Death XIII

The Death is riding on a white horse with a red feather on his head and a flag in his hand. He stands tall, overlooking the creatures of the earth, holding a black flag with the totem of the Rose Cross. Some people say that this totem represents the process of gaining new life after death, while others say that this totem corresponds to the planet Mars, which represents the immortal vitality. Under the horse of death, there are the king, the priest, the woman and the child, representing the four views of all beings on death. The king resisted death and was eventually crushed by the wheels under the hoof of death. The priest put his mark on the ground as a sign of respect for the Death, and folded the hands to pray for the Lord’s guidance to enter heaven. The woman fainted on the knees because of fear of death. Only the innocent child, with childlike curiosity, watches the Death because of ignorance. The four people have four states of mind, whether it is resistance, reverence, panic or ignorance, all stating the same truth: whether rich or poor, male or female, old or young, death is an irresistible natural phenomenon from which there is no way to escape, nor is there any need to escape.

The river in the distance is one of the four rivers flowing through the Garden of Eden. There is a boat on the river, just at the foot of the Death. In the front, there is an arrow pointing to a cave-like place, which may be Dante’s passage to the underworld in the Divine Comedy. All mortals can not escape death, but when life comes to an end, it means the birth of new life. The path on the right in this card picture leads to a place between the two towers, symbolizing the eternal sunrise, representing the mysterious trip to Jerusalem, and standing for that death is never the end of all. The white horse of the Death is also the symbol of purity. It marks the washing away of all that has passed and the beginning of everything anew. The Death heralds the forgetting of the past and the attainment of new life.

When speaking of “death”, we usually only pay attention to physical death, such as accidents, serious illness, etc., but in fact, in the Tarot cards, such catastrophic events are more used as a token.The Death usually represents more other forms of endings, and such endings can be said to occur constantly every day, every minute and every second (of course, in the help of other cards such as the Tower and Ten of Swords, the possibility of individual death can not be ruled out). Leaving a company can be said to be an end, finishing a thesis can be said to be an end, and even if some dead skin is removed at night. Major events include the termination of contracts and marriage relationships, as well as small things like sleeping at night and getting up in the morning. We all live with such kind of endings all the time. So it’s not a big deal to draw a death card.

But everyone is afraid of change, and it is the fear of change that causes the fear of the end of the familiar pattern. Therefore, “how to face change” is the real theme of the Death card. In the case of an upright Death, people are usually able to face the coming change. What the soothsayer has to do is to remind this person that change is coming and preparation shall be made for this purpose. Moreover, since the Death is one of the major cards, this change is ultimately irresistible, and sometimes even invited by the person involved (for example, by his own resignation).

Death Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Failure, constant doom and gloom, dead end, despair, loss, no way to escape, die without any illness, efforts to become a bubble, have unspeakable suffering, ending, final result, conclude, come to an end, final part, end of word, change, vary, alter, transform, replacement, transformation, vicissitude, changeover, metabolism, substitute, transition

The Death puts a stop to the old stuffs and makes way for the new ones. The Death card represents a period of transformation. We can say that a chapter of life is coming to an end, and your acceptance of this change will be that it will happen naturally. You should hold the belief that “life will bring something better than what it has taken from you”. Subconsciously, you may also be longing for change to happen, and the Death card means that change is just around the corner. Don’t resist the change, try to accept it.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Deepening of the gap between each other, breakup, loss of love, separation, divorce, loss of feeling for the lover

You’ve broken up with your long-time partner. At first, it’s painful to be separated from the lifestyle you’re used to, but it was a good opportunity for you to think and reflect. You gradually realize that this relationship is not suitable for you, and now you can clearly know what kind of person is your ideal partner. Therefore, you can find a happy and a fulfilling life in the end.

Status: It’s time to let go now. How can you find your own happiness if you can’t let go of the wrong person? You need to relax and accept change.

Romance: There is no new lover yet. In this period, you have to let go of the old relationship in your heart, and there will be no new romance if you can’t let go.

Opinion: Major changes have to be made in the relationship now or it will be hard to keep it going. Perhaps ending it is one of the options, and it’s about to be time to make that decision.

Emotional reunification: You will not get back together and will never see each other again.

Career & Education

Keywords: Decline in work performance, no progress in the project, lack of follow-up in the face of bottlenecks, stagnation of everything, being fired, falling to a low point in grades, unsuccessful examinations, stagnant studies, no hope for studies

You lose your job involuntarily. With the loss of a steady income, you fall into a panic. After a while, you begin to accept this fact. You may go back to school to enrich yourself, find a new job, or be lucky enough to have a career that suits you better.

Status: When you encounter a major shift at work, you have no choice but to accept it and just be prepared for the worst.

Suggestion: Accept the relief, it may not be a bad thing.

Relationship: There isn’t much interaction between people at work, and everyone is focused on their own affairs. Since all people have different interests and personalities, there is no need to make deep friendships with others.

