The Star XVII

There are eight stars (one big and seven small) flashing in the night sky. The big one is said to be Sirius, which can bring hope and confidence to those who seek help. Under the twinkling stars, there is a totally naked woman. She is kneeling on her left knee at the edge of the pool, while her right foot is in the water, and is pouring two jugs of life-giving water into the pool and onto the shore. The water spit out by women is just the water in the Chalice of the Temperance card, which gently nourishes all life on earth and is a symbol of vitality. The water of life is not passed in two cups. On a branch not far from the pool, there is an immortal bird, indicating the immortality of life. The earth represents consciousness, the water stands for unconsciousness, the immortal bird is the sublimation of the spirit, and the naked woman symbolizes the true self. It can be said that the Star is a card that brings hope to people and indicates the realization of fable and the interaction of inspiration and spirit. This card suggests that people should not give up hope, and that only self-confidence, self-respect and self-improvement can lead to achievements.

The key word of the Star card is “hope”, but the hope and optimism of the Star is usually unrealistic. Although the Star card is very beautiful, its appearance seldom points to reality. The Star are more related to people’s psychological state, which means that people are in a state of hope and believes that things will have a positive results.

Although the positive feelings brought by the stars are pleasant, they are not solid, because of the lack of material and realistic measurements. Of course, this pure joy may result from spiritual awakening, but more often it is due to ignorance or long-term depression. Ignorance usually occurs when the person first starts working on something, and due to a lack of awareness of the difficulties ahead, and an obsession with imagining success, the person falls into a state of drifting. Long-term depression depends on whether you have the experience that when a person encounters great difficulties, setbacks and pain in his heart, he sometimes becomes optimistic suddenly and unexpectedly for no reason. In case that things have reached the point where it is impossible to change, the person involved usually has to let nature take its course. In fact, the reality of the situation is not any better, but the mood is suddenly as good as the person has just morphine – this illusionary state of infinite optimism generated by the psychological stress reaction, is also the embodiment of the stars.

But no matter what kind of hope and optimism, the illusory things always can not last long, and the person involved will soon fall back to reality. Without adequate preparation, this person is about to learn very soon that “reality is cruel”, so it is important to consider this person’s reality through the other cards in the spread. If the Star card is accompanied by a fluttering card such as the Swords or the Chalice, the present happiness is likely to be the castles in the air, which is unlikely to be realized. In contrast, if the Pentacles and Wand cards appear at the same time, it will be safer, but things may not be as good as expected.

Of course, the assertion has to be considered in the light of the reality of the situation. If what is consulted does not depend on actual material, then the support of reality is another matter. Most ignorant and naive children are not sophisticated and do not harm others, and those who have experienced pain for a long time will have some empathy for the pain of others. If the stars appear, generally speaking, at the time the person involved is also considered a kind and lovely person. And because they are not bound by the world, they are able to imagine what they want, so the Star card is especially good for creative professions. In addition, as long as it does not require a financial basis, and the ultimate goal is not material, the Star card still means a good assertion. For example, back packing and spirituality – if what the person is seeking is about feeling and intuition, the situation will be good.

The Star Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Wish-fulfillment, full of creativity, inspiring, idealist, bright future, hope, expectation, things to be hoped for, things to be expected, trust, belief, confidence, intention, purpose, usage, goal, need of the situation, significant, recovery, renewal, fresh start, renewal, renewing subscription, improvement, revival, revitalization, spirituality

The Star card may suggest a vacation or a time when you can feel unhurried and at peace. This card is accompanied by a feeling of “time for thinking and action”. During this time, you begin to understand the connection between your subconscious mind and the material world. What you choose to express in the subconscious is entirely up to you. Because of this, your best work or your best performance come from the clearest communication with the subconscious mind.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Meet the ideal lover, develop from friends to lovers, bursting with love

A new romance looms on the horizon, expanding and spreading at the same time. You’re about to walk into someone’s life, bring a new relationship model to the other person, and turn the impossible into the possible.

Status: You are entering the early stages of your romantic relationship and are beginning to plan for a long-term future, both as lovers and as friends.

Romance: There will be new love, but whether you can grasp it depends on your own initiative. If in any circumstances, you are in a passive state, then there are few opportunities.

Opinion: This relationship fills you with anticipation for the future. You both have a lot of plans for the future, and hope to cooperate with each other to realize them.

Emotional reunification: If you broke up peacefully before, it’s easy to get back together.

Career & Education

Keywords: Unique creativity, a bright future, the ability to achieve high goals, a flourishing career, an optimistic academic outlook, curiosity about schoolwork, benefiting from a unique way of reading, improved performance

Although you are not satisfied with your present job situation, you believe that things will get better and opportunities will eventually come to you. For example, your work will sell very well; your company’s stock will be listed and the price shows an increase; and your ideal job will gradually show up in front of you.

Status: Since you have a clear goal in your work, you should seize the opportunities related to the goal, and don’t let other things distract you.

Suggestion: You should try to think outside the box with your creativity, and come up with wild ideas to solve problems at work.

Relationship: Colleagues in the workplace are easy to get along with, and they can help each other even if they have no business dealings. As long as you are willing to put in the effort, you can be good friends with them.

