The Fool 0

The Tarot Fool stands on the edge of a cliff wearing colorful clothes and a hat like a clown, dancing with his hands and head held high.

He is reckless and ignorant. In the right hand he holds the scepter, a symbol of power, which is precisely the wand in the hands of a magician, rumored to have the magic power to manipulate the world. There is experience in the bag hanging above the wand. He just takes it casually and doesn’t know how to use it. But the laurel on his head represents the possibility of success. He has a pure heart that believes in dreams. In the left hand he holds a white rose. White symbolizes purity, rose symbolizes passion, and at the same time it represents innocence. The little white dog at his feet is a symbol of fools, who always act by instinct like animals. Looking at the sky without fear of the cliff under his feet, he seems to be delighted. Even if he is about to fall from the cliff, he seems to believe that life will support him.

The distant mountains symbolize his future journey. He is always bathed in white sunlight, for he is a spirit in search of experience. The fool is a person who lives in the present and is experiencing the power of the “now”. Those who live in the past or future may think he is foolish to be so attached to what is in front of him, because they do not realize that the greatest power we have in life is the one we have in this moment. We don’t have the power to change the past, and it’s often difficult to know exactly what the future holds, but we do have the power to change the present. What we do, feel and believe in this moment is something that we already have. Only the sun, which shines behind him, knows where he came from and where he is going. But the fool doesn’t know this, and he doesn’t care.

Little children often possess such naivety and expect life to be kind to them all the time. To them, everything is a new situation and they are eager to learn about it. As adults, we, on the other hand, may lose this spontaneity, yet when a fool appears on the cards, it is clearly a hint that we should take some risks and live in the present moment. When people in the outside world are confronted with a truly enlightened person, all they see is the fool. When an ordinary person is confronted by a wise person, all he sees is the fool.

The Fool Upright Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: A new beginning, can’t wait any longer, freedom, curiosity, instinct, unconsciousness, now it is the time, the starting point, the beginning, the origin, innocence, being guiltless, sinlessness, being simple-minded, being simple and unaffected, simplicity, spontaneity, nature, free spirit, unconventionality

The Fool is a tarot card that represents spontaneous behavior, a period of time to get out of a certain state, or a period of time when you are enjoying the current day to the fullest. You are adventurous, have dreams, do not stick to traditional ideas, be free and unrestrained, have no fixed residence, and start everything from the foundation. When everyone around you is wary of something, and you are ready to take a risk, the Fool card may come up. The Fool suggests that the path to success is through spontaneous action, while long-term planning is a matter for the future.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Enjoy freedom to choose your partner, disregard for the views of others, naughty soul, simple ideas, first love, instinctive love, the desire for freedom

The Fool’s Tarot suggests a period of living in the moment or a happy-go-lucky life. You may find love in a unique way, fall in love easily, and enjoy romantic and colorful love. It is possible for you to meet a partner on a trip, or to meet a partner soon who likes the present life and does not want to plan for the future. This partner is elusive, naive, or unwilling to be bound by any long-term plans and relationships.

Status: The two of you don’t know each other very well yet, and while there is still some potential for growth, you may choose to separate after getting to know each other better and not be very close.

Romance: There may be a new relationship target that you are fascinated by. But it is not actually the right person, and you are bound to get hurt if you rashly decide to commit yourself to the relationship.

Opinion: This is really a paradox! How could I possibly stay with this person? If I had the chance to choose again, I would definitely not make the same decision.

Emotional reunification: It’s a better choice for you to stay single now. Don’t spend time with each other again just because of a moment of weakness. Reunification is not a good option for you.

Career & Education

Keywords: Passionate about career or learning, curious, likely to step into new fields and jobs, divergent thinking, pursuit of novel dreams, adventurous spirit, and artist temperament

In terms of work, you like to seek shortcuts and tend to work in a free atmosphere, suitable for artistic work or freelance job. In terms of academic performance, you are curious and interested in the current studies. You are good at grasping priorities and can easily achieve unexpected gains in a unique way.

Status: You are facing a very dangerous situation. At this time, the most important thing is to consider how to protect yourself. Everything else is not so important. Don’t play with fire or get yourself burnt. 

Suggestion: The most important thing at this time is to calm down and get the real situation straight and stop being treated like a fool. If you continue to be stubborn, everything may be beyond redemption.

Relationship: Your approach is so idiosyncratic that no one wants to get close to you, and you are unlikely to make good friends at work or to find others to work with.

Development: This is an extremely bad choice and you should not make the same mistake again and again. If there is a possibility of changing jobs, find the opportunity to leave quickly, because staying will not help you at all. If you can get a chance to change jobs, find a chance to leave quickly, staying won’t help you at all.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Often have fun, like to make friends, not good at managing money, have opportunities, meeting new people, being different, being lucky, emotional ups and downs

In terms of interpersonal relationships, you are welcomed by others because of your personality. You like to make all kinds of friends in a relaxed way, and it is easy to make new friends on your journey. In terms of finance, you like to make money in a relaxed environment but are not good at managing money. You are prone to risking everything on a single venture when it comes to investments, regardless of the consequences, and losing money as a result. In this view, you are advised to invest carefully and save more money.

Status: In fact, you do not have any sincere good friends and feel very empty inside. If you still maintain your original behavior pattern, it is still difficult to make close friends.

