The Magician I

The Tarot Magician is performing a spell. He holds a wand high in his right hand and points to the sky to summon magical powers, while the index finger of his left hand points to the earth, symbolizing that he is the bridge that unites heaven and earth and dominates everything on earth. On the table in front of him rests the Wand (Fire Element), the Cup (Water Element), the Sword (Wind Element) and the Pentacle (Earth Element), representing both the 4 decks of the Minor Arcana Tarot and the symbol of the 4 elements. The red robe he wears represents passion and initiative, and the white profane suit represents inner purity and wisdom. He has endless creative power and potential, but needs the assurance of a strong will and purity of heart. His belt is a serpent, which under this circumstance does not represent evil, but symbolizes wisdom and inspiration. The figure of eight lying above his head represents the infinite power of his magic. The pattern of this tarot card is surrounded by flowers, red roses symbolizing passion and white lilies symbolizing wisdom. The bright yellow background foreshadows future success. The Magician is numbered 1 in the Tarot, signifying the beginning of everything, and also plays the role of communication between the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

The Magician receives energy from the sky (inspiration) and channels this energy into something concrete and real – the land. That means he translates ideas into something that we can see and touch. He uses his willpower to produce concrete results. He is not pushed by the trends of life, but acts for himself in these trends and makes concrete achievements.

The Magician Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Driven by curiosity to investigate, originality, potential for growth, new plans and success, happy beginnings, appearance, performance, manifestation, representation, wit, resourcefulness, wisdom, abundant resources, control, influence, manipulation, domination, regime, ability, opportunity, drive, propulsion, rapid movement, rapid advancement, inspiration

This is the right time to embark on something new. The right time, the right opportunity, the right motivation to make your efforts worthwhile. It’s a good time for getting into action and making plans happen. Since you’ve already laid a good foundation for achieving your plans, new adventures are likely to come to fruition. A clear sense of direction and the implementation of willpower greatly enhance the likelihood of success.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Minds think alike, showing love, entering the next stage, strong control, fast mood changes, the emergence of a new lover, tacit understanding of the partner

A new relationship will unfold, and the other person will be very popular with the opposite sex. Both of you are practical people, and your personalities are complementary to each other. The two of you will work well together and will not be affected by traits. The two of you can taste the joy of love together and will keep each other fresh by constantly changing the place and way of dating.

Status: You are passionate in your relationships and have the ability to express yourself and communicate. This, coupled with the fact that you are very simple in your motives, should make for a rich period of affection.

Romance: In fact, the object of a new romance has already appeared, but you did not notice it. If you look carefully at the environment you are in, taking the initiative will certainly lead to results.

Opinion: This is a very promising relationship, but it is still just in the beginning stages. You should take the initiative to put in the effort in this relationship for a good future.

Emotional reunification: There is absolutely no possibility of getting back together in this relationship. Maybe there is already a new love, or a better one is about to appear, so don’t waste time on your ex.

Career & Education

Keywords: Studying hard, working efficiently, thinking fast, deploying resources, strategizing, progressing well, extraordinary intelligence, rich imagination

In terms of work, you are flexible, creative, and efficient in handling things properly. You are very detail-oriented and can make the most of your learning. Your creativity in the workplace may be recognized by others, making you suitable for a career in the arts. In addition, because you like to work in a job full of innovation, you are also suitable for technical innovation, announcer, mass media and other related jobs.In terms of academic performance, you are very interested in learning and work hard, and you can read in a new way and get good grades.

Status: You are faced with a new job that is very well resourced. As long as you can seize the opportunity and give full play to your initiative, you will get what you want.

Suggestion: You need to use new ideas and methods to deal with problems. You need to take advantage of upcoming opportunities to break through, and sometimes consider assigning new people to take charge of the matter.

Interpersonal Relationships: The most important thing in the workplace is to communicate with others, which will help you develop relationships, broaden your path and make things go more smoothly.

Development: This work has a lot of room for future development, but there are still many things that have not been shaped and standardized, and you can create more self-worth in this job.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Good popularity, love to make friends, good at management, focus in interpersonal relationships, perfect plan, large room for development, success, determination and good start

In terms of personal relationships, your popularity is good and you like to make more friends. You know how to interact with different people, find mentors and friends from them, and develop a deep relationship with them. You are a smart person. In terms of finance, you are business-minded and know how to seek people as partners who complement your own personality. You pay attention to income and output, and can get what you want at a reasonable and fair price.

Status: You’re facing a new relationship structure, but there’s plenty of room for you to get involved and create, so take advantage of the opportunity to make good relationships with your new friends.

Suggestion: You should take the initiative to communicate to resolve misunderstandings, many things are not really a problem as long as they are talked about. Don’t let a momentary misunderstanding affect the relationship between each other.

Wealth: Everything is still in its infancy, but there is still a lot of room for growth. This is the time when you need to get things done step by step to get what you deserve.

Suggestion: Considerations must meet a variety of different needs. Since you still have a great deal of dominant rights, however, there will be some room for autonomy. there will be some room for self-exertion and autonomous play.

