Judgement XX

The winged angel blows the trumpet from the clouds and spreads the gospel from heaven. This is the day of judgment, the day when believers are taken into heaven, but what about those who have not been saved? Will God deny their sins? The judgment of God has the meaning of “spiritual awakening”. One by one, the long-sleeping souls come out of their inner world, or rather their inner confusion, in the midst of the inspiring trumpet. They are standing under the wings of angels, listening attentively to the gospel of heaven with gratitude. The Judgment is the second from last card of the Major Arcana, which can be said to be a review and self-reflection of the first twenty cards of the Major Arcana’s life journey. Before transcending oneself to know the ultimate world, one should reflect on one’s past, conduct self-analysis, recognize and wash away one’s past mistakes, and firmly believe in one’s past rightness, in order to ultimately go to the door of success.

Your efforts in the past are finally coming to fruition. Judgment usually takes the form of conversation, usually formal or informal examination, test, inspection, etc. Through these tests, the accumulated efforts in the past will be displayed in an objective way, and the person involved will get corresponding rewards. In Christianity, the final judgment is also the time of the resurrection of the deceased. This is when the Judgment card is somewhat similar to the meaning of the reversed Ten of Swords – extreme adversity marks the beginning of fortune. Even if you have been suppressed in the past, it is not impossible to overturn the case at this time if you want to do so in one breath.

In general, what the trial offers is an opportunity to show what you have done in the past. Your actions will be measured, your choices will be evaluated, you will have the opportunity to be rewarded for your efforts, and you will have the opportunity to be brought to justice for the wrongs you have suffered. As for the outcome, there is usually a clear cause and effect relationship that can be deduced early on. Sometimes, the Judgment card can even be interpreted as, this person just knows the answer, he is here to play with you … Because whether he will come or not to consult you, the decision he made will not be very different from the final result, and everything has become so clear.

Judgement Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Joy of resurrection, the fortunes take a turn for the better, public publication of works, getting good news, faith in religion, confidence, judgment, recognition, view, opinion, evaluation, adjudicating, verdict, new birth, resurrection, revival, regeneration, rebirth, forgiveness of sins, pardon, innocence

You are at an important stage in your life journey: reflecting on the past and re-planning for the future. Your inner voice is calling you to have a dialogue with your inner self, to check whether your past actions and pursuits are correct, and whether what you have now brings you real happiness and satisfaction. You must face these problems, because this is your second chance to achieve lasting success and happiness. At this point, you understand what you have learned from the tests and challenges that life presents you.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: True love, affection announcement, hope of reconciliation even if there is a dispute, the presence of the messenger of love, reunion of a couple after an enforced separation or rupture, the belief in the miracle of love, the recovery of love, reunion

You often recall past relationships that didn’t work out, and you suddenly realize the real reason why they failed. With this in mind, you are determined to improve the relationship with your present partner, and you will have a new beginning.

Status: Now you both know how you feel, as long as you two face the next thing together.

Romance: A new romance has emerged and it’s a situation you never thought you’d be in. You’re thinking about it carefully.

Opinion: Now it is the time to make the final decision. If the other party can not have a clear commitment, then you should let go.

Emotional reunification: This is a good chance to get back together. The other party will give you a positive response.

Career & Education

Keywords: Possibility of reinstatement, your career is beginning to get out of the predicament., job change, promotion, suitable for music-related work, successful examinations, improvement of academic performance, need to review, excellent grades

You are thinking about whether your current job is what you want it to be. If the answer is yes, you will be more engaged; if the answer is no, you will look for another job. Finding a new job is not difficult for you, as long as you set your goals, opportunities are always around you.

Status: Now you are facing an important choice, which will have a great influence on the future. Keep a clear head, and don’t make decision at will because of the pressure of time.

Suggestion: When you encounter a problem that cannot be solved, you should make drastic changes. Only by changing can it be revitalized.

Relationship: There is a feeling of being awake at work when everyone is drunk. You can help your colleagues with many things, but you can also feel a lot of responsibility.