Development: The future of this job is bright. You should set a goal, neither distract yourself nor take the wrong path.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: New sources of financial resources, utilization of intuition may lead to get extra income, happy communication with friends who have crossed hobbies, complementary friendship, meeting ideal friends 

This is a good time for you to have good financial luck. Your financial situation may change greatly. You will earn more than expected, so you will have extra money to make financial investment plans and make profit from them.

Interpersonal Relationships: You have many friends who can help each other. But sometimes you will be dragged down by your friends, because you have paid too much without any reservations.

Suggestion: In all things you must do your best within your means.

Wealth: Your luck is good, you are self-sufficient and therefore you can help others.

Suggestion: It is more suitable for long-term investments. Do not expect to make profits in the short term.

Health & Life

Keywords: Excellent physical condition

Your chronic illness is suddenly and miraculously cured, and you have found ways to maintain your health, i.e. relaxing behaviors such as spa or spending time with friends. You begin to realize that the harmony between body and mind is not a theory but a fact.

Other Meanings of the Card

Suitable for travel to ecologically sound areas, a slight love of cultural monuments, a preference for art, obtaining patents

The Star Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Lack of imagination, disillusionment, over-ambitious, missed opportunities, stubbornness, no way to balance ideal and reality, lack of confidence, lack of trust, untrustworthy, despair, loss of hope, loss of confidence, cut off, surrender

At present, you are not exposed to the source of your subconscious energy, and you may feel restricted by life or disconnected from the source of your creativity. This card may represent an artist or someone who has made a career out of being creative, who seems unable to come up with new ideas. You currently lack inspiration because you can’t touch your subconscious mind.

Maybe you think it’s necessary to have a rest, take a vacation or have more freedom. But what you need is freedom of thought, not freedom of the body. When the star card is reversed, it means that the connection between the soul and life or the world is cut off. Therefore, emptiness, loneliness or shrinking into intelligence can happen, which can lead to a lack of confidence that “things will get better in the future”.

It may also indicate that you have lost your purpose, which is what you were supposed to do in your life. Things can neither bring you the satisfaction you once enjoyed, nor can you give them the promise you once had. It is time to return to the Tower card so that you can exclude what is no longer of value to your life and further discover a clear, simple connection to your subconscious.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: No spiritual connection with each other, too high expectations in the face of love, progressing but finally giving up due to physical and mental exhaustion, no way to fall in love with each other, expectations are not met, judging people by their appearance, there is an unresolvable gap between the two, secret love

If you are still single, you may have no confidence in yourself, and often fall into the pain of unrequited love. You are either self-absorbed and all your efforts are not reciprocated. If you already have a partner, you are emotionally suspicious and jealous, easily triggering tension between the two of you.

Status: The two of you are still too idealistic about your feelings and do not know each other very well, so you should be a little more pragmatic.

Romance: Now there’s a new romance emerging. But it is often the case that what can be seen may not be obtained in hand, so that if you do not make an effort to pursue it, then everything will fall short.

Opinion: The relationship has just developed not long ago and is somewhat disappointing.

Emotional reunification: You two will never get back together. If you look at the future pragmatically, you will find that there is no common future for you two.

Career & Education

Keywords: Although the creativity is endless but in the end it comes to nothing, the source is wrong, not trusted by colleagues and supervisors, frustrated by exams, too high expectations, ideals do not meet reality, need to improve study methods, haste, things do not go as expected, work is not smooth

You lack inspiration and are unable to come up with new ideas at work, so your performance at work is mediocre and you are unable to gain recognition from people around you. You may be forced to stop or change your work plan because of unsatisfactory execution.

Status: When you encounter a situation at work where you don’t know what to do, you should plan before act. You should find out what your top management is thinking, instead of reading arbitrarily and following your own understanding.

Suggestion: This is the time to open your mind, try to absorb everyone’s views and compare them with each other to choose the best solution.

Relationship: In this work, the help of colleagues is very important. Without the support of your colleagues, you will not complete the task even if you are capable.

Development: The future of this job is not bad, but there are also some unknown changes, so you should have a basic forecast for the future.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Suffering unexpected financial losses, no way to get the expected benefits, overly self-conscious, demanding of others, disappointed in friends, meaningless conversation

You lack the concept of money, have a strong desire for consumption and spend a lot of money, so it is not only difficult for you to save money, but you are likely to encounter financial disputes. You need to establish the correct concept of financial management and spend money wisely, so as not to get into trouble.

Status: You have a good relationship with friends, which is mutually beneficial. But if you stop giving, they will stop helping you, too.

Suggestion: You need to increase income and reduce expenditure, so that relationships won’t be embarrassed by economic problems. 

Wealth: Be pragmatic, and don’t do anything that is vague. Otherwise, a lot of money will be lost.

Suggestion: Don’t be overly optimistic about the future. For long-term investments, it is better to secure the profit in time.

Health & Life

Keywords: Mental emptiness, boredom

Your health is very poor and your mental state is unstable. Not only are you physically and mentally exhausted, but you may even have the idea of getting tired of and abandoning the world.

Other Meanings of the Card

Suitable for relatively quiet outdoor places

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