The Hanged Man XII

A young man is hanging upside down from a T-shaped tree trunk with his hands tied behind his back. The man’s hands are tied behind his back in a triangle and his legs are intertwined in a cross, which together form an alchemical symbol in Western alchemy. This symbol marks the completion of a great cause, and it also implies the sublimation process from the bottom desire to morality. The variation of colors from top to bottom (red outer pants, blue top and golden halo) echoes the three tiers of the acolyte’s tiara and the three concentric circles in the Wheel of Destiny, corresponding in turn to the three realms of body, mind and spirit. Only the order leads to a perspective that exaggerates the significance of the transposition. And the golden shoes on the feet not only indicate the noble spirit of sacrifice of the upside-down hangers, but also foreshadow the status of the spirit (i.e., morality). Even if we put ourselves in the other’s shoes, morality will always come first.

The expression of the Hanged Man is calm, which shows that he is willing to make self-sacrifice. Even if his body is destroyed, his soul will live forever. He was deeply aware of this fact. Even if the situation is bad, if you wait patiently, the bad luck will pass eventually. If you look upside down at the Hanged Man, he is no longer upside down, but like a dancer in the World card. This shows that people who are upside down will eventually be able to turn around and see things as they are. The preference of “The Hanged Man” is 12, which is contrary to the World card 21. What dares to be different is the upside down world. You do what you want to do, not because you are like a fool, but because you have a deeper understanding of the world. The upside-down person with his head below and his feet above also suggests that you should see the world from a different perspective and think in a different way.

The inverted Hanged Man corresponds to Neptune and represents sacrifice and ideals. He is peaceful and serene, making a voluntary sacrifice with a deep intellectual understanding. He does not struggle, as he understands that sacrifice leads to a more valuable gain. Anything you gain requires something you pay. He is a noble martyr.

The key word of the Hanged Man is “sacrifice”, which basically covers most of the meaning of the Hanged Man. Most of the sacrifices made by the hanged people are voluntary. In ancient times, if the lower class were treated as religious sacrifices, it was actually a very respectable thing from a certain point of view. So in the view of the onlookers, although the Hanged Man was hanging upside down in such a painful position to half dead, the Hanged Man himself is mostly voluntary, and even subconsciously happy in it. In the relationship card array, the most common situation in which the person draws the Hanged Man is “bitter love”. In other words, the person is either in love with someone who does not love him, or with someone who cannot be together. If you think rationally, you should not let this relationship go on. However, no matter how friends and family persuade him, he would rather be beaten to death than turn back. Why? Because he is willing to do it. Even if this is painful, it is only the pain he wants, and the other people have no right and no power to stop.

From the advice of family and friends, we can enter into the interpretation of the Hanged Man from the social perspective. The Hanged Man is so self-sacrificing, but the society’s evaluation of him is very bad. The Hanged Man is an upside-down card, and the world that the Hanged Man sees is just the opposite of the world that the normal person sees. Positively, the Upside Down gives you a great opportunity to “see things differently”, so the Hanged Man can be considered a good card for quiet thinking. But on the other hand, if your opinion is different from that of ordinary people, how will ordinary people react? Of course they will not understand, approve or support. This situation is even more extreme in the the Inversed Waite Tarot – the group of people in front of the Hanged Man are cursing him, and “no argument” might be the best tactics for the Hanged Man at this time.

No one knows whether the sacrifice of the Hanged Man is worth it in the end. But in any case, the Hanged Man will not be able to get rid of the choice he made, but will have to continue to make sacrifices. For it is not the rope that hangs him on the cross, but his own heart. People can change, but they rarely change suddenly. The Hanged Man who has come this far will only go with the trend. That is why the time limit for the Hanged Man card is usually longer. Hence no matter what you ask, there will be no substantive progress during this time. For those who wish to make a difference, the Inverted Hanged Man card is like a quagmire or a pool of quicksand, in which it is not easy to get out. And for those who are stuck in quicksand, it is an absolute taboo to act rashly. It is not safe to do anything but think over at this time.

The Hanged Man Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Dilemma, sacrifice, blessing in disguise, suffering from difficulties and tempering so that the mind is mature, looking at things from different angles, pause, halt, extended notation, pause button, surrender, forced to give up, hand over, surrender to, yield to, hand out, dismissal, decruitment, passive resignation, new horizons, new concept, new perspectives

When you go through this period, you can benefit a lot by obeying life and letting it take you where you need to go. You should adapt to your feelings, or accept yourself, even if others think your way is strange. It may also be a symbol of your inner peace after the difficult period of your life. This is not the time to fight. Take some time to think about your past actions and your future plans. This is only a temporary state, and it should be good for you as long as you make good use of this period of time. Let the things happen naturally in life, and the result may surprise you.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: The more you explain the deeper the misunderstanding, devotional love, think about love in someone else’s perspective, love that stands the test, giving up love for the happiness of the other

The relationship between you and your partner has not been very harmonious recently. You two often disagree, sometimes arguing, sometimes cold war. In fact, if you put yourself in the position of your partner to observe and think about the same thing, you will understand the crux of the problem. The tension between you two is only temporary.

Status: You two have very different views on your relationship, but there are still many similarities. Don’t be fooled by the phenomenon of how things behave. The other person still has a lot of strengths that you haven’t noticed yet.

Romance: This is a good time for observation rather than action. You should consider your needs in this relationship, and think carefully before deciding whether to take action.

Opinion: The relationship is stable, but it also makes you feel a little stagnant. If everything you give feels like nothing in return, you should not continue to pursue it.

