Wheel of Fortune

This is the only major card in the Tarot that does not have a figure in the picture, yet it has a very rich and profound meaning. The Wheel of Fortune is hanging in the blue sky. Similar to the Pope’s three-tiered crown, the Wheel of Fortune is also composed of three tiers. The innermost circle has no symbols in it, representing emptiness and symbolizing the creation of all things. The middle circle has four alchemical symbols on it, corresponding to the ancient Western saying about the four elements of the composition of matter, symbolizing the formation of all things. The outermost circle is the circle representing the material world, in which the four letters of TARO are oriented at the top, right, bottom and left. These four letters can form the words ROTA (wheel), ORAT (speak), TORA (law), and ATOR (goddess Hathor), which can form a complete sentence: “The wheel of Tarot speaks the law of the goddess Hathor”. The goddess Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of music, love and beauty, the equivalent of Venus in Greek mythology. In the circle of the material world, the symbols of the other four directions are the Hebrew letters, “YHVH”, which is the oldest name of God.

On the left side of the Wheel of Fortune is the evil god in Egyptian mythology, with the head of the serpent facing downward foreshadowing the sinking in life. Anubis, on the other hand, carrying the Wheel of Fortune, foreshadows the desire to carry fate on his back. As for the sphinx at the top of the Wheel of Fortune, it is said to be a symbol of wisdom, and the sword in its hand represents reflection, perhaps saying that facing life and thinking about the true meaning is the way to reach good fortune. In the four corners of this card picture there are the lion, the flying eagle, the angel and the sacred cow. These four animals correspond exactly to the symbols on that circle in the middle of the Wheel of Fortune, representing the four fixed signs and the four elements respectively, among which: the eagle represents Scorpio, which is water; the lion represents Leo, which is fire; the bull represents Taurus, which is earth; and the man represents Aquarius, which is wind. They are all reading books and learning wisdom, while the wings give them the ability to remain stable in the midst of change.

The Wheel of Fortune card is one of the few cards in the Major Arcana that does not feature a person. In fact, there is not a single person in the picture of this card at all, so in essence this card has nothing to do with the individual either. Or more precisely, whether the person in question is experiencing highs or lows of life at this time, the main cause of this situation is not the person himself/herself. Therefore, there is absolutely no need for the person to be complacent or self-denying about what he or she is currently experiencing. But at the same time, there is nothing that the person can do to change the current situation through any autonomous action.

As a divination tool, there must be some elements related to destiny. The Wheel of Fortune is one of the few cards in the Tarot that expresses the “force majeure” of the human world. For those who believe in Karma of past lives, the appearance of this card could be taken as a manifestation of retribution. For those who do not believe in the cycle of karma, you could deem it as a number that God just happened to throw when he shakes the dices. Since the Wheel of Fortune manifests the irresistible cycle of heaven and natural rhythms, its effective time is supposed to be very long.

The Wheel of Fortun Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Take control of the timing, opportunity knocks, transformation period, windfall, decisive decision, a stroke of luck, restoration, good luck, karma, all good and evil will be rewarded, life cycle, life cycle, fate, heavenly principles, God’s will, mandate of heaven, the power that rules things, God of Destiny, turning point

Usually the Wheel of Fortune symbolizes changes in your life situation. Maybe you don’t understand why these changes have taken place, but here, how you deal with them is more important. Are you going to embrace the opportunities that life offers you or are you going to resist change? This upright card is telling you that you have to adapt to these changes.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: A fateful encounter, love at first sight, encounter with a new object of desire, sudden confession, happy marriage

The existing love life could no longer satisfy the needs of your soul. You may try to communicate with your partner in the hope that both parties can help each other and grow in the realm of love. If you two can’t reach a consensus, you may resolutely leave your partner to find a new love. Perhaps you’ll start your relationship by taking bolder moves that you were afraid to take before, for instance: having dinner with a stranger, meeting someone online, meeting someone on a trip, etc. You know that suppressing emotions and resisting changes might lead to an imbalance in physical and mental health, so it’s better to let go, release your emotions and accept any changes.

Status: Now that the development of the relationship is about to enter the next stage, you should let go of unwanted worries and concerns and face together with your partner what is going to happen down the road.

Romance: There may be love at first sight. And you can dress yourself beautifully every day if you want to fall in love, always ready to meet each other with others.

Opinion: This is a relationship that is destined to happen. No matter what takes place, you insist on being with your partner. Even after all the storms, you still cherish the relationship between the two of you.

Emotional reunification: The fact that the two of you are back together is not at all surprising. Even if the relationship has completely broken down at that time, there is still a great chance that you can get back together, everything is already predetermined in the underworld.

Career & Education

Keywords: Good luck, certainty of future, unexpected good news, flexible plan, will be assisted by others, change of study style will be beneficial, good luck in examinations, promotion is expected

You are in a new stage of work, and you may decide to leave your current mediocre job to pursue your dream career. You are not afraid of change. In life, sometimes we just need to have the adventurous spirit of taking a step forward, otherwise life will be like a stagnant pool without joy.

Status: You are in a very lucky period at present. Even if you don’t work hard, you are very comfortable in current career.

Suggestion: In many things, you should follow the trend and don’t go against the trend of the times. You should keep calm in the face of problems. As long as you have a good direction, things will naturally be solved.

