The Sun XIX

The Sun card represents the pleasure of life. The golden sun is the source of life, and everything depends on it. The Sun emits 21 bright lights, symbolizing the 21 Major Arcana cards in addition to the Fool’s card. A child with a childlike and smiling face jumped out of the gray fence on horseback, which showed that he haS got rid of the bondage and ran for freedom. There is a daisy wreath and a familiar feather on the child’s head, which are the same as those on the heads of the Fools and the Death. It is said that they symbolize transcendence of death and rebirth. Behind the grey fence there seems to be an artificial garden with golden sunflowers. However, the child seemed to be not interested in these artificial beauties, but instead chooses to rush to the natural and simple world, just like his naked body, which is real, natural and pure. There are four sunflowers under the Sun, representing the four elements and the four cardholders. All four sunflowers are facing the child instead of the sun. This seems to tell us that the pure, natural and true individual will be above the sun, and a realm far beyond power and wealth, as well as source of happiness, just like the happiness on the child’s faces.

The Sun’s assertion is relatively simple. Basically, it can be expressed in one word, that is, “auspiciousness” No matter what the questioner asks, the answers are basically auspicious. As for the reason of auspiciousness, it still lies in the person himself. In reality, it is generally reflected in people’s cheerful personality, good attitude, good dealing with people and lively conversation. Stay with this kind of people, you will feel very warm, as if the sun shines. You even expect him to have the effect of eliminating obscenities as soon as he appears, so that the yang-qi is strong, and all evils dare not bully you. In addition to those who have a serious shadow in their hearts afraid of the light, who does not like to be close to such a person? If there is a dinner party, who would not want to take him? If there is a project, who would not cooperate with him? For teachers, classmates, bosses and colleagues, who would not want to be friends with such a person? People around him are looking forward to making friends with him, so their value will naturally increase and good things will naturally come to their door.

However, there is a subtlety in the assertion of the Sun card, which is similar to the assertion of the Star and the Moon, that is, “it may reflect the subjective feelings of the questioner, rather than the actual situation”. Although the major card in a mixed card spread often reflects the questioner’s psychology, the Sun, Moon and Star all have their own special features. For people who have lived on the ground for generations, the stars in the sky can be said to be out of reach. Humans have been working for thousands of years to reach the moon, but the sun and the distant stars are places where it is impossible to reach. Compared to the Emperor and the Tower, the Sun, Moon and Star are more abstract to human beings. Naturally, their metaphysical and psychological significance is far greater than their practical significance.

Another little-known basic interpretation of the Sun card is “same-sex love”. In the early Tarot card, it was not a little boy riding a horse, but two little boys standing at the upper part of the Sun card together, which introduced the meaning of “brotherly love”. This brotherly love can of course be a family friendship, but it can also be interpreted as love naturally. The Tarot is essentially not the product of belief in God, but the result of the Renaissance and the development of ancient Greek culture. In ancient Greece, it was common for male nobles to adopt beautiful boys. Therefore, Tarot card is not particularly opposed to same-sex love, on the contrary, it is publicly drawn on Sun card.

The Sun Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Bright vision, energetic, strong desire, helped by noble people, sunshine, positive, indeed, hedonistic, fun, happy, playful, amusing, joking, warmth, enthusiasm, friendship, success, victory, fortune, fame, vitality, passion

The Sun is a card that makes you happy in your life and in yourself. It represents a kind of inner knowledge, and you know that challenges are very important. Challenges can test you and make you appreciate the small gifts that life continues to give you. It also represents your knowledge that happiness is a choice and that it does not need to be connected to the tangible things around you.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Loving each other deeply, getting the blessing of relatives and friends, stepping into the wedding hall, the appearance of the dream lover, going public with one’s romance, mutual affection is getting closer and closer

The Sun card depicts a creative and playful relationship, where childlike innocence and childishness can be seen in everyday life at all times. After being single for a while, you start a new relationship. You and your new partner travel to the tropics or Mediterranean, cultivate your relationship and enjoy your life.

Status: Both of you are very satisfied. Looking forward to being together all the time, it is the greatest happiness to see each other.

Romance: There is a date coming up that you will be happy with. This is the time to adjust your inner and outer appearance to the best condition. Do not miss this opportunity.

Opinion: You two have a very warm feeling together, and the relationship is very stable. You’re starting to plan for the long term.

Emotional reunification: The relationship can not be separated. As soon as one side proposes to get back together, both of you will quickly fall in love and become closer than ever before.