Development: This job and your relationship has ended, and there is no point in delaying it any longer, so prepare to leave.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Extravagant nature, blind shopping, spontaneous spending, deterioration of relationship with friends, cracks in friendship, depression, death of friends or distant travel

Your company’s performance is starting to decline and the price of the stocks you’ve invested in is falling. You’ve lost your steady income, can’t pay your loans and credit card debts, and even have your house foreclosed on. You are facing an unprecedented financial crisis. But this time will pass, and you will learn a lot from this period of time and regain what you have lost.

Status: You are relatively independent in interpersonal relationships, giving others the impression that you are a little cold and arrogant and have a strong sense of hostility.

Suggestion: Since it has come to this point, there is no need to defuse anything, it is time to give up.

Wealth: The situation has taken a turn for the worse, and if you don’t handle it well, everything will be ruined. If you find that you are wrong, turn the other way.

Suggestion: The investment should be stopped immediately, otherwise the consequences will be endless. No matter how fancy people say, you should not believe them.

Health & Life

Keywords: Unexpected calamities, disregard for one’s own health, dull life

Your health has lit up red to the point where you have to undergo surgery. These are warning signs from your body that you need to start taking care of your body.

Other Meanings of the Card

No interest in the surrounding things, world-weariness, dilemma, everything goes up in smoke, unable to express one’s discomfort, like a dumb person tasting bitter herbs

Death Reversed Meaning

What is the same is the disintegration of the old pattern, while what is different is the subjective attitude of the person concerned and the time needed for this change. Due to the nature of resistance and procrastination in the inversion, the person in the inversion mostly wants to postpone the change and maintain the status quo, even though it is clear that redemption is impossible. And the only consequence of the person’s move is to prolong the time needed for the change, and at the same time to prolong his or her pain.

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Modify the plan, change the image, make a comeback, get out of the trough, thoroughly remould oneself, be brave in pioneering, be full of energy, refuse to change, oppose change, don’t want to end, forcibly renew life, purify the heart, have a good mind, improve the realm

It is possible that the reversed Death refers to extreme fear of any form of death. The slightest change can be mistaken for physical death, and you will do everything possible to resist it, because you do not want to die. This fear may cause you to indulge in old habits, bringing you a monotonous, repetitive life that masks the despair you feel at the thought of impending change.

When you don’t want to change, you have to use all your strength to stay still. And in order to have some power to live, you often squeeze energy from those around you. For now, change is necessary, but your fear of change keeps you in misery, frustration or physical exhaustion because most of your energy is spent resisting change.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Win the heart, emotional improvement, reunion of a couple after an enforced separation or rupture, sprout a new love, change your mind 

You are used to the way you are with your current partner and don’t want to make any changes. Even if the relationship makes you feel dull, you don’t want to end it because it’s safe for you.

Status: Perhaps you yourself are not very clear.  If you two feel really inappropriate, going on will only cause more harm to you.

Romance: Even if a new romance appears, you won’t find it. You should change yourself thoroughly before you think about other things.

Opinion: Many problems in relationships remain unresolved. The key to the problem lies not in you, but in the opinions of the other party.

Emotional reunification: Even now that you’re back together, your relationship has changed a little. You can be friends, but you can’t go back to the way things used to be.

Career & Education

Keywords: Performance rebound, turn for the better, do one’s utmost to save a desperate situation in face of bottlenecks, colleagues have resigned and changed their jobs, results have improved, exams run well, start a new study plan

You are not satisfied with your current job, but you are afraid to leave because of the fixed income. You will use various means to defend your job.

Status: Work shows some signs of bottoming out. Leaving at this time may be a relief, and there is no need to persist.

Suggestion: Don’t stop the disaster, because you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, and the turning point of problem solving will emerge after the problem happens.

Relationship: Although everyone is in the same boat, there is still no cooperation under departmentalism.

Development: This should be the worst scenario. You may not improve things by staying, leaving is for your own benefit.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Property lost and recovered, reconciliation with friends, forgive past misdeeds, more intimate with former friends, the unfolding of a new friendship

Your financial situation is in great crisis, which will make you lose everything you have. Since you can’t learn from your mistakes, you will only blame the God, thus it is difficult to have a chance to rise again.

Status: There are only a few good friends. Most people are not familiar with you and you have not deliberately worked on relationships.

Suggestion: There is no need to focus on relationship issues, some of them will go away naturally and there is no point in trying to deal with them.

Wealth: Your financial situation is not good, but this is the worst. The situation is no worse than it could be.

Suggestion: There’s no need to change anything. Just keep the status quo and wait.

Health & Life

Keywords: Moderate exercise is good for your health, you can overcome the disease with your own perseverance

Because you are afraid of facing future changes, your mental state is in a state of extreme anxiety, and you are prone to suffer from mental illness.

Other Meanings of the Card

Feel better, be brave in pioneering

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