Justice XI

The meditating Goddess of Justice, dressed in a red robe and wearing a golden crown, sits on a stone bench. She holds a balance in her left hand, which symbolizes the ability to make a fair judgment on all lengths. In her right hand, she holds a sword high, symbolizing her ability to correct all distortions and hypocrisies in the world. The left foot of the goddess steps slightly outward, as if to stand up, but the right foot is still hidden in the robe, as if hesitating to make a just decision. Her gesture indicates that it is not easy to maintain a fair judgment, and that only by properly reconciling the opposition between others and self, and by reflecting on oneself with insight at all times, can the weapon and the scales play their true meaning. The square button of the goddess’ shawl has a red circle in the middle, symbolizing the harmony of the four elements, namely the earth, matter and the power of nature. The purple curtain behind her symbolizes wisdom, and the pillars on both side symbolize the righteousness and the negativity. She advocates justice, pursues fairness, and exudes a calm and severe temperament. The overall symmetrical pattern of the justice card and the neutral appearance of the Goddess of Justice imply the smooth nature of scales. At the same time, the Goddess of Justice is also the embodiment of law.

The Justice is a tarot card for justice, and logic and process are the essence of this tarot card. No matter why you ask, if you have always obeyed the law and done everything you should have done and not done anything you shouldn’t have done, you will pass with flying colors and the appearance of this card will only mean a little twist, otherwise you will have to be careful of being cut by the sword of justice. The Justice card represents the astrological sign of Libra, especially when accompanied by the Empress card, the Queen of Pentacles, or the Swords of the Crowley Tarot. Part of Libra’s theme is to make fair and good decisions, take due responsibility for the current situation, and figure out how you will handle these problems.

Justice Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Honest, just, mediating disputes for others, maintaining balance, balancing career and family (study and romance), peace-loving, fairness, impartial, just, reasonable, fair and reasonable, justice system, legal sanction, trial, actual state of affairs, actual situation, facts, real situation, authentic, veracity, truth, causality

The Justice card means that things have accomplished what they were meant to do. In other words, your past decisions or actions led to your present situation. You’ve got what you deserve, and if you’re honest enough with yourself, you must know this. It means that you should be absolutely honest with yourself and others around you. You should be responsible for yourself and the decisions that make you what you are today. Your future may change due to your current decisions, actions or understanding.

The Justice card may also suggest a legal decision in your favor, or the acquisition of something that requires the signing of legal documents. It may also refer to the successful resolution of a dispute or disagreement, or the taking of responsibility for a situation in which you should be held accountable. If the Justice card appears with the Six of Wands, it may be suggesting a promotion at work, which is the result of various decisions or past actions (i. e. hard work that has resulted in a reward).

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Rational interactions, good temperament, dating with a gentle and elegant person, both sides of the relationship are balanced with each other, relaxed interactions, honest relationships, sincere interactions, a balance between studies and romance, thinking and acting in one and the same way, the relationship is harmonious

You are about to enter into a legal contractual relationship, i.e. marriage, with your partner. You have a strong and persistent faith in love. If you find that your partner cannot cooperate, you will immediately end your marriage and take action to separate or divorce.

Status: You two are finding a balance, and you need to make a lot of compromises. It depends on the joint efforts of both of you to keep the balance between different views and needs.

Romance: Now the possibility of a new relationship is not high, mainly because you are thinking too rationally. Because you think too much, you can’t grasp a date even if it appears.

Opinion: Both of you have given and accepted a lot in this relationship. As a result, your feelings for each other have become stronger, but there may still be some things undecided.

Emotional reunification: The two of you will not get back together, at most just leave some old debts still uncleared. So if you really talk clearly, you two actually do not have any relationship.

Career & Education

Keywords: Outstanding academic performance in all subjects, giving consideration to both career and family, dealing with things with integrity and achieving success, balance between personal studies and club activities, suitable for lawyer-related work, part-time job

You want to strike a perfect balance between work and life, between the individual and the group, and between sensitivity and rationality. You don’t want to sacrifice any side for the other side. Recently, you need to reorganize your work and life, because sometimes you are too involved in your work and neglect your personal time, which leads to complaints from family and friends. There are also times when you are so focused on the enjoyment of your personal life that you delay your work. You like to work several jobs and lead a busy and fulfilling life, and you do manage to juggle these jobs well.

Status: Now the job is in a stable period and there are clear rules to follow for most things. This is also a situation you can handle without any major problems.

Suggestion: It should be handled in accordance with written regulations. Otherwise, you should look for official documents or orders as a basis, so as to take legal action when there is a real problems.

Relationship: Since all the people have common interests, they will establish healthy communication norm with each other, and everyone will try their best to maintain good interpersonal relationships.

Development: The development nature of this job depends on the system of the company. Apart from the security of the system, there are very few factors that can help you. And you should learn to correctly understand the company’s system.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Treating people fairly, be suitable for the role of resolving disputes, attaching importance to loyalty, be taken care of by the people you interact with, getting the loan approved, constant luck in moneymaking, get due reward, sense is more important than loyalty, related to the law

The lawsuit you were facing can now be ruled in your favor, and all your financial difficulties can be resolved. You may get a windfall and a new work contract. This is a good time for you to enjoy a balanced life by taking advantage of the present.

