Temperance XIV

An angel is pouring water representing soul and life from one Chalice into another. Some say that the water in the Chalice held in the right hand represents the consciousness, and the one in the left hand represents the unconscious, while others say they represent matter and spirit respectively. However, in any case, at least everyone sees an interaction in the card picture. No matter where the water comes from and where it goes, it is flowing. Isn’t the activity a kind of reconciliation and purification? The angel stands with one foot in the water and one foot on the shore. According to western culture, water represents the inner spiritual world, while the land represents the outer material world, so the angel standing like this just indicates everyone’s wandering life in the material and spiritual worlds. The foot in the water represent reality, and the foot on the shore represent emptiness. This is the metaphor for the theme of this card, suggesting that people should abstain from cravings and purify their minds.

The flying wings of angels represent her ability to achieve balance. The golden hairs on her head represents wisdom, which is reflected by the golden sunshine shining on the top of the mountain in the distance. The water and flowers around her symbolize temptation. Temperance is a manifestation of surrender and self-restraint. In a world full of temptation and laissez-faire, it is very important to find your own balance. It’s wise, but it’s a bit cumbersome. The energy of restraint may not seem passionate on the surface, yet it is the calm in a hurricane. There is swirling wind all around, but there is a quiet point in the center. Everything strives to stay in balance. This is an inspiring and unified strength. Such people exude a kind of quiet strength. In peace and ease, one does not realize that success has been realized.

The name “Temperance” of the card is a key word in itself, so it should be easy to explain in theory. But the problem is that the keyword “Temperance” is too macroscopic, and it is often difficult to match the actual situation properly, causing a lot of trouble. Actually, the most important thing for this card is to capture the feeling. What does it feel like to be of temperance? Now imagine a square rubber block that is cream-colored, slightly soft but still hard, as big as two hands. Imagine what it feels like to the touch it, what it would look like when it falls on the floor and what it would look like when it is left there. The Temperance gives the impression that it is almost like that.

The concept of “Temperance” in the Tarot is very similar to our “Middle Way”, which is a bit Confucian, and is about doing everything in moderation. For instance, one shall be polite, neither too much nor too little. A bowl of water should be balanced, neither left nor right. Take care of yourself as well as others, and balance internal and external factors. But this kind of balance is different from that in justice. The balance in justice focuses more on logical and physical objects, while the balance in moderation focuses more on spiritual emotion. By maintaining flexibility and adaptability in this world, knowing how to get along with others, not forcing others to be suppressed, and convincing people with virtue, these principles of being a man we practice are almost the “Temperance”.

In particular, the Temperance emphasizes the unity of one’s inner and outer, which is not only what one says and does, but also what one wants to do, even the unity of spirit and secularity. If a person wants to be a musician, but becomes a financial analyst for money, it is not in line with the “Temperance”. When you draw the Temperance card, you should always ask yourself at first: What do I want in my heart? Then you should follow your heart. Moreover, the appearance of the Temperance card also reminds this person not to be tired of the secular framework, but to be flexible in a different way, even though the inner desire seems unrealistic, it may be realized in some way. In the above case, if this person is a music lover, but has passed the age of practice and is engaged in the business world, he or she can switch to an instrument company or record company, or become a music manager, so that the soul of loving music can be liberated and realized in some form. If people can be physically and mentally integrated, it will be very beneficial for the health of the body and soul.

Besides, the Temperance also stands for union. But this kind of union is not the combination of earthly things, but the combination of spirit. It is the combination of Red King and the White Queen in alchemy, symbolizing the process of the perfect combination of opposing elements to produce the philosopher’s Stone. Two people who unite under the prohibition card must be attracted to each other because of their souls, which is quite different from the pure romantic relationship. This kind of relationship may seem unremarkable to the world, but it brings souls to two hearts. But it also has to be said that the Temperance is closely related to the heart, so it is a card that leans very much towards spirituality and spirituality. When it comes to worldly affairs, please don’t expect that there will be a great improvement soon when you draw the Temperance card. At this stage, the most important thing is to find the right direction and ensure that you are doing what you want to do, that’s all.

Temperance Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Smooth progress, resolving disputes for others, sorting out thoughts and emotions, purifying the soul, repeatedly investigating and finding the key points, paying attention to self-demand while taking into account the wishes of others, being diligent in frugality, helping each other, maintaining balance, standing firm, counterbalance, offsetting, paying equal attention, being moderate, reasonable, patience, endurance, perseverance, steadfast and persevering (in face of difficulties), perseverance, intent, aim, purpose, goal, situational needs, significance, valuable meaning, be inclined to, intention, attempt, determination

With the ability to reconcile opposing thoughts and opposite outcomes, your heart is at peace and calm. You have learned to reconcile justice and mercy, success and failure, joy and sadness, and are thus able to moderate the various demands of life. You are tolerant of voices that disagree with you, but you do not cater to them completely. You are able to reconcile conflicting thoughts within yourself and thus achieve true tolerance.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Love is firmer, hearts which beat in unison are linked (no hint will be lost on a kindred spirit), pure love, restrained interactions, unexpected encounters, love evolved from friendship, negotiable objects, good feelings transformed into love

You approach your partner, who has been neglecting your needs for a long time, with compassion, understanding and tolerance. You discuss your situation together in an open-minded way and try to find ways to improve it and start making real changes. Before you commit to another relationship, you will take some time to consider and observe clearly whether the other person is really right for you.

Status: You two have become very close. Now it’s time to move on to the next step.

Romance: A new relationship has emerged. At first you don’t think that the other party is up to your preference. But later you find that the other party is very good in all aspects, so you want to try to have a date.

Opinion: It’s a good match.

