happiness, which comes not from possession or cultivation, but from being.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Blessed marriage, best partner, happy marriage, eternal love, exemplary couple, comedy ending

Your partner may come from a different culture. You met, got acquainted and fell in love on an overseas trip. The true love you give is now being rewarded. Your relationship will be stable, harmonious and lasting for a long time. Travel is very important to your close relationship, and your experience during the trip will make you grow up and your relationship will become stronger.

Status: The relationship between you two is very stable, and it is moving towards the next stage.

Romance: There will be an ideal date now, not necessarily someone you know, but this is the final choice, so you need to make good use of this opportunity.

Opinion: You two have been together for a long time and it’s time to do something substantial.

Emotional reunification: It is still possible for you to get back together.

Career & Education

Keywords: A period of career prosperity, achieving the set goals, suitable for aerospace-related work, academic success, excellent grades, goal achievement, successful examinations

Because of the nature of your job, you may often travel abroad and be sent to work in other countries, so you have many opportunities to meet people from different countries and get their recognition. You have been focused on your career for a long time, and now you will get the results of your efforts, which will be much more than you expected. For you, it is promotion, an increase in wealth and the improvement of ability; for your environment, it has a profound and positive impact.

Status: Your work is very successful, and everything is completed as expected. This is a great job and you will achieve great success.

Suggestion: There is no advice, just act according to your plan.

Relationship: There’s nothing to pay attention to.

Development: The development is very good and the future is bright.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Increase in income, fair operation of funds, happy encounters, benefit from friendships, stable relationships, trusted by others

You are quite good at financial management, especially investing in overseas stocks or funds, and have earned a lot of wealth for you. Even in the case of economic recession, you still have enough stable finances.

Status: There are a lot of long-lasting friendships around you, which have been tested for such a long time, and are very reliable.

Suggestion: There is nothing to suggest.

Wealth: Your financial luck is very good. The previous investments have come to fruition. Now that you have everything you need, nothing needs to be changed.

Suggestion: No suggestions, just keep the status quo.

Health & Life

Keywords: Healthy body, abundant physical strength, bright spirit, high spirits

At present, you are in the best state of physical and mental balance, with your mental stress relieved and your physical ailments healed. You can overcome obstacles and go beyond your limits, whether in your mind or in your career.

Other Meanings of the Card

Dreams come true, suitable for traveling to the ocean, grasslands and other open areas, happiness will accompany you

The World Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: No way to devote wholeheartedly, unnecessary worry, things don’t work out, restless with the status quo, emotionally depressed, rather childish thinking, seeking self-completion, being late, arriving late, delayed, hold up, postponed, put off, defer, taking shortcuts, skipping, incomplete, failure

Maybe you have got what you wanted, but find that you are still somehow dissatisfied. Maybe you’re well on your way to goal A when a seemingly better goal B pops up at the fork in the road. The future is bright, but there are always some things that can make people feel depressed, or they are just a trouble. But just because of the nature of this residue, it can be called an opportunity. This is an era of perplexing thoughts, but reality is not inherently bad, so by reorganizing your thoughts, you can move forward smoothly, and the future may be even more successful than it seems now. Also, the reversed World card may mean that the great success has passed. In this case, this person may have a psychological aftereffects or just want to have a rest, which depends on his own feelings.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Blind acceptance, giving up halfway, the future of the relationship is uncertain, it is difficult to combine each other, easily broken feelings, ambiguous relationship with each other, the previous enthusiasm gradually cooled, the loss of freshness to the partner, frustration of feelings

Your relationships has not worked out. Your true feelings are always unanswered. Your intimate relationships do not last.

Status: The enthusiasm in feelings is fading, and gradually becoming dull.

Romance: There will be no new romantic relationships now, and you may be single for a long time this time.

Opinion: Both of you are used to each other’s presence and have little zest for life.

Emotional reunification: You two will not get back together, because your feelings are too dull.

Career & Education

Keywords: Feeling incompetent or slack in the face of work, not being optimistic about career prospects, in the midst of a career slump, abandoning projects, being bullied at work, not being able to realize one’s potential due to external constraints, feeling dissatisfied with current salary, low grades, in the midst of an academic slump, abandoning coursework, slacking in the face of academic subjects, failing exams due to insufficient preparation

You try very hard to put all your energy and strength into your work, but because of the environmental reasons, most of your goals can never be achieved. Even if you succeed, you will find that the result are useless to you afterwards.

Status: You are doing the same things over and over again, without any growth, feeling stuck and unable to break through.

Suggestion: The best result is to maintain the status quo. If you want to change it, it will be even more troublesome.

Relationship: The relationships at work are stable and they are old colleagues.

Development: What you see now is what the future will look like. This is where you can work till retirement.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Bankruptcy, shortage of cash flow, frustrated friendships, cold friendships, too naive in the world so that things don’t work out, poor attitude, lack of preparation

The deterioration of environment has affected your financial situation. Your investments has also been affected, resulting in your losses.

Status: Your friends are relatively fixed, and it’s hard to make new ones.

Suggestion: There is nothing to suggest and nothing to change.

Wealth: There’s not much change. There are some losses in the market, which you can’t avoid.

Suggestion: It is good to stay put and maintain the current situation.

Health & Life

Keywords: Excessive internal heat and anger could hurt your health, excessive psychological pressure and no way to vent

Your mental state is always in a state of tension, and there is often physical strain, so your health is very poor, causing you to feel headaches and dizziness from time to time.

Other Meanings of the Card

Poor planning, inappropriate to move home and/or break the ground, lack of foresight, do not get the point

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