Health & Life

Keywords: Mentally stable, suitable for intellectual dressing, rich knowledge for proper health care

All problems regarding health can be solved. Being sick is an alarm bell for you, telling you that something is missing in your life, it could be a good rest or a balanced diet. Whatever the problem is, if you could listen to your body’s needs and rely on your own willpower and natural convalescence, you are bound to get great improvements.

Other Meanings of the Card

You like to read and gain knowledge and pleasure from it. There may be short trips. You are fond of language learning and enjoy picnics in the countryside. You have a keen motor nerve and are suitable for debates. You are good at imitation and benefit from it. You are smart, resourceful and changeable, so that everything goes well.

The Magician Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Indecision, defeat due to incompetence in learning skils, l too negative view of things, easy to be deceived, failure to do what you say, operation, manipulation, manipulation, nudging, handling, poor planning, man proposes while God disposes, slight oversight in spite of careful deliberations, unrecognized talents, potential

Exercising control over other people may lead to the destruction of them, by means that may be underhanded, or by any method he desires, which may include sorcery, hired assassination, or doing it by himself. You may also commit acts that violate society. You may become impractical and cause mental, emotional or physical health problems. You could become aimless and lack self-discipline.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Inexpressive, easily deceived, unable to see the advantages, negative view of the future, no progress in love, pay attention to the behavior of your partner

When in love with someone, you are not good at expressing it to your intended person and lack love skills. You are easily deceived by sweet talkers and thus get hurt emotionally. After entering marriage, you are not good at managing your feelings and may become moody. You have no way to be devoted to your feelings, and if you don’t adjust, you may also become cold and heartless, thus failing to communicate with your partner and eventually bringing your marriage to an end.

Status: You are passionate in your relationships, but sometimes seem to be too impulsive. This may lead to concealment and deception if there is a miscommunication.

Romance: It is very likely that a new relationship will happen, but it will take a while because the conditions are not very mature. This is a time when observation is more important than action.

Opinion: This relationship now falls into a situation of poor communication. If you don’t say something, there may be a big misunderstanding and you will have to put a lot of effort into resolving it.

Emotional reunification: There is no possibility of getting back together in this relationship. Even if you turn back, you can’t get a complete love, so don’t waste any more time on your ex.

Career & Education

Keywords: Poor performance, inactive work, insufficient expertise, failure, negative attitude, haste, indecisiveness, mediocre talent, lack of skills

In terms of academic performance, you may fail exams and get unsatisfactory grades due to your lack of effort. You need to change your study methods and put more effort into your studies in order to achieve the expected results. In terms of work, you tend to get bored with your job because it remains the same, and you might get stuck in a vicious circle so that could do nothing at work.

Status: You are facing a new job that is not well resourced and does not run on a regular basis. So you’d better weigh your strengths first and get your share of the work done.

Suggestion: You should focus on your work and report any problems or difficulties you encounter. If your leader is unable to provide support, you will have to figure out what to do on your own. 

Interpersonal Relationships: Miscommunication may occur at work, so be careful when you speak and don’t get caught up in factional fighting. Stay neutral to protect yourself. 

Development: This job has a good room for development in the future, but at the same time, it also has to go through many reforms and twists and turns. If you can stick to it, you should be able to achieve something. 

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Lack of sincerity in treating people, spending like a sailor, backstabbing, no judgment, no creativity

In terms of interpersonal relationships, you don’t know much about the worldly wisdom and only think for yourself. Due to the lack of sincerity in dealing with people, you could only maintain a false perfume on the surface, and you are prone to lose trust and could not make sincere friends. In terms of finance, you don’t know how to manage money and squander wantonly. You are greedy for money from the bottom of your heart and are prone to fraud and gambling, which can lead to loss of a family fortune.

Status: You are faced with a new relationship structure, and everything you used to be is no longer reliable, so seize the opportunity to treat your new friends in a way that will only benefit you but not hurt you.

Suggestion: This is the time when you need to communicate more tactfully, so that your meaning will not be misunderstood by the other side. If you can listen to other people’s thoughts, it will help you to judge the situation of events.

Status: At present, you are in a fledgling stage, so be careful of all kinds of traps and deceptions. Don’t be presumptuous. You should be more conservative at this time. 

Suggestion: Fraud or defective products are likely to be encountered, so be extra cautious. Especially when it comes to inspection and acceptance, you should strictly control and avoid unnecessary disputes.

Health & Life

Keywords: Mental tension and need for rest, emotional impatience and excitement, overloading of respiratory organs or brain, dressing out of tune

You have a lot of ideas and a strong desire to realize them, but you are incapable of concretizing these ideas, which will cause you mental troubles. As time goes by, the cumulative result of this phenomenon can lead to hallucinations, schizophrenia, mental breakdowns and severe depression.

Other Meanings of the Card

Cancellation of travel plans, traffic jams, failure to compete due to cowardice, failure to listen to others

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