Emotional reunification: You two are still quite easy to get back together. As long as both sides compromise a little, then there is no problem.

Career & Education

Keywords: Sharp intuition, smooth progress in grades, repeated review of courses leading to significant progress in grades, stable work status, revision of commodity prices, excellent memory, encountering personnel changes

You are looking for a new way to do your old job, and replacing the tense rhythm with a relaxed way of working that you know will be more successful. Although this success is not visible in a short period of time, you understand that your patience and perseverance will pay off in the end.

Status: At present, everything is stable, and both consumption and revenue are in the best state.

Suggestion: Everything should be done in moderation and not to extremes.

Relationship: Don’t get too close to some people in your work, and don’t alienate others. A bowl of water shall be kept horizontal, that is to say you should treat everything and everyone fairly and equally.

Development: This work has developed quite well, although there will be no explosive growth, it is in line with long-term target expectations.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: You can get considerable financial gains through working capital. You are able to get along with all kinds of people and benefit from socializing. You are never pretentious in your friendships and you are caring and considerate.

You’re tired of the endless pursuit of promotion, salary accumulation, winning the lottery and so on. You may sell or throw away things you don’t need and start living a back-to-basics, calm and straightforward life.

Status: You have good relationships with everyone, and you are the kind of person that everyone likes. But because there are so many friends in general, it leaves you with no time to spend with your close friends.

Suggestion: You should communicate and compromise in moderation and not take all the benefits alone.

Wealth: The income and expenditure are balanced, and there is a good foundation for long-term development.

Suggestion: You should diversify your investments and invest appropriately in various fields, instead of putting all your eggs in one basket.

Health & Life

Keywords: Body in good condition, good at self-regulation of body performance, good skin care

Physical discomfort makes you realize that health is a beautiful gift given by God. You will give up the traditional medical treatment, and change your attitude and mentality instead to restore good physical and mental health.

Other Meanings of the Card

Swim, travel to places where there is water, and cultivate your body and mind in the experience

Temperance Reversed Meaning

The reversed Temperance card represents the separation of a person from his or her soul. No matter what the person is doing, no matter how successful he is at it, basically he doesn’t actually know what he is doing at all. The reversed Temperance card brings a strong sense of emptiness and meaninglessness, because the person has separated from his source. No matter how luxuriant the canopy is, it is futile without the nourishment of the roots. A mindless fly can never fly out of a room by bumping around. At this point, the person must sit down and return to the most basic question: What do I want in my heart? Is what I am doing today consistent with my heart? Each person is a seed, and only by planting on the right ground for that seed can it grow into a huge tree. The fertile soil of others may not be your fertile soil.

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Lack of self-regulation, overspending, forgetting the original intention, running out of energy, unrestrained, tiresome preaching, loss of balance, imbalance, imbalance of mind, unbalanced, disorder, exceeding, excess, excessive, excessive amount, excess amount, above quota, extra, additional, self-repair, self-cure, self-treatment, self-healing, calibrating, adjusting

You have created a split between the divine nature of man and the wild nature of animals. A disorder occurs between the higher self and the lower self, resulting in uncontrollable blind behavior. You are not willing to listen to your sacred self, but you are too addicted to your personal desires. You always act aimlessly, blindly pursuing fashion.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Being half-hearted in a relationship, both sides are not good at controlling emotions, no way to adjust the position of each other in the relationship, there is no way to take the initiative to talk to each other after the friction in the relationship, no mutual understanding, a relationship that leaves both parties feeling physically and mentally exhausted

You have no concept of what kind of love life you are pursuing. Your idea is too naive, so that you are easy to fall in love with unattainable objects. Besides, you are fickle and easily shaken.

Status: For the time being, you can’t communicate effectively, and you can’t get to know each other’s ideas deeply on many things.

Romance: Reflect on yourself and see if the feelings you want really exist in reality.

Opinion: Both parties in the relationship are unable to master their emotions, venting their frustrations at will, with no way to return to reason.

Emotional reunification: There’s no way to get back together. Leave and give yourself a breathing space.

Career & Education

Keywords: Too emotional in the face of tedious work, career goes into a trough, the offer is unilaterally cancelled, mental slackening, the project is not progressing smoothly, the results are declining

You have no plan or a goal in your life. This is reflected in your work, which shows that you are scattered and ineffective, and that you do not get things done efficiently, thus losing the basic trust of others.

Status: It’s a bit like a mouse in a bellows who suffers indignities at both ends. No matter what you do, it will bring new problems.

Suggestion: Get your part done and don’t bother with so much. If you don’t screw yourself up, there will be no big problem.

Relationship: The interpersonal relationships in the workplace are rather complicated. No one can find fault with you as long as you can correct your words and deeds and make things perfect.

Development: The future prospects of this work is just so-so, and there will be no major changes. Now it has entered the stage of infighting.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Extravagance and wastefulness, financial disputes with others, splitting the bill with others, offending others due to lack of control over one’s emotions, being physically and mentally exhausted due to many social engagements, not getting along with friends

You blindly pursue fashion and fashions, have no personal taste, and can not have wealth because of waste.

Status: Feeling unable to work with others, you keep a certain distance from them all.

Suggestion: Put down the stereotypes and labels in your mind and reflect on whether your views of others are a little extreme.

Wealth: Don’t partner with others or lend money to others.

Suggestion: It is not suitable for any investment activities now. Even if you want to invest, you should settle your account first to avoid potential troubles in the future.

Health & Life

Keywords: Irregular living habits, unstable mental state, depleted physical energy, loss of appetite

You can easily become obese due to overeating, which can cause various diseases and thus endanger your life.

Other Meanings of the Card

Lengthy lectures, disagreements, failed collaboration

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