Interpersonal Relationships: You have a good interpersonal relationship in this job and can make many new friends. You should seize this opportunity to set up your own network.

Development: In this job, you will have a good development prospect. Besides being optimistic, you should work hard, or you may miss some opportunities for promotion or transfer.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Temporary income, windfall, unexpected help from competent people, ability to adapt to the world, favorable social environment, ability to do as one sees fit, adaptability, being either rich or expensive.

You may sell real estate, stocks and securities that are not performing as well as expected, and instead invest in growth stocks or other targets. Then you may start your own company, doing work that interests you and making money for yourself.

Status: You are the kind of person who has a lot of friends, and every time you change your environment new friends will appear. Over time you will accumulate a lot of good friends, and they will be of great help to you.

Suggestion: In fact, many things are coincidental. If you really feel that the two of you have run out of fate, then do not try to force it.

Wealth: Now your fortune is very good, there will be some unexpected wealth and you can earn a lot of money. You should seize this opportunity and plan for long-term development.

Suggestion: Now it is the time when you can make a profit by investing. If you haven’t invested before, you can try it at this time, but you should also pay attention to the timing of investment changes.

Health & Life

Keywords: Get better in temperament, recover from illness.

You can make yourself more healthy and attractive through exercise and diet control.

Other Meanings of the Card

Photography, painting, influenced more by hobbies, get the opportunity, act immediately.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Wrong judgment, depressed mood, bad luck, dilemma, calm down, temporary happiness, fail to keep an appointment, be out of luck, fall on evil days, really have a bad time, tough luck, refusal to change, opposition to change, change-resistant mentality, resisting reform, resistance to reform, ending cycle, breaking cycle

When the Wheel of Fortune is reversed, the changes that occur may be more difficult. It implies that one should try to fight these events, but usually in vain. The universe contains forces greater than each individual, so we must try to understand exactly what this change is going to teach us. Perhaps there is a repeating pattern in your life that may mean that life will evolve in the same form again, so as to show its challenges and allow you to deeply appreciate the lessons in this process. The seasons are always changing, but there are fewer and fewer opportunities in life, so it is more important to reflect on what you have done in the past.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Lack of essentials in interpersonal communication, unstable relationship, failed marriage, short-lived relationship, cooled passion, be jilted in love, missed opportunities.

The relationship between you and your partner has changed dramatically. Due to the busy real life, the passion between the two of you is fading, and the life between the two of you is becoming more and more boring and lacking spiritual communication. Such a situation causes the two of you to drift apart, and your partner may leave you for another new romance. After the breakup, you can’t get out of the sweetness and hurt of the past relationship, so you can’t accept a new love.

Status: You are facing a big change in your relationship, and you feel that it is difficult to make a choice between two sides. Your decision at this time will have a big impact on the future.

Romance: A new relationship will appear now, but not necessarily in your ideal form. You can try to accept, or give up and choose to wait a little longer instead.

Opinion: It’s a coincidence that this relationship has come to this point, but you don’t have very specific ideas about what to do next, although you feel that the relationship is changing.

Emotional reunification: The two of you have always been in and out of relationships, but even if you get back together again, it is difficult to stabilize. You should think clearly before making a final decision.

Career & Education

Keywords: Trying best but without accomplishing anything, inefficiency, misunderstood by colleagues or leaders, having your hopes dashed, having low performance, being prone to mistakes, not having a clue

You may have encountered a major setback at work, where your plans could not be executed because you ran into general circumstances or personnel obstacles and had to start over.

Status: You are currently experiencing a major change at work, something that is beyond your control, so you should remain calm and not panic.

Suggestion: In the face of inevitable major changes, you must not just stand still. If you can keep up with the pace of change, you may be able to turn a crisis into a turnaround.

Interpersonal Relationships: The interpersonal relationships in this job are quite important, and even if people don’t cooperate with each other, they still have an impact on each other. If interpersonal relationships are not handled well, you might be tripped up by someone behind your back.

Development: There will be big changes in this job, and there may be big trouble when it comes, so you have to think about whether to accept the challenge or disappear first.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Overspending, deception, misunderstandings, unstable relationships, trying your best but often working for nothing, disagreements with friends, deteriorating conditions, hardship of life

Your financial situation is in serious crisis, and your previous investments in stocks, securities, real estate, etc., have been affected by the downturn. Instead of making money, you have lost a lot.

Status: Nowadays, the interpersonal relationship is more complicated. Some of your friends don’t seem to know you that well, but still ask you out for fun or favors, making it a bit difficult for you to cope.

Suggestion: Don’t rush to make a judgment. Ask other friends to discuss it first. Sometimes what you need is to brainstorm and have the patience to solve problems.

Wealth: Your fortune is undergoing a structural change which, if properly seized will bring you great gains, but if mistakes are made the consequences will be irreversible.

Suggestion: Don’t be overly optimistic about your investments and seek professional help if necessary, as you’re bound to lose your money if you mess around on your own.

Health & Life

Keywords: Depressed mood, possibility of deterioration of illness

You are used to suppressing your feelings and resisting all changes. This kind of psychology will make you easily suffer from physical and mental imbalance in real life. You must change your attitude towards life, learn to “let go”, and make changes from the habits in daily life, so as to improve your physical and mental state.

Other Meanings of the Card

Temporary good luck, breaking an appointment, boredom with things, a monotonous life.






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