Suggestion: You should reflect on the process of getting along with your friends, so as to see if you have accidentally offended each other. In case that there is negligence, you need to apologize for your behavior.

Wealth: Since you have made several serious mistakes in a row, you have created an irremediable deficit in your finances. Being able to minimize your debts is your main goal.

Suggestion: It is not advisable to make any kind of purchase plan at this time, otherwise you are likely to buy something completely useless and even get into unnecessary trouble because of dissatisfaction.

Health & Life

Keywords: Seeking unique health care methods, expressing your own way of dressing, suitable for casual wear or sportswear

You are always in a good mood and energetic at all times. Although your body is not very strong, but it is not a big problem. Anyway, if you get sick, just see a doctor and take a pill! For you, every day is a fresh start.

Other Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Learn from experience, travel aimlessly, long for natural places, travel without destination, like to try to challenge new things, wander around

The Fool Reversed Meaning

Core Meanings of the Card

Keywords: Emotional depression, bad timing, stagnation, suffering failure, wandering around aimlessly, indiscriminate behavior, foolish action retreat, conceit, stubbornness, rashness, recklessness, carelessness, taking action at any cost, careless behavior, taking chances, risk-taking

It implies that when you are asked to make a commitment, you want to seek relief from your responsibilities. You are looking for a way out, but this is not the time to do so. Now it is the time to make a commitment to your future or to resolve past issues, so that you can live a spontaneous life again. There is still some unfinished business you need to take care of before you can start safely.

Love & Marriage

Keywords: Stagnant relationships, empty moods, rash romance, worrying about the other party, ignoring consequences and the future, unstable relationships

You are insecure inside. Because of impulsive and irrational feelings, you are prone to fall in love despite the opposition of others, but you are easily let down and betrayed by your lover, thus hurting your feelings. The journey of love is full of twists and turns, and there is no way to live in harmony with your lover for a long time. Your relationship with each other is kept by fits and starts. In addition, you do not like to be tied down by marriage, and it is difficult to be emotionally devoted after marriage.

Status: The relationship between the two of you has fallen to a freezing point, even if you are not yet strangers. There is no longer a feeling of being in love, so you could not share your feelings with each other.

Romance: There are no new dates coming up, and you don’t want to be tied down yet, so it’s better to enjoy the freedom of being alone while you’re single.

Opinion: Now there is no feeling between you two, and you don’t have to run this relationship anymore. The mutual relationship exists in name only.

Emotional reunification: The two of you are zeroing in on your relationship, and it’s impossible to get back to the way things were before. If you want to get back together, you will have to start over as a new relationship.

Career & Education

Keywords: Grades plummet, no interest in tests, no patience, lack of planning, no planning for the future, sticking to the rules, lack of responsibility, living in a dream, not realistic, not adaptable, stagnant, wrong direction

In terms of work, it implies that the chances are not well grasped. Due to fear, you fail to seize opportunities at certain decisive moments, or you cling to previously made plans, or rely too much on the advice of others. Either you fail to act when the opportunity presents itself, or you act at an inappropriate time, thus incurring failure. In terms of academic performance, it is easy to lose an exam because of wrong guesses, and it also foretells that making a concentrated effort to finish a lesson review quickly before the exam will not bring you good results.

Status: There is a great deal of uncertainty in the workplace at the moment, and almost nothing is within your grasp. Instead of drifting with the tide, perhaps you should consider finding another job.

Suggestion: Now things are completely beyond your ability. Unless making preparation early or pretending not to know, once you want to solve the problem, you will be devastated.

Relationship: In this work there are no interpersonal relationship problems. You all have nothing to do with each other, just mind your own business and do not bother about others.

Development: The future of this job is very precarious and not something you can control alone. Staying is like gambling, leaving may lead to more good opportunities.

Relationships & Wealth

Keywords: Eccentricities in speech and behavior, irrational, unable to manage money, odd behavior

In terms of interpersonal relationships, you are easily belittled by others for being too simple. At the same time, because of the impulsive character, recklessness and strange behavior, you are regarded as a freak by others. In terms of finance, you are careless, spend money without restraint, lack financial management concepts, and have no financial plan. On account of the unstable income, it is not easy for you to save money, and the personal aspirations in your life are therefore more difficult to achieve.

Status: Basically, you don’t take your relationships very seriously and hate the hustle and bustle of a group of people together, so you are more comfortable alone.

Suggestion: In fact, there is no misunderstanding between you, it’s just that you don’t get along well with each other. As long as you can keep a certain distance, all the problems will pass away with the wind.

Wealth: You don’t pay attention to your financial situation so much that you don’t find out until the problem is very serious. So you should be more pragmatic.

Suggestion: Don’t plan to buy any non-essential items at this time. Save your money first and don’t spend it in non-essential situations.

Health & Life

Keywords: Not paying attention to one’s own health, living irregularly, health is affected by playfulness

Your physical strength is fine, and your health can be regarded as good. But because of the excessive pressure, you will have the problem of mental exhaustion.

Other Meanings of the Card

Keywords: interrupted journey, wide hobbies, not down-to-earth, ignoring other people’s opinions and criticisms, acting impulsively, misbehaving, trying and making mistakes, ignoring your own mistakes

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