Career & Education

Keywords: Achievement of goals, proactivity, meeting a famous teacher, help from a good person, successful work, bright future, give full play to your strength, try your best to achieve success, make positive progress in schoolwork, rapid progress in grades, successful exams

You have a generous heart, know how to forgive others, and get people’s respect and love in your interpersonal relationships. You have got a new job, and you feel a sense of accomplishment, rich salary, sense of accomplishment and responsibility in this job. You love your job and bring your creativity into full play in it. Because of your work, you are sent to countries with warm climate for business, such as Southeast Asia, Central and South America or near Egypt.

Status: You are doing well in full swing in your work, which gives you a great satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

Suggestion: You must treat all people and things equally, not be biased according to your personal likes and dislikes, and not break the rules.

Relationship: There is an incentive relationship between colleagues. They can learn and grow in competition, and everyone will work hard for a common goal.

Development: The future of this job is very bright, you can make full use of your talents and can achieve the ideal goal in mind.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Increased savings, unexpected fortune, strong fortune, long-lasting friendship, growing intimacy with friends, increased number of close friends, positive interactions

The lucky label is attached to your head, your income has increased, and the bank loan has also been approved. Your mortgage loan can be paid off, and the stocks you bought has greatly appreciated. With extra income, you can buy computer, car and other high-priced goods that you have been longing for.

Status: You are very popular among friends, and you like being with them. You treat people sincerely and have many close friends.

Suggestion: Keep up the spirit of the present.

Wealth: The financial situation is very good, and you’re making a huge profit.

Suggestion: Now it is quite suitable for investment. Do not hesitate after seeing the target.

Health & Life

Keywords: Abundant physical strength, tenacious vitality, good health

Your body is getting better and better, and you are recovering rapidly from surgery and illness.

Other Meanings of the Card

Suitable for outdoor activities, breathing fresh air can be happy mood, pregnancy, life enrichment

The Sun Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Demotivation, appointment cancellation, depression, things do not last, unhappy personality, feeling helpless, unstable life, childishness, feeling down, negativity, lethargy, apathy, indifference, over-optimism

This card is a symbol of the competitive attitude toward life and creativity. It is based on a fear of inadequacy – of not having enough support, of not having enough opportunity or love. This may be a fundamental fear that the world will not support your efforts. In the sexual relations, it may imply that two people compete with each other.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: The impulse to break up the relationship, the delay in entering the wedding hall, the risk of breaking up, there is no way to get back together, the relationship is not blessed, the marriage contract is cancelled

In a relationship, you are afraid of losing the love of your life, so you act unsafe and seek comfort from your partner from time to time. You are also afraid of losing your dominant position between you two, so you will secretly compete with your partner for social status, wealth, etc.

Status: At present, there are some difficulties and obstacles in the development of the relationship, among which there are some misunderstandings, but they will usually be solved soon.

Romance: Now there will also be good dates, but it’s just not obvious that the other person is low key and you need to sharpen your elbows.

Opinion: You two are impulsive, stumbling along the road of your life.

Emotional reunification: There is no possibility of getting back together in this relationship.

Career & Education

Keywords: Not listening to others’ advice, having no patience for work and study, not being able to implement the original plan, not having enough energy, not having a permanent job or having difficulty finding a job in the short term, being bored with school, having low grades

This card shows that in order to stand out from the crowd in sales or creative work, you must experience fierce competition. Although, in the eyes of outsiders, you should be successful and happy, in fact you still have higher expectations for yourself. You always compete with yourself, and you must get more to be satisfied.

Status: Now you’re doing well in your work, but you’ve encountered a bottleneck and it’s hard to move forward.

Suggestion: When encountering difficulties, you must give your best effort, and even the most difficult things can be accomplished.

Relationship: You are the center of your colleagues’ attention, and you should be careful in every move, even the smallest mistake will be noticed.

Development: This job is promising, but there are still many problems and challenges. It will be more rewarding if you can keep working hard.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Decreased income, extravagant and wasteful, increased expenses due to the love of vanity, ostracized by peers, cut off from old friends, giving people a negative and obscene impression, making people unapproachable, weak will

You pursue wealth, and your motto is “You can never have too much money”. You can easily get caught up in the excitement of short-term securities investment and gambling.

Status: Now your relationships is going downhill. You are arrogant and difficult to get along with.

Suggestion: You still have to pay attention to the treatment of people, do not be too vain, and do not be out of touch with the masses.

Wealth: Your wealth is average, and it is gradually declining at present.

Suggestion: If you want to invest, you should have a deep understanding of your goal, and fully understand it before investing. Do not invest in areas that you are not familiar with.

Health & Life

Keywords: Lack of physical strength, irregular life, obesity

Because you are in a state of high tension for a long time, you are prone to diseases such as gastric ulcers, insomnia and irregular heartbeat.

Other Meanings of the Card

No way to last for people and things, forced to go out, withdrawn in character, embarrassed life

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