Status: You have good interpersonal skills, but sometimes you might argue with your friends over trivial matters. If you can get rid of this bad habit, you should make more good friends.

Suggestion: The rights and wrongs of things cannot be turned upside down, and one must believe that people have a sense of natural justice. If you’re right, you should stick to it, or you should apologize.

Wealth: Your financial fortune is stable and balanced, which is a very good situation. But you won’t have too much windfalls. Therefore, you should make good use of your main job at present.

Suggestion: The initial investment is not bad, but you are not fully prepared for new investment. You can wait and see at this time, and then make a final decision when the situation becomes clear.

Health & Life

Keywords: Well-built, mentally stable, suitable for couple dressing

You used to be obese because you ate too much, and you had no time to rest because you were too busy at work. All these problems can be solved now. You must use exercise to get the best physical state, and you can also get the best mental state by traveling and resting.

Other Meanings of the Card

Music-related things can cheer you up.

Justice Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Unfairness, lack of finality, determination by one’s own opinion, inability to have it both ways, imbalance, unfairness, obvious unjust, injustice, lack of responsibility, lack of obligation, dishonesty, fraud

When the justice card is reversed, it implies injustice, for example, a delay of litigation, an endless dispute that can not be settled, or mutual accusations and the transfer of accusations. Your efforts will still be rewarded, or you can still reap the fruits of your work, but this is unlikely to be a pleasant harvest. If something unfair or bad is happening in your life at the moment, it may be an opportunity to examine the seeds you have sown and learn from them.

You may not be honest with yourself or others. You are not willing to trace the cause of current events, but always blame others for your dilemma. If you are so lazy, you may lose your understanding of yourself and your life. This is not a time to expect others to teach you, but a time to help yourself. The cycle of cause and effect is still around. Until you gain insight and solve the previous problems, you will still be held hostage by someone or something. When you leave a situation hanging, it (or a situation similar to it) will repeat itself in front of you until you learn the lesson.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Not active enough, incompatible with each other’s character, disregard for the consequences of the relationship, keeping a foot in both camps, unrequited love, splitting up because of an affair, not honest enough to treat the relationship, ambiguous with the opposite sex, can not have the best of both worlds, thinking in one way and acting in another, disregard of morality

You are emotionally inattentive and often keep a foot in both camps. After being discovered, your attitude is to escape from reality. You don’t have the means to give all your love to just one person, and as long as you feel pressured, then the only way is to break up and divorce. After breaking up, you and the other party may still remain friends.

Status: There is an imbalance between the two of you. One partner may feel that he or she is giving too much and only getting very little in return, thus leading to some problems and conflicts.

Romance: A new relationship is now possible, but you need to take the initiative to look for it. Instead of missing every day, it is better to take the initiative to fight for the object you like.

Opinion: You feel that there are many things you haven’t thought through, so it is difficult to make important decisions. Maybe after spending a little more time together, you can unravel the doubts in your mind.

Emotional reunification: The two of you have absolutely no possibility of getting back together, just still feel a lot of resentment. It’s best to pay off the debts owed to each other as soon as possible, so as not to get entangled after the breakup.

Career & Education

Keywords: Serious imbalance of scores in various subjects, failure due to adherence to stereotyped routines, lack of ability or self-confidence, misbehavior, test failures, overestimation of self

You may overestimate your ability, take on a workload that is beyond your ability, or do a job that is too difficult so that none of the work is done well. In this case, you will not only be criticized, but also have a negative influence on your self-confidence. Your work attitude is so paranoid that you often do wrong things. If something goes wrong at work, you will fall into an endless dispute with the people concerned. You may point fingers at each other and shift the blame. A bad day at work may bring you a lawsuit, which may drag on for a long time.

Status: You may encounter legal or rule-related problems in the workplace that you can’t solve by yourself. In fact, legal problems should be solved by legal means.

Suggestion: When faced with unfair treatment, it should be resolved through formal channels. If you deal with it privately with a personal relationship, not only will it not be solved but there will be more problems.

Relationship: In the workplace, everyone is divided into different factions, each of which has different interests to defend. At this time, you should think rationally. If you do not make a choice, your situation will be more difficult.

Development: The work system itself is not good for you. So no matter how hard you work, you are always half a beat behind others or inferior to others, so you may consider changing your job.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Lack of moral values, goody-goody fellow, be in a dilemma, too critical for friends, financial crisis, not revealing money to others, encountering debt disputes

You are not good at financial management, and the imbalance of income and expenditure will often result in a series of deficits in your account books, which will trigger your financial crisis. Without control, your life will be stretched to the limit.

Status: Since you are rather harsh to people, only a very few good friends can tolerate you. Most people stay away from you and your interpersonal relationship is not very good.

Suggestion: A person can be confused, but his mind can not be confused.

Wealth: You are currently in a deficit situation and struggling to make ends meet. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, take it easy and you will eventually solve the problem.

Suggestion: Investing is not something you should do. Don’t hold unrealistic expectations. If someone wishes to partner with you, you are advised not to say yes, otherwise strife will continue.

Health & Life

Keywords: Unproportionate body shape, no way to control weight, have partiality for a certain variety of food

You pay little attention to your health. Under pressure from various sources and situations, you may suffer from anorexia or bulimia, which will lead to physical and mental imbalance.

Other Meanings of the Card

Feel bored with shopping and have no long term love for anything.

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