Development: This job will be greatly changed in the future. If you work hard, you will be promoted soon, otherwise you will be forced to leave.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Lost and found property, unexpected fortune, repairing cracks in friendships, receiving praise from others, getting in touch with long-time friends, making up with old friends, building trusting relationships with others, confession, good news

Now that all the debts in the past have been paid off, you are beginning to learn to use new financial methods to improve your financial situation.

Status: You have a great influence among your friends. But because you have a clear-cut stand, there will be some extreme comments from people who like you and those who hate you.

Suggestion: If you make a mistake, you should take the initiative to explain and apologize. You can not be harsh to others but tolerant to yourself.

Wealth: Now your fortune has taken an important turn for the better. You should make good use of this opportunity to get a chance to start over.

Suggestion: Even if there is a major announcement, it is better to respond conservatively at this time. Wait patiently for the chance to get rid of backwardness.

Health & Life

Keywords: purify your body and mind by traveling, relax your mood by music, recuperation, recovery

Through psychological consultation, you have learned that most of the reasons for your poor health are your mental state. Therefore, you can heal by identifying the problem, as well as resting and recuperating through the process of psychotherapy. Although your appearance is no different from that before, you are a new person in your heart.

Other Meanings of the Card

Travel can relax your recently exhausted body and mind, music can help you reduce fatigue, take a step backward and see the big picture, speak with confidence

Judgement Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Collapse after one setback, it’s over even before its starting, hesitation, inappropriate behavior, undisciplined way of life, conscience makes one feel guilty, self-doubt, not sure of, uncertainty, conscience is condemned, ignore, pretend not to see, bad news

You’re looking for something to fill the widening gap in your life. You are not aware that this calling is coming from within, nor that the solution is also coming from within. To put it simply, the significance of this card is a lack of clear judgment.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Too much jealousy, let down the other party’s good intentions, no way to open their hearts to each other, no way to get back together, not serious enough to treat the relationship, the unforgettable love in the past days, be reluctant to bid farewell

Your love life is very poor. You are rationally evaluating your partner’s condition, but you are ignoring what kind of person can bring you real happiness and joy.

Status: There are major choices in relationships and you are overwhelmed by the choices.

Romance: When a romantic relationship arises, you are unable to grasp it or respond to it in time, and you are late at the critical moment.

Opinion: You are passive, and will only make improvements when being asked. You often make the same mistakes, so you feel helpless.

Emotional reunification: You two won’t get back together.

Career & Education

Keywords: Job hunting is blocked, career is frustrated, frustration in the face of difficulties, deeply feeling that your ability falls short of your wishes, sluggish performance, frustrated in the exam, too high expectations on the examination, difficulty in getting into the ideal school, lack of goals, no progress

You don’t want to give up your present job because of the needs of real life, but it’s obviously not a job for you. You are not enthusiastic about your work, and you often feel exhausted.

Status: There has been a big choices, which makes you uncertain about what to do and puts you in a dilemma.

Suggestion: Stay awake. Only by having a clear vision of the future can you solve your inner problems.

Relationship: The colleague relationships are important to you, and many things need the cooperation of colleagues. If you offend others, it’s impossible to get the job done.

Development: There is no good prospect in this job. You spend most of your time doing repetitive things.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Lost property, lost important items, caught between friends in a dilemma, unable to make up with old friends, disappointed with friends, betrayed by friends in the past, which left a shadow in my heart, misrecognition of people

Because of the inner emptiness and not knowing that you have to reflect on the inner to find the answer, you always try to fill the inner emptiness with material things and will become a money-wasting shopaholic.

Status: You are not good at running your own circle of friends. You don’t have many good friends, but they are worth cherishing.

Suggestion: You should neither draw conclusions nor take a position, and do not choose and take sides until you understand.

Wealth: Your luck in wealth is not very good, there will be some losses.

Suggestion: Don’t act before you think it through in your head. Maybe there is no correct answer in the answers you can see.

Health & Life

Keywords: break down from constant overwork, delayed treatment of the disease

You may become addicted to drugs, alcohol or sex. These bad habits can lead to your financial crisis and health damage.

Other Meanings of the Card

Returning to the homeland, physical and mental exhaustion due to playfulness, irregularity in life

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