Emotional reunification: It doesn’t seem like breaking up at the moment, but it’s not so easy to get back to the original state. You will be stuck in this state for a while, and there is little use in taking the initiative.

Career & Education

Keywords: Undaunted by hardships, hard work will lead to success, suitable for welfare or voluntary work, empathy helps to overcome difficulties, learning a wide range of

At work, you have encountered a bottleneck that is hard to break. You are having trouble getting the raises and promotions you were hoping for. You are not well-off financially, and you have no extra savings and must use revolving interest to pay your bills. However, as long as you keep a calm attitude to face all this, you will gradually improve the situation.

Status: Now there is a very difficult problem at work, and it is not something you can solve alone. Think it over before deciding what to do.

Suggestion: You need some different perspectives and think in the opposite direction. Maybe you’ll then find a revolutionary way.

Relationship: Interpersonal relationships are not important in this work. Everyone is focused on their own things, and there is no crossover with each other, so it is good to be alone.

Development: This job is suitable for you to rest and enrich yourself, but the future development is uncertain. Do not expect too much, try to solve the immediate problems first before thinking about the rest.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Spend money to eliminate disasters, lose money for helping people, frequently play the role of losing money, having a hard interpersonal situation, not subject to the temptation of interest, one cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs, lessons learned

Status: You are very passive in human interaction and do not take the initiative to communicate with others. So your friends will be fewer, but most of them are very close friends.

Suggestion: Maybe you need to take a step back and think about it first, and not go asking the other person to change or believe you immediately. Even if things are not your fault, you have to be patient and wait for things to change.

Wealth: The current financial situation is very bad, although not to the extent of poverty. But this event has a great impact on you and you should handle it carefully.

Suggestion: You are not advised to make any investment or purchase at this time. Take your cash, wait a little longer, and think again after this period of time.

Health & Life

You need a long time to recuperate and recover, and be brave and strong in the face of the disease.

Other Meanings of the Card

Re-examine yourself and the things around you, persistence is victory

The Hanged Man Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Dashed hopes, punished for selfishness, useless work, unnecessary effort, self-destruction, lack of ability to implement, things like a bubble, delay, postponement, delayed, missed, opposition, boycott, resistance, stand up to, fight against, stalled, anchored, deliberate delay, stalling, tug-of-war, indecision, indecisiveness, selfishness

The reversed Hanged Man may suggest an inability to gain freedom beyond social pressures. It represents a tendency to listen to other people’s expectations of you, instead of listening to your inner voice. Maybe you’ve been guiding you by example all your life, instead of experiencing life directly.

It may also mean that you are fighting against your inner self in some way. Maybe you are resisting a part of yourself and unwilling to obey your spiritual goals. You may still be struggling to stay on top of your possessions, or your material life. Life requires you to reflect on your direction and your current level of mental and emotional satisfaction. However, you are trying to maintain the status quo.

You’re bound, but you’re desperate for freedom. Maybe you don’t understand the purpose of your life now or what it can bring you. Struggling is not appropriate because you cannot be free until the right time comes. If you make good use of this time, then when life requires you to step forward, you don’t have to take time to think about it. If you don’t reflect now, it may lead to longer delay or repeated patterns. There is a price to be paid for freedom.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Love that is not rewarded, no possibility of development, objects not worthy of devotion, loss of patience with feelings, separated but still in each other’s thoughts

You don’t understand how the other person needs to be treated in your relationship, so you often feel that you give a lot, but the other person can’t feel it.

Status: There is a big problem with this relationship. If you can’t understand and act correctly, you will gradually get deeper and deeper, get into the mire of feelings, and finally find that you are trying but have not succeeded, and then you will feel even worse.

Romance: There are no new romances emerging now, so please take a break.

Opinion: You feel that you have sacrificed a lot for the relationship, but it still didn’t go any further. You’ve done your best, so let it be.

Emotional reunification: Breaking up is a kind of relief. Why ask if feelings will get back together again?

Career & Education

Keywords: No way to endure the harsh environment, work in a passive situation, try hard but get nothing, things turn into their opposites when they reach the extreme, lack of organization in speech, only think about their own interests, performance regression, have no attempt to make progress, failure in exams

You often fail to get the job done, so that you make great sacrifices and still fail to succeed and get paid what you deserve.

Status: You need to sacrifice yourself at work, or no one will have good results.

Suggestion: It requires you to make some concessions and sacrifices. You need to not only focus on the overall situation, but also consider the trade-offs and pros & cons involved.

Relationship: Everyone is selfish. If there is no self-interest involved, they will all watch the fire from across the river.

Development: This job will not develop well in the future. If you want to have some development, it is better to change the job.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Emotional consumption, extravagant and wasteful, giving without gain, selfishness, fearful of interaction with others, unnecessary worry

You are not good at managing money and are not allowed to manage money. If you invest blindly, you may fail because of greed.

Status: You are the one who is more likely to be bullied or taken advantage of. Usually it’s others who make demands and you can keep principles in your heart.

Suggestion: If you have a disagreement with another person, it is better to get a friend to comment on it than to debate it yourself.

Wealth: Your fortune is at stake and you need to have the courage to stop losing money.

Suggestion: It is not advisable to invest.

Health & Life

You are prone to fractures, paralysis of limbs due to poor blood flow, and deterioration of existing conditions caused by negligence. Your recent health condition is not good and you may have to be hospitalized or perhaps undergo surgery.

Other Meanings of the Card

Wasted effort, out of touch with reality, lack of action, annoying social engagements

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